Wonderful Wednesday

Dec 13 A-Div and B-Div semi-finals are set!

6:30pm = Wounded Ducks vs Grizzlies (A-semi 3vs2)

7:30pm = Energy Line vs Performance Mazda Men (B-semi 7vs6)

8:30pm = Pass it! vs The Block (B-Semi 8vs5)

9:30pm = Iceland vs Dekes of Hazzard (A-semi 4vs1)

Wednesday, December 6 Revolver Game #4 of 4 Highlights:

Energy Line vs Iceland (6vs5)...winner goes off to the A-semi and loser to the B-semi. Nothing to choose from here as the teams finished regulation all knotted up at 7-7. Finally in the 7th round of a scheduled 5-round shoot-out Iceland won it! Iceland wins in a shoot-out 8-7.

Grizzlies vs The Block (4vs3)...winner goes off to the A-semi and loser to the B-semi. Two polar opposite styles. The Block's offence has turned heads all season while the Grizzlies keep hammering at their defensive strategy as a team. 1-1 after one and the it was the Grizzlies offence that stunned the crowd with 6 goals and a 7-2 lead. The Block just could not get their vaunted offence untracked. Grizzlies win 11-4.

Wounded Ducks vs Dekes of Hazzard (2vs1)...both teams are guaranteed a semi in the A. So a friendly save for a post argument. Dekes of Hazzard win 12-9. 

Pass it! vs Performance Mazda Men (8vs7)...another friendly for seeding for the B-semi-finals next week. The Mazda were on their game although Pass it! made them work for it all. Performance Mazda Men win 9-3.

Wednesday, November 29 Revolver Game #3 of 4 Highlights:

4vs3 = Energy Line vs Wounded Ducks...the winner secures a spot in the A-Div play-offs. Close for two periods as the Ducks were up 2-0 and 8-5 at the breaks. In the 3rd the hunt was over as the Ducks won the period 5-0. Energy Line must win next week to join the A-Div or play for the B-Championship.  Wounded Ducks win 13-8.

8vs7 = Iceland vs Performance Mazda Men...low scoring as predicted. The Mazda Men scored late in the for a nervy 1-0 lead. A tightly played 2nd left the Mazda Men up 3-2. In the 3rd another big explosion by one team and it was Iceland winning that period 4-0 to relegate the Mazda Men to the B-Div play-offs. Iceland wins 6-3.

6vs5 = Pass it! v Grizzlies...one team would be relegated to the B-Div play-offs with a loss. 1-1 after one period and Pass it! with a 2nd period lead had tongues wagging in the French Palace and at the bars as scores were reported. The Bears had a big late 2nd for a 7-4 lead. The Grizz were tested but played well for the win and move Pass it! as the 2nd team to be confirmed in the B-Div play-offs to come. Grizzlies win 9-5.

2vs1 = Dekes of Hazzard vs The Block...winner secures an A-Div birth. And this was like a Final! A big crowd came in with noise makers and the French Palace crowd was rocking. The Block fed off of this high octane energy for a quick 4-1 lead, but the Dekes closed it to 4-3 by periods end. The Block won the 2nd to take a 6-4 lead into the 3rd. The Dekes came up with the goods in the end up 8-7 and an empty netter put it away. Dekes of Hazzard win 9-7. 

Wednesday, November 22 Revolver Game #2 of 4 Highlights:

2vs1 = The Block vs Wounded Ducks...Goals were expected and goals we got! The Block were everywhere and everything seemed to go in too! The Ducks got their share but did not have the puck luck to keep up on the scoreboard. The Block win 15-9.

8vs7 = Pass it! vs Iceland...Pass it! win! Pass it! win! Yes their first win of the session and it was in doubt right to the end as they protected a one goal lead in the final two minutes as Iceland pulled the goalie, owned the ball but could not get that equalizer to go in. Pass it! win 9-8

6vs5 = Performance Mazda Men vs Energy Line...the usual Mazda Men game of tight checking and few goals. The first ended scoreless. The 2nd was the key difference as Energy Line were up 4-1 heading into the 3rd where the teams traded goals. Energy Line win 5-2.

4vs3 = Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies...the Dekes shot out of the gate for a 3-0 early and that was the deciding factor. The Bears worked as expected to get back in the game but could only close to within 2 goals. Dekes of Hazzard win 5-3.

Sunday, November 19 Revolver Game #1 of 4 Highlights:

2vs1 = Grizzlies vs Wounded Ducks...the Ducks jumped to an early 3-0 lead only to see the Bears claw back to 3-2, but scored to late first period goals for a 5-2 lead. The Ducks scored the only goal of the 2nd to make it 6-2. The Bears kept working and closed to 7-5 beofre the Ducks scored a late one for the win maintain their 1st seed. The Grizz are now #3. Wounded Ducks win 8-5.

4vs3 = Energy Line vs The Block...a close first as The Block were up 3-2. A big 2nd for The Block put them up 6-2 and the teams traded a goal each in the 3rd. The Block move to the 2nd Seed while the Energy crew drop to the 5th seed. The Block win 7-3.

6vs5 = Dekes of Hazzard vs Iceland...a close game as predicted. The Dekes held break leads of 3-2 and 5-3. The teams tied the 3rd 2-2 as the Dekes held on to move all the way up to the 4th seed as the only under-dog to win and Iceland is down to the 7th seed. Dekes of Hazzard win 7-5.

8vs7 = Pass it! vs Performance Mazda Men...Pass it! had a great first period as per usual it seems at 2-2. The persistent bad 2nd as individual play cost them some easy out-let pass plays that led to turn-overs and goals against to the tune of 6-3. Only one goal in the 3rd went to the Mazda Men who move to the 6th Seed as Pass it! remains in the 8th spot. Performance Mazda Men win 7-3. 


The 4-game Revolver format to produce the A-Div and B-Div pools for the semi-finals and Finals starts this Sunday, November 19:

Games on schedule for 11am, Noon, 1pm and 2pm

Format: 2vs1/4vs3/6vs5/8vs7...winners move up a bracket and losers move down after each of the 4-games (hence the name Revolver)

After the 4 games the top 4 will be in the A-Div while the B-Div will the 5 through 8 Seeds.

Wonderful Wednesday November 15 Highlights!

Grizzlies vs Iceland...battle for 2nd place. The Grizz were up early and the Ice crew kept coming back to stay in the game. The Bears were up 3-2 and 6-4 at the period breaks and then were up 7-4 in the 3rd before Iceland scored to late goals to close within one goal. The Grizz held on for the one goal and 2nd place. Grizzlies win 7-6 and 2nd place.

Performance Mazda Men vs Wounded Ducks...the Ducks had already locked up 1st place and the PMM were looking to potentially move up a spot or two. A great game from start to finish. 2-2 and 3-3 ties at the two breaks and then 4-4 late in the game. The Mazda Men scored the winner with 10-seconds left. Great fun! Proves anyone can beat anyone in this wild division! Performance Mazda Men win 5-4.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Energy Line...positional battle. A classic low scoring game typical of Wonderful Wednesday play-off ball hockey. A great game for both teams to see if they could play the style that has crowned the champion year after year in this division. The Dekes have been there before and Energy Line proved they have the goalie and the style.1-0 after one period for the Energy guys and then 2-2 after the 2nd break. Energy Line popped in the only goal in the 3rd for an impressive victory and moves up to 4th seed. Energy Line wins 3-2.

Pass it! vs The Block...The Block wanted the win to take 3rd place. Pass it! simply wanted to work on their game to make sure they were prepared for some future play-off upsets. 2-2 after one was impressive, but The Block were up 6-4 heading into the 3rd and traded a pair of goals each on the final stanza for the win. The Block wins 8-6.

Wednesday, Nov 8 games have simply been moved to Nov 15

-so the first Revolver play-off game can be scheduled for Sunday, Nov 19th 11am, Noon, 1pm and 2pm

-schedule for Sunday, Nov 19 will be posted after the Nov 15 games

-from there we can play every Wednesday up to Dec 20 and the play-off Revolver schedule will be posted on the website each week as it progresses


No games Nov 8th

re-scheduled TBA

-play resumes next week Nov. 15 as per the posted schedule

The final renovations are taking place this week

-then we can start the Live Streaming!!

Wonderful Wednesday November 1 Highlights!

The Block vs Iceland...the icelanders took the boys around the block on this night. After a tight first period lead of 4-3, Iceland expanded their sheet of ice over the Block for an 8-4 lead after two runs. In the 3rd it was back to tightly played hockey. Iceland wins 10-5.

Grizzlies vs Wounded Ducks...the Grizz were caught flat bear pawed as the Ducks soared in the first period to comfortable 5-1 lead based on some very fine passing. The Bears adapted and scored the only goal ofthe 2nd to make it 5-2. The teams stepped up the ball control game to a high energy pace and the teams scored some nice goals...4-3 in the 3rd for the Ducks to preserve the lead. Wounded Ducks win 9-5.

Pass it! vs Energy Line...the ever improving Pass it! squad once again came up with a moving effort and the fans appreciated it. Moving the ball was key in this game as dump ins just gave the ball away to fleet footed defencemen. Energy Line were up 4-2 after one period and then Pass it! closed to within 5-4  before tying it up 5-5 and the giving up one with 10-seconds left in the 2nd to be down 6-5 heading into the exciting 3rd. Pass it! were refusing to lose and scored the only goal of the 3rd to earn a well deserved tie. 6-6 tie.

Performance Mazda Men vs Dekes of Hazzard...the night cap was a classic match-up for both teams so the fans settled in to be entertained. The first period was just that that at 2-2. But after that the Dekes controlled the play and the PPM tired as they were one short on the bench and this visibly was a factor as the game wore on into the 2nd at 5-2 Dekes and finally Dekes of Hazzard win 9-2.

New play-off format after the 7th game for everyone!

-the division is very fun and close....a clear A-Div and B-Div is not evident this session: So we will start a 4-game Revolver Play-off to determine an A-Div and B-Div for a semi-final and Final in each to crown two Champions.

The 4-game Revolver format to produce the A-Div and B-Div pools for those semi-finals and Finals works like this:

2vs1/4vs3/6vs5/8vs7...winners move up a bracket and losers move down after each of the 4-games (hence the name Revolver)

After the 4 games the top 4 will be in the A-Div while the B-Div will the 5 through 8 Seeds.


Wonderful Wednesday October 25 Highlights!

The Block vs Wounded Ducks...goal came fast and furious from the opening whistle. The goalies cringed while the snipers salivated with smiles. 5-5 ended a wild 1st period. The 2nd started just as wild with a goal 3-seconds in and more followed! 10-9 for the Block after two. In the 3rd the Ducks won the period 5-2 for a wild victory! Wounded Ducks win 14-12.

Grizzlies vs Performance Mazda Men...and then course a low scoring air-tight defensive game follows the fire-works! These two teams typically play this style and both teams get up for the match-up. The Grizz were up 2-0 and 3-2 at the period breaks. The goals came from such hard work and a little luck. In the 3rd the Grizz made it 4-2 early and then it was next to impossible to get a clear chance as the teams coverage was choke-hold good. Grizzlies win 4-2.  

Iceland vs Energy Line...Energy Line once again came out early with so much energy it surprised Iceland. Energy Line held 2-0 and 5-1 period break leads. In the 3rd Iceland gave it a big push but it was too late. Energy Line win 8-2.

Pass it! vs Dekes of Hazzard...Pass it! continues to a work in progress and they once again showed some promise. Only down 3-1 to the favoured Dekes after one they brought some confidence into the 2nd period and scored early to make it a 3-2 deficit and it was actually game on! After 2 periods it was Dekes up 4-3 and it was a compelling match! Ball movement and cycling was evident in the Pass it! game and this was exciting to see! The Dekes were able to snipe in a few but this was a game they really had work for. Dekes of Hazzard win 8-6.

Wonderful Wednesday October 18 Highlights!

Performance Mazda Men vs Pass it!...Pass it! were missing a few passers early in the game do lateness, the missing a few late due to injuries. So they played a great 2nd but struggled in the 1st and 3rd. Performance Mazda Men win 8-2.

Energy Line vs Wounded Ducks...Energy Line lived up to their name in the first period at 2-2. But the Ducks flew away with it after that. Wounded Ducks win 16-5.

Iceland vs Dekes of Hazzard...two hungry teams. Iceland held 4-2 and 6-5 leads as their goalie was extremely hot. The Dekes scored the only2-goals of the third to edge out a hard working Iceland crew. Dekes of Hazzard win 7-6.

The Block vs Grizzlies...another spirited effort from two teams into it. Very fast pace throughout. Grizz were up 2-1 after one break, but The Block found their now famous offence in the 2nd for a lead of 6-3, but two late Grizz goals made it 6-5 after two periods. A goal each in the 3rd gave The Block a one goal win. The Block win 7-6.

Wonderful Wednesday October 4 Highlights!

Iceland vs Pass it!...Pass it! was employing their new break-out strategy and they ended up playing their best game of the season so far! They were up 2-1 after one period and all tied up 4-4 heading into the final stanza. The were up 7-5 late after a highlight tick-tack-toe goal that they thought would break the ice wide open. But Iceland responded with two goals to tie it all up. In the final minute it was Pass it! that had the opportunities to win it but could not find the mesh. 7-7 tie.

The Block vs Performance Mazda Men...a wild one. The Block score alot and gives up alot. The first period was like a typical PMM game at 2-1 for The Block. The Block then broke out in the 2nd for a 7-4 lead. In the 3rd with The Block up 11-7, the PMM kept coming on and came within 11-10 but ran out of time. The Block win 11-10. 

Wounded Ducks vs Dekes of Hazzard...another crazy affair. A feel each other out in the first with a 2-1 Ducks lead,. Another break-out 2nd period for one team, this time the Ducks at 7-2. Then in the 3rd period the Dekes come out on fire and come up just one goal short! Wounded Ducks win 9-8.

Energy Line vs Grizzlies...the script for the night continued with a 1-1 first period as the goaltending looked very solid as the teams recognized close in shot were going to be the only potential successful attempts as the outside shot was being turned away with ease. So no crazy outburst of goals in the 2nd as the Grizz got the only two goals for a 3-1 lead heading into the pivotal 3rd. More of the same goaltending and tight play. The Grizz made it 4-1 as Aneel Nauth was shutting the door in the Bears net. Grizzlies win 6-1.

Wonderful Wednesday October 4 Highlights!

Wounded Ducks vs Pass it!...Pass it! had moments of moving the ball around but still some plays that called for the pass were missed as individual play hurt them against a very good passing team. Wounded Ducks win 8-2.

Energy Line vs The Block...game of the night for sure! Energy Line surprised The Block in the 2nd period. The Block had built a 3-1 first period lead only to be backed onto their collective heels as Energy Line stormed to an 8-5 lead! They made it 9-5 with half the 3rd period remaining....then The Block had their fans howling as they roared back to tie 9-9. But with less than a minute remaining Energy Lline broke their hearts with the game winner. Energy Line wins 10-9.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies...the old rivals gave it their all for yet another entertaining hard run. 2-0 and 4-2 lead the Dekes simply could not overcome despite a huge effort. Grizzlies win 8-4

Performance Mazda Men vs Iceland...the PMM always play a low scoring tight checking game. Iceland loves to free wheel but have been known to be able to adapt to a tighter checking game. As predicted the first period played out this way and the PMM held a 2-1 lead after one period. Iceland scored the only 3 goals of the 2nd for a 4-2 lead. The 3rd was played full out as the PMM closed to 4-3 early in the period but fell behind 5-3 at the midway point and the Iceland scored 30-seconds later for comfortable looking 6-3 lead.Iceland wins 7-3.


Energy Line vs Performance Mazda Men...last winter this would have been a no-doubter! But Energy Line has some new energy with new blood on the line-up and a new number one goaltender Hasi Eldib. Hasi was simple outstanding! Energy Line was up 1-0 after one period. After two periods the score was 1-1. All eyes were on the 3rd period and the PMM used their veteran savvy to pull out a tough one goal victory. Performance Mazda Men win 3-2.

Wounded Ducks vs Iceland...the Ducks have flown into the Wonderful Wednesday league! The pundits had their money on the Ducks. They looked correct with a 3-1 first period lead. But Iceland showed they belong with a 5-4 lead after two periods. This wild pick-em game ended with a one goal win for the Ice Men. Iceland win 8-7.

Grizzlies vs Pass it!...the Grizz have always had a good team and they seem to get better with age....like a fine wine. Pass it! had their moments but not enough of them. The Grizz took a 4-0 first period lead and never looked back. Grizzlies win 8-1.

Dekes of Hazzard vs The Block...yes the New Kids on the Block! The Dekes seemed to forget their was a block party and only showed up with 5 runners. The Block are too good for that. They cruized to the win, but the Fab 5 on the Dekes side were given kudos for their very impressive effort from start to finish. The Block get their first franchise win 10-6.


Are you ready for the live-streaming in the up-graded French Palace?? 

Wonderful Wednesday April 12 Highlights! Thanks to all the teams for a well...Wonderful Time! See everyone in the Fall if not the OBBHA Spring Leagues!

Balls Deep vs No RaGretzkys *B-Div Final...the play of the game and the turning point came late in the first tied 0-0...a Balls deep player deked out to 99's and then the goalie, but as he lifted the ball towards the empty net the 99's goalie snared it to a huge explosion of cheers from the French Palace crowd! 0-0 after one period and then 2-2 late in the 2nd when the 99's scored to make it 3-2. The 99's scored late in the 3rd and played hard to defend the lead. The did and won the B-Div title. No RaGretzy's win 4-2.

Congratulations to the No RaGretzy's for winning the OBBHA Winter B-Div Championship!


Performance Mazda Men vs Sod Guys *A-Div Final...a classic two periods from the Mazda Men. The played a defensive gem and the game was a chess match tied at the two period breaks at 2-2 and 3-3. Finally the offence that everyone saw all season from the sod Guys exploded in the 3rd period. The Sod Guys win the A-div title. Sod Guys win 9-5.

Congratulations to the Sod Guys for winning the OBBHA Winter A-Div Championship!


Just The Tip vs Grizzlies *A-Div 5th Seed Match...JTP had just enough to play and they gutted out a solid effort. In the end they came up one-goal short. Grizzlies take the A-Div 5th seed with a 9-8 win.

Iceland vs Dekes of Hazzard *A-Div 3rd Seed Match...Dekes were short but played an inspired first period that ended 2-2. Iceland had the extra step in the 2nd period to take the lead 6-3. The Dekes came on in the 3rd and closed to 6-5 but could not complete the comeback bid. Iceland gets the a-Div 3rd seed with a 6-5 win.

Pass it! vs Energy Line *B-Div 3rd Seed Match...0-0 after 2-periods and everyone wondered if it would be the first ever 0-0 tie in the OBBHA! Alas an early 3rd period goal ended the drama as Pass it then potted two more to take a 3-0 lead. Could Terry Cleroux get the shut-out!? Yes!! And for his league leading 2nd shut-out. Pass it! wins the B-div 3rd Seed 3-0.

Wonderful Wednesday April 5 Highlights!

A-Div: Game #3 of the Revolver:

Grizzlies vs Sod Guys (4vs3)...semi-final. A wild one!! A tightly played 1st left the Sod Guys up 3-1. It appeared the grassy guys were going to make it a blow out in the 2nd as they were up 6-1, but the Bears roared back to make 6-5 by the periods end. The Grizz tied it up 6-6 early in the 3rd, but the Sod Guys quickly went up 8-6. The Grizz then mad yet another comeback and tied it up 8-8. With 20-seconds left Grizz goalie Aneel Nauth made an incredible diving glove save only to see the Sod Guys score on a long screened shot with 10-seconds left...and then an empty netter ended it. Sod Guys win 10-8.

Performance Mazda Men vs Dekes of Hazzard (2vs1)...semi-final. The Dekes played well but were stifled by the patented defensive game the Performance Mazda Men have perfected. It was not easy but the Mazda Men were up 3-1 and 4-2 at the breaks before winning the 3rd 2-0. Performance Mazda Men win 6-2.

Iceland vs Just The Tip (6vs5)...seeding game. Winner plays for 3rd Seed and loser plays in 5th Seed Match. A close game after the period breaks at 3-2 and 4-2 Iceland. In the 3rd Iceland scored a back-breaker to make it 5-2 and then played a great defensive coverage game the rest of the way. Iceland wins 8-2.

B-Div: Game #3 of Round-Robin:

No RaGretzkys vs Energy Line...must win for Energy Line or they need some help to reach the Finals. So with 5-minutes remaining they were up 4-2. But the 99's scored two uplifting goals to ignite the crowd and a wild finish was in order with a flurry of chances at both ends. So the tie eliminated the Pass it! team and secured spot in the Finals for the No RaGretzkys. And everyone was left to watch the result of the next game to see who would be in the Finals between Energy Line and Balls Deep. 4-4 tie 

Balls Deep vs Pass it!...Pass it! could not reach the Finals wanted a win, although Balls Deep could still make it to the Finals with a tie as they had the tie-breaker with their win over Energy Line in the head to head game.2-2 after one period the Pass it! was up 5-3 after 2 periods. In the 3rd the Pass it! was up 6-5 with 30-seconds remaining, but a penalty shot was called and Balls Deep capitalized to tie it and send themselves off to the Finals! 6-6 tie.

Wonderful Wednesday March 29 Highlights!

A-Div: Game #2 of the Revolver:

Dekes of Hazzard vs Sod Guys (2 vs 1)...both teams are ensured to be in next weeks semi-finals despite the outcome. And this could be a preview of the Finals. Last time these two met was a thrilling 8-8 tie. This time after the sod Guys opened the scoring, the Dekes popped in 2 for a 2-1 lead after one period. The Dekes increased the lead to 4-1 early in the 2nd and seemed to have the edge. But the Sod Guys continued to create plays and the game was very entertaining.The Sod Guys battled back to tie 6-6. The Dekes scored the winner late for the Sod Guys first loss of the session. Dekes of Hazzard win 7-6.

Iceland vs Performance Mazda men (4 vs 3)...the winner moves into the semi-finals while the loser will move into the seeding games. Iceland had the French Palace buzzing as they held a 2-0 lead into the 2nd period. However the seasoned veterans on the Mazda Men played their game to perfection to score the next 9 goals and move into the semi-finals. Performance Mazda Men win 9-2.

Just The Tip vs Grizzlies (6 vs 5)...winner moves into the semi-finals while the loser will move into the seeding games. The Bears came out with more play-off intensity than Just The Tip...so the "point" is that this was the difference in the game as they built a very quick 4-0 lead. The teams tied the rest of th way 3-3 as JTP settled down and matched the effort and cycling style of game the Grizz play. The seasoned veterans move into the semi-finals with their game in gear. Grizzlies win 7-3.

B-Div: Game #2 of Round-Robin:

Pass it! vs Energy Line...predicted to be a very tight affair. The first period proved this as an even game prevailed for a 2-2 tie. In the 2nd the teams showcased dogged pursuit of the ball to the French Palace crowd. Energy Line scored the only goal of the period for a 3-2 lead. The 3rd went deep until with under 2-minutes remaining Pass it! tied it up 3-3! But with 1:15 left Energy Line scored the winner. Energy Line wins 4-3.

Balls Deep vs No RaGretzkys...the 99's rode out to 2-0 and 4-0 leads. Up 5-0 in the 3rd, Balls Deep finally broke the shut-out. The 99's deserved this one as they played a perfect game. They are now in the drivers seat to reach the Finals. No RaGretzkys win 6-1.

Wonderful Wednesday March 22 Highlights!

A-Div: Game #1 of the Revolver:

Iceland vs Sod Guys...6 vs 1. A great game considering the seeding difference. 3-1 and 7-5 period leads for the Sod Guys. The Sod guys needed a solid 3rd and they came up with a 2-0 advantage in that final frame. 9-5 Sod Guys

Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies...3 vs 2. A tight 1st period at 2-1 Dekes. The 2nd was all Dekes as it was a hazzard for the Grizz as the Dekes went up 11-3. The Grizz settled down in the 3rd winning it 4-3, but the 2nd was the difference. Dekes of Hazzard win 13-7.

Just The Tip vs Performance Mazda Men...5 vs 4. The Mazda Men were back at it playing their game. 3-1 and 4-1 at the breaks and then winning the 3rd 4-2. Performance Mazda Men win 8-3.

B-Div: Game #1 of Round-Robin:

Pass it! vs No RaGretzkys...a close game everyone enjoyed. Both teams played this one as about a tight as you could. The goaltending was great. A one goal nail biter. No RaGretzkys win 4-3.

Balls Deep vs Energy Line...1-1 after one. 3-2 Balls Deep. Then Balls Deep won the 3rd 3-0 for the surprise win, but they are playing very well this past month! Balls Deep win 6-2.

Remember no games on Wednesday, March 15...play resumes Wednesday, March 22...when the play-offs start!

B Division Play-off Format for the teams that finished 7 through 10 = 3-game round-robin play-off will commence followed by the Finals (2vs1) and the 3rd Seed Match (4vs3).

A Division Play-off Format for the teams that finished 1 through 6 =  4-game Revolver Play-off

(6vs1, 3vs2, 5vs4 will be Game 1 of the Revolver. From there the teams will move up or down depending on who wins and loses. After Game 2 of the Revolver the semi-finals will be set for Game 3 while two teams will be playing in the consolation games. Finals and 3rd and 5th Seed games close it out in Game 4.


Wonderful Wednesday March 8 Highlights!

Grizzlies vs Just The Tip...a play-off style game as defence first was the theme. The Bears were up early 2-0 and this ultimately was the difference in the game as the teams settled into a very even match. The Grizz were up 3-1 heading into the 3rd and then early it was 3-2 as Just the Tip made a strong push. Finally at 4-3 Grizz they put it away with 1:30 left on the clock. Grizzlies win 5-3.

Pass it! vs Sod Guys...Pass it! had their goalie Andrew Gowing on fire for the first part of the game. They were up 2-1 after one period over the first place Sod Guys! It was 4-4 in the second and then the Sod guys scored 3 late in the 2nd and won the 3rd 4-1. Sod guys win 11-5.

Balls Deep vs NoRaGretzky's...a B-Div play-off primer. The 99's played a great defensive game in front of their goalie. So much so they had 3-0 and 5-0 period break leads. The shut-out bid was lost early in the 3rd and the teams played a 2-2 3rd period. NoRaGretzkys win 7-2.

Performance Mazda Men vs Dekes of Hazzard...an A-Div rivalry renewed once more! This yet another very good game between the two rivals. This time Mazda Men gave the performance they were looking for. They played their most complete game of the year and this bodes well with the play-offs up next. Mazda Men held 4-3 and 7-4 leads at the breaks and it was a dead heat 1-1 in the 3rd. Performance Mazda Men win 8-5.

Iceland vs Energy Line...the battle to see who moves into the A-Div play-off pool. A tie would keep Iceland in the A. Energy Line scored first to make Iceland a little nervous and then a big penalty shot save for Iceland boosted their confidence and they scored two late first period goals for a 2-1 lead. The 2nd period was the big difference as iceland iced it by taking a 7-2 lead and then coasted to to the big win. Iceland wins 11-4.

Wonderful Wednesday March 1 Highlights!

Iceland vs Sod Guys...two similar teams in many ways. However the Sod Guys have the better ball movement and it showed as they took a 5-2 first period lead. They increased it to 9-5 after two periods and won the 3rd 2-0. Iceland worked hard to adapt and put up a good effort and can use this as a very good lesson in ball control at its best. Sod Guys win 11-5.

Balls Deep vs Just The Tip...hmmm. Yes you read this correctly. Seems something right out of the animated movie "Sausage Party". Just The Tip tipped the scales of the shot counter as they simply pelted Shawn Pilon who was Balls Deep in the net fending off shot after shot. Balls Deep scored on some penalty shots and on some chances for 2-1 and 7-5 period break leads. The teams settled in for some more in the 3rd as the French Palace crowd the gathered to see if Balls Deep could get their first franchise win. Pilon was spent in the net but held up to the barrage of scoring chances. Balls Deep played defence as much as they could and finally up 7-6 the scored an empty netter with 21-seconds remaining to get that big first win! Balls Deep win 8-6.

Pass it! vs Dekes of Hazzard...after seeing the previous games upset the Dekes came out hard and strong for an early lead 5-0 after one. The 2nd was tight as the teams tied 1-1. The 3rd was tight as well as the Dekes won it 3-2. It was that slow first period start that hurt Pass it! Dekes of Hazzard win 9-3.

Energy Line vs NoRaGretzkys...a play-off preview potential (but Energy Line has a show down next week with Iceland). Energy Line welcomed back goalie Devin O"Grady and he was very good in this game. He held the fort as Energy Line had a 2-1 first period lead and extended it to 3-1. Late in the game up 4-3 they held off a very fine push from the 99's who played well too. Energy line wins 4-3.

Grizzlies vs Performance Mazda Men...an old rivalry renewed happily by both teams. And just for nostalgia Al Jolivet was in the Bears net. He was solid as the Grizz took a 3-0 first period lead that was the statement that set the tone for the rest of the game. The Mazda Men popped in a couple to make it 4-2 by the end of the 2nd, but the short bench for Mazda Men took its toll in the final period. The Grizz scored very early to make it 5-2. A cross bar on a Grizz penalty shot gave them hope...but then the Grizz pulled away with some fatigue goals. Grizzlies win 9-2. 

Wonderful Wednesday February 22 Highlights!

NoRaGretzkys vs Sod Guys...there is a difference between the top 6 and bottom 4 teams that will vie for different championships (A and B) later on in the session. This was one of those games. Sod Guys win 14-0.

Balls Deep vs Grizzlies...Balls Deep showed how a B team can improve over a short period pf time with team play. They kept a top team off balance early for a 2-1 first period lead. Even in the 2nd the Grizzlies needed to be at their best to take the lead 4-2. Balls Deep kept a very good team closer than most thought they could only losing the 3rd 2-0. Shawn Pilon was yet again a big factor in the Balls Deep net as this team plays with more and more confidence in front of him. Grizzlies win 6-2.

Iceland vs Dekes of Hazzard...a close one after the first period at 3-2 Dekes. But the Dekes iced this one in the 2nd period blasting to a 9-3 lead. Iceland tightened up the 3rd by winning the period 2-1. Dekes of Hazzard take it 10-5.

Energy Line vs Just The tip...a featured match-up from the pundits on their radar. But Just The Tip had their goalie and their game at its best with 3-0 and 8-0 period break leads. Energy Line had a great 3rd period winning it 4-1, but that was just a tip as the game was decided by the end of the 2nd. just The Tip wins 9-4.

Performance Mazda Men vs Pass it!...old rivals renewing the fun once again. Pass it! looked to build on last weeks impressive outing against a top team. Mazda Men for their part were not about to take anyone lightly after last weeks scare vs Balls Deep! After one period it was 4-3 for the Mazda Men. But another big 2nd period came into play as the Mazda Men won it 6-0. The 3rd was evenly played, but that 2nd period was the key part of the game. Performance Mazda Men 13-3.

Wonderful Wednesday February 15 Highlights!

Balls Deep vs Performance Mazda Men...Balls Deep once again showed massive signs of improvement. This time they were tied 2-2 after one period and only down 3-2 moving into the 3rd period. Shawn Pilon followed some recent strong outings with another sterling performance in the Balls Deep net. Balls Deep tied it up 3-3 early in the final period and it looked like the game was headed for a draw. But the Mazda Men pulled it out with 1:33 remaining to avoid the monumental upset. Performance Mazda Men win 4-3.

Iceland vs Pass it!...another game where the underdog came out strong and threatened for a upset. Pass it! were up 2-1 and down 4-3 at the period breaks. in the 3rd down 7-5 they tallied with 1:18 left to come within one. But Iceland held on for the tense win. Iceland win 7-6.

Energy Line vs Grizzlies...Energy Line continued the trend of strong play from the underdog. 2-0 and 4-3 period break leads had the Grizz wondering why all their hard work was not resulting in their own leads. The Grizz kept up the work ethic and finally took a 5-4 lead and added an empty netter to put away a very stubborn and impressive effort from Energy Line. Grizzlies win 6-4.

No RaGretzky's vs Dekes of Hazzard...the Dekes were aware that this night had witnessed several near upsets. So they came out prepared and took an early 2-0 lead. That is how the first ended. The second period was the big period for the Dekes as they won that 6-0 for an 8-0 lead. Dekes of Hazzard win 11-1.

Sod Guys vs Just The Tip...this had the pundits interested. Could Just the Tip continue their strong play in a very stiff test against the very talented Sod Guys. The Sod Guys won the first two periods by identical scores of 4-2 for the 8-4 lead heading into the final 18-minutes. The difference was the passing and ball control game. The Sod Guys had more team vision as they moved the ball around to all 4 players on the floor...using the easy pass first to set in motion a cycling play or simple give and go. Just the Tip is a new team playing together so we look for them to learn and develop from this interesting match. Sod Guys win 14-5.

Wonderful Wednesday February 8 Highlights!

No RaGretzkys vs Pass it!...the 99's roared out to very quick 4-0 lead early in the first before Pass it! woke up and closed it to 4-3 by the end of the period. In the second the 99's took another large lead, this time 6-3. Once again Pass it! closed it to 6-5 by periods end. in the 3rd the 99's went up 8-5 and this time there was no response and they pulled away for first franchise win in their history! No RaGretzkys win 10-5

Performance Mazda Men vs Iceland...a match everyone including the pundits predicted would be a closely played one. As advertised the first was even and quick paced leaving the Mazda Men up 2-1. Same for the second, but Iceland scored the only 2-goals for a 3-2 lead flip. Iceland made it 4-2 and had a chance to increase the lead before the Mazda Men popped in 2 quick strikes to knot it all up at 4-4. End to end action ensued! And finally with 32-seconds remaining in the game a fortuitous bounce went the Iceland way for the winner. Both Dana and Al were solid in this great goalie battle. Iceland win 5-4.

Energy Line vs Balls Deep...Balls Deep got the ball in deep early and took a 1-0 lead. Energy line replied quickly for a 1-1 tie and it was game on! Balls Deep held their first ever period lead after the 1st 3-2! The second was fun and boisterous to say the least and it ended 4-4. Balls Deep tallied one very early in the final period for a 5-4 lead! But hearts sank in the French Palace as Energy Line scored two quickly at the mid-way point of the 3rd for a 6-5 lead and another to make it 7-5. Balls deep scored with just under 2-minutes left to make it a one-goal deficit and fire up the crowd! But alas Balls Deep pulled the goalie and gave up the empty netter. Energy Line wins 8-6

Sod Guys vs Grizzlies...another interesting match-up that had expectations high for an entertaining game. Yet another evenly played game! 2-1 Sod Guys were up after one but all tied up 4-4 by the end of the second period. No matter what a tie would have been the justified result. Both teams played an exceptional structured game with some creative pass plays to keep ball possession that was hard to come by with such tight checking on both sides. Then with 32-seconds remaining in the game the Sod Guys scored the crushing winner after such an epic battle. Sod Guys edge out a win 5-4.

Just The Tip vs Dekes of Hazzard...a great test for Just The tip against an established team and the defending champs. Just The Tip had a few missing with the flu, but the boys were pumped to play. The Dekes perhaps underestimated the short bench Just The Tip had...but it was talent laden. They proved that by taking a 4-1 lead over the defending champs after one period and then 5-3 after two. The Dekes were shocked to be down 8-4 with about 5-minutes left in the game. Just The Top just missed making it a 5-goal advantage, while a predictable subsequent rush went the Dekes way to close to 8-5. The defending champs are a team that does not get flustered and they made a huge push the rest of the game as only a previous champion can. They closed to 8-7 and were coming on fast and furious. Finally with goalie pulled and several glorious opportunities...Just The Tip scored into the empty net for the surprise/upset win. Note that Just The Tip had Andrew Gowing in the net who stole the first star, they blocked shots like it was there only purpose in life and the Dekes fired wide so many times they wrote a book on the wall behind Gowing! What a glorious night-cap for an awesome (Wonderful) Wednesday night! Just The Top wins 9-7.

Wonderful Wednesday February 1 Highlights!

No RaGretzkys vs Iceland...Iceland iced this one in the first period. 8-1 after one period. The 99's then played a more structured game for the final 2-periods and the teams traded chances. Iceland wins 15-4.

Energy Line vs Performance Mazda Men...the Mazda Men were on their game for this one and played extremely well.. Energy Line had their moments but any defensive miscue ended up in their net as they were down 4-0 after the first period. In the 2nd period only one goal was scored and it was the Mazda Men for a 5-0 lead at the 2nd break. Energy line punctured the shut-out bid and added another in the 3rd but it was not enough. Performance Mazda Men win 9-2.

Just The Tip vs Pass it!...a fun game to have a peak at as some former Pass it! members had formed the new Just The Tip squad. Yet another huge first period for a team on this night and this time it was Just The Tip for a 5-0 lead. The teams tied the 2nd period 1-1. In the 3rd Just The Tip perfected their game for the win. Just The Tip wins 10-1.

Sod Guys vs Balls Deep...everyone expected the Sod Guys to whip the Balls Deep. Balls Deep scored first and had the fans behind them. The Sod Guys actually had to work hard early as Balls Deep gave a hard running effort. And add to the fact that Shawn Pilon was playing very well in Balls deep net. A surprisingly low score of 3-1 for the Sod Guys at the first break. Sod Guys did put it all together the rest of the way however as they were up 10-1 heading into the 3rd. The Balls Deep crew never gave up and scored some goals in the final period to deafening roars of approval from the fans!  Sod Guys win 12-4.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies...the featured game of the night was the night-cap. These two teams have played many classic matches. Both teams wanted to play well and get the two points. So a very tightly played game ensued. After one hard running period the Dekes were up 3-2. The cycling mixed in with good ball control was on full display by both teams the rest of the way. The Dekes were up 6-4 as we moved to the final period and just as the Dekes would get a 2-goal lead the Grizz would close the gap. 6-5, 7-5, 7-6, Finally at 8-6 the Grizz could not answer back. Great goaltending must be mentioned in this one. Dekes of Hazzard win 8-6.

Wonderful Wednesday January 25 Highlights!

Dekes of Hazzard vs Balls Deep...the defending champs knew they were up against a brand spanking new team that needs some games together to season their own game. Balls Deep were coached by some OBBHA friends and they came up with a solid first period only down 4-0. Although they tired near the end they gave it their most structured effort yet. The Dekes still made sure they got the win and some padding for insurance. Dekes of Hazzard win 14-1.

Grizzlies vs Pass it!...the Bears were missing a few that were still in hibernation, but those that were there gave it a very solid effort. Pass it! could have used one extra pass or two to create some better chances, so their game strategy still needs some work. Grizzlies win 7-3.

Just The Tip vs Iceland...Iceland was in control for two period up 2-0 and 4-2 at the breaks. Even early in the 3rd when they made it 5-2 it looked like a forgone conclusion. But this was the just the tip. JTP came up with straight unanswered goals to shock the French Palace faithful and create quite a buzz around the division. Just The Tip with the comeback win 9-5.

Performance Mazda Men vs No RaGretzky's...the 99's minus a "raw" Great One, were introduced to a typical big game on Wonderful Wednesday courtesy of the PMM. A low scoring and hard working affair that leaves everyone exhausted from a full out effort. As pleasing this is for the player there is always a winner and this time the veterans on the Mazda Men were able to give the lesson to the newbies who played a whale of a game themselves. Performance Mazda Men prevail 4-1.

Sod Guys vs Energy Line...the line on this one was for the guys in green to pump the Energy Line. But the Energy Line have signed a new goalie (Cedric) and he was huge in this game. Add the fact that the Energy Line have finalized their roster, they were able to give a full out effort and test the heavily favoured Sod Guys. It was 3-3 after one and 5-5 after two period. Mike Pelletier in the Sod Guys net made a save early on the 3rd that eerily similar to the Robin Lehner save made in the Buffalo Sabres net on Saturday night vs the mighty Habs. And then the Energy Line had several chances roll just by posts....so as is the hockey Gods rule, the Sod Guys capitalized later for the win. Sod Guys win 9-6.

Wonderful Wednesday January 18 Highlights!

Dekes of Hazzard vs Energy Line...Energy Line were missing two of their key offensive weapons. So the Dekes exploited this by taking command early and often. However in the 3rd the E-Line came up with more energy to actually win the period...but the damage had already been done. Dekes of Hazzard win 17-6.

Just The Tip vs No RaGretzkys...the 99's were up 4-2 after one period of very fun fire wagon hockey. But then the could not score on Simon in the Just The Tip net. JTT scored 3 in the second period for a 5-4 lead and then the 99's ran out of gas in the final period. Just The Tip takes it 9-4.

Sod Guys vs Performance Mazda Men...the Sod Guys are a solid group of guys to be sure. They were up 7-1 after two dominating periods. But The PMM showed they had something in the tank in the final period and made the score respectable with a hard effort to close it out. Sod Guys win 8-5.

Grizzlies vs Iceland...game of the night. Grizz were up 2-0 and 3-2 at the breaks. The Bears scored a quick one to open the 3rd and Iceland scored late to set the stage for the final minute with the goalie pulled for the extra attacker. With 10-seconds left Iceland hit the cross-bar! Grizzlies win 4-3.

Pass it! vs Balls Deep....Balls Deep is a team that needs work. To figure out the game from the net out. Pass it! has been there before so they were sympathetic, but still worked to make sure they got the shut-out with enough offence to settle it. Pass it! wins 10-0.

Opening Night for Winter 2017 Session on Wednesday, January 11th!

Performance Mazda Men vs Just the Tip....the Mazda Men are a close knit team that have a game plan and strategies in place. Just The Tip is a new team and just starting out together. The lopsided score does not indicate the kind of game this was. Just The Tip played well but just could not score Team Canada's goalie (Women's Team) Nathalie Girouard who was once again on her game big time! Performance Mazda Men win 11-1.

Dekes of Hazzaard vs Sod Guys....the Sod Guys have just announced themselves as official contenders for the top 4. They gave the defending champion Dekes a game and more! The Sod Guys held a 5-3 lead heading into the 3rd period and had a late 8-6 lead. The Dekes came on strong at the end and tied it up late. The last 2-minutes of the game was end to end and very exciting. 8-8 tie.

Grizzlies vs No RaGretzky's....a bit of a family affair as long lost relations were found. The 99's were up 2-1 and had the Grizzlies worried for sure. The Grizz rebounded in the second winning it 3-0 for a 4-2 lead moving in the the final period. The Bears slowly pulled away for the win but it was not easy. Grizzlies win 7-3.

Pass it! vs Energy Line....a great game from start to finish. Energy Line jumped to a 2-0 first period break lead only to have Pass it! claw back to tie 3-3 after 2-period. Pass it! was down 5-4 and tied it up 5-5 with about 2:30 remaining. Then Stuart Ayling took ball off the eye for a small cut with about 2-minutes left...he came off and got bandaged up by Struts and returned and score seconds into his return to score the winner with 20-seconds left in the game to give Energy Line the win. No guesses required for who was on the energy line for the hat-trick! Energy Line wins a thriller 6-5.

Balls Deep vs Iceland....the ice crew has moved from Super Saturday to the Wonderful night and they showcased their dazzle in front of a new team in the nightcap. Balls Deep has returned to play this great game of ball hockey in the OBBHA after many of their players had retired from other ball hockey experiences...so they came in green as rookies. They loved it and will get better once the lungs catch up! Iceland takes it 9-1.

Wonderful Wednesday December 7 Revolver Game #3 Highlights!

3rd Seed Match...Coors Lightning vs Grizzlies. The last game for the Coors franchise as Wednesday will expand to ten teams without them. And the Grizzlies proved once again that a short bench is no match for the OBBHA product of 3 18-minute non-stop action. Shawn Pilon did his best in the Coors hot seat with not much support. Grizzlies went into the Xmas break on a high. Grizzlies win 13-3.

5th Seed Match...Pass it! vs Giants. This was pick-em game so said the pundits. The Giants were an ever changing team with roster moves all session...next session will be different with mostly new players that are to be there week to week to build chemistry. But on this night they seemed just fine with 4-3 and 6-4 period break leads and then finally prevailing 9-5. Pass it! were keen to keep up and this made for a very fun game. Giants win 9-5. 

Finals! Dekes of Hazzard vs Performance Mazda Men. A classic was predicted yet again and that was the easy call. The first period was even and ended 2-2. In the second period the Mazda Men took a 3-2 lead, but after that the Dekes took over. By the end of the second period they had scored 4-straight to head into the final period up 6-3. Daniel Dujold in the Dekes net simply shut the door down with great rebound control and some nice glove saves. The Dekes scored 2 more to make it 6-straight goals before the Mazda Men scored a late one. Dekes get the championship on a total team effort as they celebrated with each other and congratulated one another for a flawless effort. Dekes of Hazzard win 8-4.

Wonderful Wednesday November 30 Revolver Game #2 Highlights!

Pass it! vs Coors Lightning....winner plays for the 3rd Seed, while the loser will play in the 5th Seed Match. A very tight match that featured some fine comeback goaltending from Shawn Pilon. His game was on as Coors Lightning weathered some storms from Pass its! Lightning in a bottle 5 times was enough as Pilon only surrended to 3 thunder claps. Coors Lightning wins 5-3.

Semi-Final: Giants vs Performance Mazda Men...yes the Giants are in the semi-finals based on their first ever franchise win at the right time! But the veteran team was ready for the upstarts in all areas of the game. Performance Mazda Men get to defend their title next week as the Giant will play for the 5th Seed. Performance Mazda Men win 9-2.

Semi-Final: Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies...wildly anticipated game to end the night! Always a toss up as to who will win. Really it does not matter as both teams always entertain the French Palace when they meet. Can you believe it! They once again raised the bar! The Dekes of Hazzard looked to have the edge over the first two periods with a 6-3 lead a real feel good game going. However the grizzled veterans on the Grizz had some grit and slowly pulled back into the until finally evening up the game 8-8 late. Then the Dekes scored with 1:24 left to take a 9-8 lead, but the Bears tied it up 9-9 with 54-seconds remaining to send it to the 5-man shoot-out. The Dekes of Hazzard were up 1-0 in the bottom of the 5th shoot-out when the Grizzlies amazingly scored to force extra rounds. Finally in the 7th round Kyle Stewart the captain netted the winner. Dekes off to the Finals while Grizz go for the 3rd Seed next week. Dekes of Hazzard win 10-9 (shoot-out in 7 rounds).

Wonderful Wednesday November 23 Revolver Game #1 Highlights!

The Play-off format after the 10 games will be a 3 game Revolver play-off

(2vs1, 4vs3, 6vs5....then winner of 6vs5 plays winner of 2vs1 for one semi-final, winner of 4v3 plays loser of 2vs1 for the other semi-final, while loser of 4vs3 plays loser of 6vs5 for consolation match. Finals and 3rd and 5th Seed games close it out.

Revolver Play-off Format Game 1:

Coors lightning vs Dekes of Hazzard...4th vs 3rd. 0-0 after one period and then the Dekes seemed to be in control at 6-3 heading into the 3rd. Bu the Coors Lightning showed great resilience by scoring two early goals in that final period to close to 6-5. They had several glorious opportunities and even a penalty shot, but were denied. With 6-minutes left finally the Dekes scored 3 goals to put it away. If this Coors Lightning team stays together there is some chemistry developing for sure! Dekes of Hazzard win 9-5 and are in the semi-finals.

Giants vs Pass it!.... 6 vs 5. Giants get first ever franchise win!!!!! And in the first play-off round at that! 1-1 after one period and down 3-1 moving into the 3rd period the Giants went down 4-1 before rallying to tie it with 47-seconds remaining. They had a chance to win it in regulation with a penalty shot with 3-seconds left, but missed. So a 5-man shoot-out commenced and the Giant won it 1-0. The Giants advance to a semi-final match! Giants win 5-4.

Grizzlies vs Performance Mazda Men...2 vs 1. Both teams will advance to a semi-final match. Loser meets Dekes of Hazzard while winner get the Giants. The PMM held 2-1 and 5-4 period break leads. At 5-5 PMM scored the winner with a few minutes left and then added an empty netter. A very spirited and respectful game. Performance Mazda Men win 7-5. 

Wonderful Wednesday November 16 Highlights!

Dekes of Hazzard vs Performance Mazda Men...a play-off primer! The PMM were up 4-1 after one period and 6-3 after two periods playing their standard defensive game and counter-attack that is so lethal. They looked well on their way to a victory but the Dekes of Hazzard have offence to burn and they fired in 3 early third period goals to make this an intense finish. The teams traded a goal each and it went down to the wire even. 7-7 tie. Whew!

Giants vs Grizzlies...the Giants once again had the French Palace crowd behind them and were up 2-1 over the second place Grizzlies. The Bears scored the only two goals of the 2nd and were up 3-2 heading into the final period. At 6-5 Grizzlies the Giants pulled the goalie for the extra attacker and had a glorious opportunity to tie it all up, but alas an empty netter put it away. Grizzlies win 7-5.

Coors Lightning vs Pass it!...Coors Lighting are improving each week and were up 1-0 and 2-1 at the period breaks. In the final period, the Coors defence was just so solid and they formed the offence and they capitalized for 3 goals, the win and took over 4th place from Pass it! Coors Lightning win 5-1.

Wonderful Wednesday November 9 Highlights!

With the news that the Wonderful Wednesday league will expand to at least 8 teams, the current crop got down to business at hand!

Pass it! vs Performance Mazda Men...the PMM were once again on their game. Defence first with a close knit coverage all over the floor. Pass it! had trouble getting through the drag-net for chances and when they did the big pads of Nathalie Girouard were there. Pass it! did get one by her but the PMM had earned themselves some hard working goals of their own to make this a clockwork like win. Performance Mazda Men win 5-1.

Grizzlies vs Coors Lightning....we are now seeing the true Coors Lightning team. A full bench! And for the second week in a row as the roster is now set.  And the chemistry is starting to build as this team will grow and develop as the building blocks of talent is very evident. And they have Al Jolivet in the net who was amazing on this night as his team built a 2-0 lead into the second period. The Grizzlies could see this game was going to be one of their toughest and they rose to the challenge by giving it their full effort. A very enjoyable game as the Bears did come back with 3-goals to win it, but the outcome was always in doubt. Grizzlies win 3-2.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Giants..."not much deking but great ball movement from the Dekes" was a quote overheard in the French Palace. On the other side it was one Giant step backwards for ball hockey kind as all of that improvement in recent weeks from the Giants was somehow lost. The late day bailers on the team cost them numbers on the bench and that was a true factor, but the team play disappeared fully for some reason. Its there...but why did it vanish? Tune in next week! Dekes of Hazzard win 20-3.

The Struts OBBHA Challenge Series...November 6th Inaugural Match:

 All Mesh (Saturday) vs Tsunamis (Monday)...All Mesh is undefeated in the Saturday A-Div with almost half their team very solid female performers. Tsunamis is a 9-year veteran team of the OBBHA in the Monday Division (they have seen Blue Zone Gym action and in recent years the French Palace Gym). For this first Challenge Game the game was tied 1-1 after the 1st period as both teams felt each other out with some end to end action. In the 2nd period All Mesh got their vaunted passing game going and had Tsunamis chasing enough to take a 4-1 lead until a late 2nd period goal by the Wave brought the score to 4-2. In the 3rd it was that All Mesh passing game that took over for the most part despite some spirited efforts on offence from Tsunamis. Andrew Gowing in the All Mesh net made key saves to keep the Wave from making All Mesh feel too uncomfortable with their game.  Of note Melanie Dagenais was injured and her sister subbed in for her. Stephanie Dagenais of the Saturday Newbies played up front with Struts and scored the hat-trick to the squealing delight of the French Palace faithful...even a helmet was dropped on the floor to salute her 3-goals in lieu of hats! In the end these two teams enjoyed a game that featured contrasting styles and lots of great action. Passing/ball control vs hustle/determination. The All Mesh recipe prevailed 8-4.

This first game of the Struts OBBHA Challenge Series was a success and paves the way for more to come! Here are the two teams that trail-blazed this exciting initiative: (pic to come shortly)


The Struts OBBHA Challenge Series...starts Sunday, November 6 at 3pm as the Monday Night Div Tsunamis take on the Saturday All Mesh squad!

-this game is the first of an exciting series that will feature teams from different OBBHA divisions playing one another for a fun time and test their skills vs one another.

-the games will always be on a Sunday at 3pm

-teams of similar skill level and like-mindedness regarding the OBBHA 4-F motto will be asked to play one another to promote what that OBBHA is all about! Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fair-Play.

These games should be a lot of fun and very interesting for the French Palace faithful to see. Watch for the Tweets and the Game Recap for this first game and the ones to follow as every couple of months a game will be scheduled.

Wonderful Wednesday November 2 Highlights!

Grizzlies vs Dekes of Hazzard...once again this match up was highly anticipated as everyone in the French Palace knew it would be a game of attrition. Both teams always bring it all from start to finish in these match-ups. What a start and what a finish. The teams took turns of taking over momentum with key goals. Finally at 6-4 Dekes in the lead the Grizz scored 3-straight third period goals to take a 7-6 lead. The Dekes pulled the goalie and tied it all up with 10-seconds left in the entertaining match. 7-7 final.

Pass it! vs Giants...the Giants fresh off their best ever performance were pumped. Pass it! have been playing their best as a team for the past month. So this had some buzz about it too! Simon in the Giants net pulled 3 sure goals off of the line behind him. The Giants moved the ball better and better as the game wore on. They held a 2-0 lead midway through the second period but found themselves down 5-3 to Pass it! heading into the final period. Note Simon Zimmerman fresh off his hat-trick last Saturday potted two more and one of them saw his signature goal celebration that brought smiles to the French Palace crowd. Down 6-5 the Giants pulled off another miracle by knotting things up with a goal with 57-seconds left. Giants get their second tie in a row and for the first time are undefeated in two games...but are still looking for the first franchise win. 6-6 final. 

Performance Mazda Men vs Coors Lightning...the Coors Lightning finally topped up their roster with two key acquisitions at the trade deadline and were ready to take on the top ranked team. Speaking of the PMM, they knew they could not take this game for granted after last weeks surprise from the Giants. So more intrigue! PMM had to very hard for everything they go. They were back-stopped by Nathalie Girouard who only gave up one goal and it was on a penalty shot. Coors Lightning look like a team now that they have bodies on the bench. They kept up with the pace for the first time and look to be a team on the rise. But the PMM used their veteran players well and scored enough to take the two points. Performance Mazda Men win 5-1.

Wonderful Wednesday October 26 Highlights!
Coors Lightning vs Dekes of Hazzard...a closely played first period was the best period by for the Coors team. Then the Dekes turned on the jets and dominated the score-sheet. The Coors squad had spurts of good play but their bench was too thin to have any kind of lasting impact...a very familiar theme for this team which really is too bad as they could be in some really fine games with the minimum 8 runners in order to compete. Dekes of Hazzard in a walk 11-4.
Giants vs Performance Mazda Men...Game of the Night! The Giants get their first ever franchise point!! And against the defending champions no less!! The Giant surprised everyone in the French Palace including even perhaps themselves in the first period by playing the structured team game that has been preached to them the last several weeks. A couple of late goals by the PMM ended the first period 2-0. But this did not discourage the Giants. They scored two quick ones early in the second and then added another at the mid-way point of the game to take a 3-2 lead. PMM tied it late in the second and then took a 4-3 lead by getting one in with only 2-seconds remaining. In the 3rd PMM took a 5-3 lead but the Giants kept up the team play and it paid off!! With 50-seconds left in the game they cut the deficit to 5-4. With 10-seconds left them missed a penalty shot but on the subsequent whistle in on the rush they shot and scored with 8-seconds left to give the French Palace crowd a jolt of joy for them! Congrats to the Giants for their patience and now perseverance to become a team with purpose! 5-5 thrilling tie!
Pass it! vs Grizzlies...Pass it! had a great first period and were only down 1-0 to the Grizz. They tied it up 1-1 but then the Bears roared out to a 5-1 lead before a late second period tally left it at 5-2. The Bears owned the 3rd for a big win. Grizzlies win 9-3.
Wonderful Wednesday October 19 Highlights!
Dekes of Hazard vs Pass it!...DOH were not deking much as they pummelled Pass It! goalie Terry Cleroux with shots including a few off the mask. Terry shook it off and his team gave a gallant effort. Dekes played their game and finally prevailed. Dekes of Hazzard win 10-6.
Performance Mazda Men vs Grizzlies...in a game that was so closely played that it was a shame this one did not end in a tie. The story unfolded in a very grinding and close checking style. 2-2 after one period followed by a scoreless 2nd period. The PMM scored what looked to a potential winner midway through the 3rd to make it 3-2. But the Grizz scored two quick ones with about 6-minute left to take a 4-3 and potted an empty netter to give the PMM their first loss of the Fall Session. Grizzlies win 5-3.
Giants vs Coors Lightning...a very close first period. Then the Coors Lightning pulled away in the second period 6-2. And then they played a more diamond like offence in the 3rd to pull even further away. The Giants talked about changing their style of play to adapt to the diamond strategy in the final period,  but never implemented it as a team. Coors Lightning win 10-2.
Wonderful Wednesday October 12 Highlights!
Pass it! vs Coors Lightning...a battle of two of the Tommy Raftis Award winners in the net. Al Jolivet vs Terry Cleroux. Both goalies made it a low scoring affair as they were solid as per usual. Coors Lightning were up 2-1 after one and 4-2 after two periods. In the 3rd Pass it! closed it to 4-3 and tied it with 2-minutes remaining on a penalty shot for too many Lightning on the floor. 4-4 thriller
Grizzlies vs Giants...the Giants had some giant give-aways in the first period that got them behind the 8-ball even though they lost by 9. They played better as the game wore on. The Bears are a very good team and they cycled the ball non-stop. 13-4 Grizzlies win.
Performance Mazda Men vs Dekes of Hazzard...the defending champion PMM jumped out to 4-2 and 7-3 period leads. But the Dekes would not go away and kept their patented mantra of "never say die" maintained and made the game entertaining enough to keep French Palace fans in their seats until the end. A very quick paced match. 10-7 Performance Mazda Men win.
Wonderful Wednesday October 5 Highlights!
Performance Mazda Men vs Pass it!...game of the night! Pass it! were looking for a franchise high 3rd straight win. They were nervous early on it seemed as they were down 4-0 after one period. Then they got their game on and closed it to 4-3 by the end of the second period. The game was 5-4 late for the Mazda Men before they got a late insurance marker. Performance Mazda Men win 6-4.
Coors Lightning vs Grizzlies....Coors is still a little too light on the bench. They need more men on the bench. Grizzlies made them pay predictable. However it was noteworthy the Coors crew played a great second period. Grizzlies win 11-1.
Giants vs Dekes of Hazzard...then the hurricane everyone is talking about came into the French Palace although Matthew is reportedly in the Florida area. The Giants were disappointed with the lack of turn out without notices. This team needs a full bench to keep up. They simply could not. Dekes of Hazzard win 17-1.
Wonderful Wednesday September 28 Highlights!
Dekes of Hazzard vs Grizzlies...the Grizz had their full bench out and they played their usual non-stop effort game from start to finish. Their 10 runners did wear down the Dekes of Hazzard's 8 runners to a degree but the Bears had Shawn Pilon in the net and he was stellar on this night. Add a few posts the Dekes hit and the score could/should have been much closer. In the end it was close as a both teams love this match-up. Grizzlies win this chapter 8-5.
Giants vs Pass it!....Pass it! created some fine chances through some nice, dare we say it, passing! Yes this team is starting to figure out the passing game far out-performs simply dump and chase strategies. The Giants in this match worked so very hard for every chance they got on goal, but Terry Cleroux in the Pass it! net was on his game and tracking the play well. Pass it! slowly pulled away in the 3rd period for their second win in a row! Pass it! wins 6-1.
Coors Lightning vs Performance Mazda Men....the Coors team was once again in the game early on, but their short bench was no match for the 10 runners the Mazda Men rolled at them. By the 3rd period this was a no-doubter. Performance Mazda Men win 11-3. 
Wonderful Wednesday September 21 Highlights!
Dekes of Hazzard vs Coors Lightning...the Dekes showed their disappointment in the warm-up that the Coors team had a small bench. It is a well known fact that teams can't compete in the OBBHA game with small benches...the games are too long with three 18-minute periods plus the non-stop unique OBBHA product forces teams to have at least 8 runners, while most go with 10 runners plus the goalie. The Dekes ate them up. Dekes of Hazzard in a cake-walk 13-3.
Performance Mazda Men vs Giants...the Giants were in this one down 3-2 late in the second period and playing a very spirited game. Could they provide a big upset? Alas, the Mazda Men had too much fire power at the end of their passing game for the Giants to escape the 3rd period unscathed. Performance Mazda Men win 8-2.
Grizzlies vs Pass it!...spoiler alert! Upset of the night! But first we must start with the fun sidebar story to this game. The Grizzlies has a back-up goalie in named Cedric who plays in the OBBHA Saturday B-Div on the Shootin Blanks squad. This team is captained by his good friend Patrick Gleddie who has signed of with Pass it! as their number one spare. Patrick provided his team with a whopping 5-goal performance much to the chagrin of his goalie friend in the Grizzlies net. Note the Bears only lost one game last Winter (the wrong one before the finals) so this game came as surprise to everyone in the French Palace. Pass it! played a tight coverage game and the Grizzlies had to work for every chance they got, then had to try to get by the very hot goaltending of Terry Cleroux who shared the first star status with Patrick Gleddie. Pass it! with the upset win 8-6.
Wonderful Wednesday September 14 Opening Day Highlights!

Welcome Back everybody and great to have you new teams join Wonderful Wednesday!

Grizzlies vs Performance Mazda Men...what a match-up for the opening game of opening night for Wonderful Wednesdays! This awesome rivalry always seems to be low scoring. Nathalie Girouard (yes by now you know she is Team Canada's top goalie with a few Gold Medals in her showcase) in the Mazda Men's net was once again gloriously good. The Grizzlies created great chances from their passing game only to be thwarted by a Performance worthy of a win. Quite a game to start the session!. Performance Mazda Men open up with a 4-1 win.

Pass it! vs Dekes of Hazzard...the Dekes jumped out to a quick 2-0 only to see Pass it! bounce back for a 2-2 tie. The Dekes had to work hard for everything they got in this one. Dekes of Hazzard take it 7-2.

Coors Lightning vs Giants...two new teams went at it at a sometimes frantic pace. Coors Lightning have some offensive talent which manufactured some nice scoring plays and chances. They also have the steady Al Jolivet in their net to settle things down with saves and a bit of soft spoken coaching as the play evolves. The Giants are hard working bunch with the acrobatics of Simon Fleck in their net. This one was a close affair at 4-2 late for Coors until a couple of late goals put it away. Coors Lightning get their first franchise win 6-2.


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