OBBHA Founders

John Struthers
Adult League

Born in 1962. My first love was playing ball hockey on the streets of Montreal and Ottawa. While living in Grenada, West Indies€, I even taught the locals a version of ball hockey on the beaches! Currently, I am a private consultant with my own business specializing in government and public relations. I was President of the West End Ball Hockey League (based out of Merivale Arena) from 1991 to 2004. I am very excited to join the OBBHA team and create something special for the ball hockey world.

Jason Prevost
Youth League

As a full time Phys. Ed. teacher and Sports Program Coordinator at Franco-Cite, I can assure you that ball hockey is the next big thing in youth development. I am a full time promoter of fitness with aspirations of implementing ball hockey, not only in the schools, the city and the country, but to see it one day become an Olympic sport. With my academic background in human kinetics, education, sports physiology and coaching combined with my passion for the game of hockey, the delivery of ball hockey could not come at a better time. As the President of the youth league, I am looking forward to generating a positive ball hockey experience for young athletes of all ages.