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Tuesday W (Winter 2015)

Thanks everyone for all the fun! See you in September!!


Hades Goddesses vs the defending champion Ninjas. Both teams had beaten one another and all 3 games were wonderful displays of high energy OBBHA ball hockey. There was a buzz of anticipation, anxiousness and nerves mixed into the fun atmosphere at the old french Palace. The Goddesses Jumped out to 1-0 lead and looked to carry that into the first period intermission but the Ninjas scored two lightning quick goals both on one timers that Karine Hebert could not stop. The Ninjas scored the only 2-goals of the second period for a 4-1 lead. The Goddesses worked hard but could not score in the 3rd an the final was 4-1. Congrats to the Ninjas for their second championship in a row. Nice girls who play a very nice game of ball hockey with skill and respect. Enjoy the summer and those camouflage OBBHA T-shirts!

3rd Seed Match:

Boomers vs the Indies. Both squads had taken wins from each other as well, so the pundits could not pick a favourite for this one. There were goals and lots of running in this excellent match. The Indies were up 6-4 late in the game and then pulled away for an 8-4 victory. Good ball hockey! 3rd Seed for the Indies.

Next Games on April 5th are the Finals and 3rd Seed Match...see schedule.

March 29 Highlights:

The Ninjas officially took 1st place with an 8-3 win over a stubborn OBBHA Indies squad. The Indies were up 3-1 in the first so the Ninjas had to dig deep down for a comeback. They used their passing game in a solid effort in the 2nd period to take a 7-3 lead into the 3rd period. The 3rd was as tough as the 1st for the Ninjas as they scored the only goal of the period for the 8-3 final.

The Boomers played as well as they have all session and kept this game close only down 3-2 after 2-periods. The Hades Goddesses readied themselves for next weeks final by potting 2 clutch 3rd period goals for a 5-2 win.

March 22 Highlights!

As the federal budget was released shortly before game times...there was no deficit of entertainment and exciting games this night!

The OBBHA Indies doubled up on the Boomers 6-3 in a preview of the 3rd Seed Match that should take place in the near future.

In the expected upcoming Final on April 5 this wonderful match-up is always fun and on this night the Ninjas were able to come up with enough offence for a 5-3 win over Hades Goddesses.

Remember No Games March 15 for March Break..Action Resumes March 22

March 8 Highlights!

Hades Goddesses were up against the Indies who were featuring guest goalie Anne Pilon on this occasion. Pilon had the glove working like a fine red wine. But the Goddesses had good legs that carried them to a 10-2 win. 

Ninjas were the big test for the Boomers this time. The Boomers have been steadily improving each game so they were eager to see how they could do vs the top ranked squad. The Boomers once again showed flashes of brilliance but the Ninjas had the snipers to take it 7-1.

March 1 Highlights:

The Boomers fresh from last weeks big win came out guns a blazing as potte two quick ones to stun the Goddesses. However the Goddesses roared back to take a 3-2 lead after one period of play. The game was close as both teams traded scoring chances and the goalies were hot. The Goddesses pulled away in the 3rd period for a 6-3 win.

The Indies ended up with a short bench as the snow seemed to scare a few away. So the Ninjas took full advantage for the win. 9-3

February 23 Highlights: Night of the Underdog!!!!

The Ninajas and Hades Goddesses played their typical close checking game we have been getting used to. Early on it appeared this might be an unusual high scoring affair as the Goddesses were out in front 2-1. But that was it for anything that crossed the goal line. The Goddesses held on to the 2-1 lead the rest of the way and now have the confidence that they can play with top team now on a nightly basis. So much fun! The two teams are now tied for first place.

BOOMERS WIN! Congrats to the Boomers for the their first win the OBBHA since their return. They had to put it away with an empty net as the OBBHA Indies were trying to complete a comeback after being down 4-goals in the 3rd period. 10-7 Boomers.

Snow Storm Shuts Down French Palace February resumes Feb 23.

February 9 Highlights:

The NinJas win 8-1 over the Boomers as this was a very close coverage game by both teams. The lost coverage was the differnce.

Hades Goddesses are morphing into a very cohesive unit with great play-making to create scoring chances. On this night they capitalized enroute to a 9-3 win over a hardworking Indies crew.

February 2 Highlights:

The OBBHA Indies matched up well with the Ninjas for the first period only down 3-2 and then tying it up early in the second period 3-3. A key change to who was playing Defence and Forward in the second period changed the chemistry the Indies had and the Ninjas capitalized on this big time for a 10-3 win. They say never mess with success! Next time the Indies say. The Ninjas featured a special guest in the net this night as Mireille Belcourt made some diving glove saves that drew shrieks of pleasure from the French Palace crowd.

The Boomers played their best game so far vs the Hades Goddesses. But Karine Hebert in the Goddesses net was unbeatable as she backstopped her team to a 4-0 win. The Goddesses defence kept the shots to the outside and Karine was seeing the shots well as she tracked any inside chances to perfection too.

Janauary 26 Highlights:

The OBBHA Indies are building chemistry quickly as they paased very well to set up goals and multiple scoring opportunities. The Boomers were a little late on some line changes that cost them ball possession that ended up in the their net. A good run over-all as the Indies win 10-4.

Ninjas had their hands full with the Hades Goddesses. The Gooddesses played their typical style of pressuring the ball and playing a nice tight defensive formation. The Ninjas had trouble penetrating this defensive shell and when they did they had to try to beat the red hot goalie Karine Hebert. No slouch at the other end for the Ninjas in the net was Whitney Showler who made some fine key saves.  In the end the Ninjas won 2-1 in a thoroughly entertaining match! There was a roar from the crowd when the Goddesses scored in the 3rd to break Showler`s shut-out bid...a beverage had been wagered.

Opening Night for the Winter Session Tuesday, January 19th!

Hades Goddesses excited as ever, were up against the new look Indies looking to build some chemistry with a more permanent roster...The Goddesses came with their traditional hard working crew that never stopped running and this effort was matched by the Indies who just embraced the exercise and gave it their all out hustle from start to finish. The 7-2 final for the Goddesses was not what the score would indicate as Karine Hebert in the Goddesses net was a star once again.

The defending champion Ninjas welcomed back the Boomers after a long absence....The Ninjas have a beautiful ball moving system that is the bar that has been for the other teams to match. The Boomers were just getting their feet wet with the OBBHA non-stop game that will first test their lungs before their skill. However the Boomers have a structured team defence that will serve them well until they adjust to the unique OBBHA game. The three 18-minute periods will be the biggest adjustment for a few games along with a few weeks of smart eating and preparation for these marathon matches. 9-1 for the Ninjas.


The Ninjas beat out the Indies 9-5 to take the Fall OBBHA Championship. Their team game and goaltending of Karine Hebert made it tough on the Indies to gain any ground as the Ninjas took an early lead they never relinquished. A fun game as the Indies kept trying to mount the comeback bid but were thwarted time and time again. Congratulations to the Ninjas!


November 24 Highlights:

The Indies made sure they did not leave it to the second game of their double header to ensure a date in next weeks final. They beat the Hades Goddesses 7-3. Congrats to the Hades Goddesses on a fine season and see you back it on January 19th!

This was a warm-up for the Final next week. The Ninjas beat the Indies 6-3. Although the Ninjas are heavily favoured it is noted that the Indies played well vs the Ninjas this session and have beaten them!  

*The Ninjas are in the Finals for December 1st at 8:30pm. With one more set of matches on November 24, the Hades Goddesses must win over the Indies to force a tie in the standings...then hope the Ninjas defeat the Indies in the game after. The total combined number the Indies would have to lose by (total for both games of their double-header) for the Goddesses to gain entry into the Final will depend on how many goals the Hades Goddesses potentially would beat the Indies we will know how much the Ninjas would need to win by prior to that game. Otherwise the Indies are in if they tie or win over the Goddesses in the first game.

November 17 Highlights:

The Ninjas first game of the double header night for them was up against the Hades Goddesses who were desperate need of a win to have a chance to be playing in the Final on December 1st. 7-0 for the Ninjas in an impressive display of offence. They had to work for it as the Goddesses have that never say die mantra.

Ninjas were well warmed up for their encounter with the Indies who were hungry for a win with eyes on a birth in the Finals in two weeks. 6-4 for the Ninjas who had just enough in the tank to hold off a furious offensive attack from the Indies in the final period.

November 10 Highlights:

Bouyed by the news that the Boomers are in for the Winter Session to make the league a 4-team affair the current group got down to playing some fast paced ball hockey...

The Indies got a huge 3-2 win over the Hades Goddesses to take over second spot and for the time being a spot in the Finals on Dec 1st. The Indies got the winner with 3-minutes left. Ashley Clow made her debut in the Indies net and her laughter echoed throughout the French Palace as the play went on. The Indies played a very solid game against the Goddesses who once again played their structured high effort game.

The Hades Goddesses were the double-header team on this night and the Ninjas came into the game with their own quick jump and this made for another fast running game. The Ninjas won 6-0 but the Goddesses never gave up running. The Ninjas are all but assured a spot in the Finals on Dec 1st.

November 3 Highlights:

Double-header night for the Indies! First up were Hades Goddesses...a goalie battle between Veda (Indies) and Karine (Goddess for sure!). 3-3 tie in a very spirited run.

Saving the best for last as the Ninjas were next up on the slate...the Indies jumped out to a 2-0 first period lead. But in the secocd and third periods they simply ran out of gas. A game of attrition these double-headers! 7-3 for the more energized Ninjas.

October 27 Highlights:

Hades Goddesses vs the Ninjas. The Goddesses scored a quick opening goal on their first shot of the game. A 1-1 tie after one period as the Goddesses wanted to go all out knowing the Ninjas might be pacing themselves for their double-header tonight. Karine Hebert in the Goddesses net began to get more and more tested as the game wore on. The second period was scoreless and the teams entered the final period knotted up at 1-1. But the Goddesses were getting quality scoring chances as well. It came down to the final stages of the 3rd period. The Goodesses scored with 2:10 left on a beautiful wrap-around and then potted another with one minute left on a pretty set-up for a solid 3-1 win. Upset win maybe, but the teams all seem very even at this point of the session.

Ninjas vs a fresh but short benched Indies squad. The Ninjas gave up another very early goal but came back quickly to tie it at 1-1. Then like the first game this one became a well played back and forth match. The goalies were hot as some glove saves had the fans cheering. The Ninjas were up 2-1 after one and then got one in the 2nd period and one in the 3rd. Meanwhile Karine Hebert was absolutely dominant all night and did not give up anything more in the Ninjas net. 4-1 Ninjas as they get the split in the double -header.

October 20 Highlights:

Hades Goddesses get their second shot at the double-header. Game faces were on for their opener against the Indies who had an injury to report as Annie aubertin went under the knife for her achillies injury last week. We wish her a speedy recovery! The Indies were plaqued also with a few last minute cancellations of players and had a short bench, but they were able to give a full effort and played a hard well structured game. 1-1 after one period and 3-3 after two periods. But finally in the 3rd the Goddesses relentless effort proved too much and they scored 2 quick goals for a 5-3 lead. A late goal in the final minute by the Indies closed it to 5-4 but 10-seconds later the Goddesses put it away 6-4 with 9-seconds left on the clock. 

The Goddesses had a quick rest and put the fluids into bodies for their encounter with the always tough match vs the Ninjas. The Ninjas goalie was Carey Price like in this game as the Goddesses had some quality opportunities and shots, but were thwarted ever time. The Ninjas scored some very nice goals on Karine hebert who made quite a few saves throughout this solid run. The Goddesses will sleep like Goddesses tonight! 5-0 for the Ninjas.


The Indies knew in advance of their double-header night that it was open season at the Thanks Giving dinner it was double the serving of turkey! The Indies jumped out to an early 2-0 lead over Hadese Goddesses only to see the Goddesses score 2-quick goal before the 1st period ended. Then the injury bug hit the Indies...there was more ice on legs than ice on the roads in January. Annie Aubertin was the most serious as she was forced out of the game...all our thoughts are for her quick recovery! Then indies the melded together for a full team effort and a huge 6-4 win! The Goddesses scored more than usual but the Indies were buzzing the net in this match with success.

With the Ninjas next up on the menu the question was would all that turkey and pie come back to haunt the Indies energy level. Halloween is for haunting so the Indies got back to business in the French Palace gym. The Indies suddenly started to pass extremely well as they got used to each other more and more in the back end of this double header for them. This new wrinkle in their game threw off the favoured Ninjas who then started to pounce on any turn-overs and make them into quality scoring chances. This was when Veda in the Indies net really started to play well adjust to this very strategic match. Kara Brumm scored a highlight reel goal end to end much to the delight of her friends on her Saturday OBBHA team All Mesh who were in attendance. Lot`s of fun and the Indies got the Tweet of the night (see side bar on this page of the website) for an impressive 4-1 upset win.

October 6 Highlights:

This night would be all about the Ninjas who were faced with the daunting challenge of the double-header that was keenly met and played by the Goddesses last week on Opening Night:

Hades Goddesses vs Ninjas...a chess match like game this was. The Ninjas scored once in the first and once in the second period for a 2-0 lead. in the back of the Goddesses minds was the fact that there might be a let down on the Ninjas side as they may have been thinking of conserving energy for the night-cap of their double-header. Both teams went hard in the final period and goalies would not give up anything. so the score stood at 2-0 for the final for the Ninjas.

Ninjas vs Indies...could the Ninjas take both ends of the double-header was the question. The Indies wanted to spoil that party! There were more scoring chances in this game and this reflected in more goals as the first period ended 2-2. The second ended 4-2 Ninjas and then they just seemed to get stronger and stronger as they pulled away for the convincing win 9-5.

Opening Night for the Fall Session!

September 29 Highlights:

There was quick skills competition to start off the Opening Night. Every player took a shot from inside the half line to try and hit the cross-bar. The first two teams (Indies and Hades Goddesses) missed all their shots, so the goalies won the OBBHA toques as a result of the shut-out. In the second game only one Ninja could hit the bar...and that was Genevieve L'Heureux. Natasha Sauve was also presented with an OBBHA toque for her efforts as captain of the Ninjas.

Hades Goddesses and Karine Hebert were the Tweets of the night (see side page of this website). The Goddesses were first up to test their endurance in the double-header feature of this session. They passed with flying colours! Ninjas are next up for that stiff test next week. Karine Hebert in the net for both Goddesses games was simply unbelievable. She had the crowd in the French Palace cheering for her and buzzing about her efforts!

Indies scored a late goal to tie the Hades Goddesses in the opening game. The Indies have really improved from last session. Veda in the Indies net made some big stops to give here Indies the chance to stay in the game and get that late goal to end the game in a 4-4 entertaining draw.

Ninjas were fresh and eager and they showed their skill and ball control from the start of the first whistle. But the Goddesses were up to the run and they were impressive in staying right with their fresh opponents. But this was Karine Hebert in the Goddesses net turn to shine. She was simply spectacular! She held her team in it through two periods only down 1-0 despite being heavily outshot. The Goddesses tied it up 1-1 just seconds into the 3rd period. Finally the onslaught of offence from the Ninjas finally broke through for the winning goal late in the game for a 2-1 win.

March 31 Highlights for the Finals Night:

First up was the 3rd seed as Hades Goddesses met the Indies...the Indies were in short supply on the bench but they stayed in this game until the very end when they broke a 4-4 tie with 5-seconds left to take the 3rd seed 5-4.

The Finals was intrigue on paper with the defending champion Mooseheads vs the Mesh Shooters...after one period the Mesh Shooters were up 2-0. Karine Hebert made several key saves to keep that lead as time wore on. Nathalie Girourard of Gold Medal Team Canada fame was heavily tested as the Mesh Shooters showcased ball control and some hustle in their game. So a very well played intense game evolved. Thing was Karine Hebert was almost unbeatable as the Mooseheads had enough chances. The score was 5-1 Mesh Shooters after two periods. The Mesh Shooters closed out game in fine style against a Moosehead team that gave it everything until the final whistle. 7-2 Mesh Shooters as they take their first OBBHA title with class and skill. Congrats!

We will be contacting everyone in late August regarding resuming the OBBHA Women's League. Enjoy the summer and stay in shape for the OBBHA game this Fall!

March 24 Highlihts:veme was close at 3-2 Mooseheads until the final two minutes when they put it away with 3 goals as the Indies pressed on offence. 6-3 Mooseheads.

Hades Goddesses vs Mesh Shooters...6-4 Mesh Shooters as they had their hands full with the hard working Goddesses. A very quick paced run for both teams.

March 3rd Highlights:

Mooseheads vs Hades Goddesses...a classic match as the defending champs had the snipers and then goaltending, but the Goddesses were as resilient as ever. 3-0 Mooseheads in a fast paced and well played affair

OBBHA Indies vs Mesh Shooters...the snowy night reduced the benches to a game of attrition and the mesh Shooters came out on top 9-3

February 17 Highlights: 

A great night of ball hockey in the Women's Division!

First up the Mesh Shooters showed they can beat the defending champion Mooseheads with a thoroughly entertaining 5-4 win. Both teams flashed skill and sportsmanship throughout this hour of run and fun.

The other match was a riveting 4-4 tie between the Hades Goddesses and OBBHA Indies. Goaltending at both ends was stingy if not spectacular.

February 10 Highlights: (these games in Blue Gym 3 on 3)

OBBHA Indies vs Mooseheads...apparently the Mooseheads can play the 3 on 3 game in an extremely skilled way as well! Give them another 2-points in a big win 13-5.

Mesh Shooters vs Hades Goddesses...and the best for last in the night-cap! The Mesh Shooters were up 5-2 and then the team that never quits came back to tie it all up at 5-5. The Goddesses put on a strong push to win it but the 5-5 tie stood up as the goalies were awesome. Karine Hebert as always and the Mesh Shooters rookie goalie Jennifer Chaisson in her debut!

February 5 Highlights:

Thursday night games for the Tuesday league...

First up were the Hades Goddesses who were only down 4-3 to the mighty Mesh Shooters with one minute to go in a stupendous outing....but the Mesh Shooters scored two in the final minute to put it away 6-3

The OBBHA Indies had many chances and were in this game until the 3rd period before relenting 9-5 to the defending champion Mooseheads.

February 3 Highlights:

The most improved team against the team that has set the bar...Hades` Goddesses vs Mooseheads. The Goddesses once again made the Mooseheads earn their 2 points. 6-1 Mooseheads was the final as the Goddesses were in the play constantly. 

Two very similar teams in style and skill-set...Mesh Shooters vs OBBHA Indies. The Mesh Shooters played their best game yet as chemistry was acheived. The indies were short some key players that make their passing game better. 12-3 Mesh Shooters.

January 27 Highlights:

Hades Goddesses were up against the talented OBBHA Indies. The Goddesses were keeping the Indies to the outside as the Indies displayed some fine ball control....and then struck for key goals at key times to be only down 5-4 in the final minutes. They just could not get that equalizer in an entertaining match.

7-7 tie between the Mooseheads and the Mesh Shooters. Both teams played well with lots of skilled plays. Enjoyable to watch let alone play in.

NOTE: NO GAMES ON TUESDAY JANUARY 20 (See Schedule for make-up games for Week #2)

January 13 Highlights:

Hades`Goddesses have come a long way since joining the OBBHA last Fall This team has structure now and a huge heart in the effort category. Their defensive coverage is well coached and this gives the turnovers that creates their own offensive opportunities. The held the defending champion Mooseheads to a 3-3 tie after 2-periods. The Mooseheads scored two quick goals in the 3rd to take it 5-3 in a very well played match.

The Indies and the Mesh Shooters was a compelling match. The Mesh Shooters held the advantage in ball control and passing. But the Indies had the sharp shooters in range with some impressive snipes. 9-6 for the Indies...looking forward to seeing this match-up again in games to come!