Tommy Raftis Award

For the second time the OBBHA and its membership held a ceremony to celebrate the winner of the Tommy Raftis award. Saturday, June 18th a number of OBBHA Saturday teams applauded as previous winner Al Jolivet presented Terry Cleroux with the Trophy with his name now added onto it. The traditional silent stick/arm raise to Tommy followed the ceremony.

Terry Cleroux is a goalie that everyone now knows. He plays almost every night and helps out teams in need of a goalie on an ongoing basis. He has embraced the OBBHA 4-F motto of  Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fair-play! 

Congratulations from all of us to you Terry Cleroux!





The Tommy Raftis ceremony was a crowd pleaser to say the least. In place of game highlights we give you the ceremony highlights...although the games were wild on this night in memory of Tommy. Two tie-games, two one goal games and the Macouns win for Tommy 7-5 after an emotionally charged ceremony for the star goalie.

With many OBBHA teams, membership, fellow goalies, staff and families of the award recipients....the ceremony kicked off with flowers, the trophy itself and OBBHA official photographer Stacey Laviolette. A wonderful story meshing the OBBHA's 4-F's was woven into the story of what was Tommy Raftis' legacy in the ball hockey community. The award was given out for the first time and was shared by two individuals who brought their families and friends out for the celebration of Tommy's life and the award itself. Prior to the announcement of the two, it was stressed that with this award comes responsibility. Responsibility to represent Tommy' example in every game and in their lives.

AL Jolivet was honoured with his name on the trophy. His family was there to share the honour. His better half Jo, sons Jacob and Lucas, daughter Kyra, sister Mia plus brother in law Scott and son Alec.

Shawn Pilon shared the award with Al. His Mom, Dad, Uncle-Aunt and his two buddies Riel and Chad were on hand.

The ceremony ended with a high stick salute from the large crowd of OBBHA membership and a moment of silence.

This moving night was caught in pictures by Stacey Laviolette  and will be shared in the coming days on the main-page of the OBBHA website.

Thanks for all those who came out for this special night and lest we forget Tommy's 4-F example of embracing Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fair-play!