Sunday with Struts

Sunday with Struts, October 15 Highlights:

Flint Tropics vs was all Trops in the 1st period for a 4-0 lead. Then the Godsons morphed into a formidable foe. The closed it to 5-3. In the 3rd down 7-5 the Godsons completed the hard-working comeback. 7-7 tie.

Jr. Trops vs Wounded Ducks...a CFL game broke out. Through no fault of the goalies the snipers and play makers were on fire! Ducks were up 6-5 and 11-9 at the period breaks in this whacky game. The passing was nice to watch and the Ducks were just a little bit better at it. Wounded Ducks win 14-11.

Blue Eagles vs Orleans 93's...another high scoring game. It started out innocently enough as the 93's held a 3-2 first period lead. The 93's were up 8-6 after two. In the 3rd the Blue Eagles exploded for 6 goals to edge out the 93's. Blue Eagles win 12-10.

Blue Ballers vs A Few Good Men...the new boys in town are still scoring at high rates. A Few Good Men tried matching their totals but came up short. Blue Ballers scored the most on this night by one edging out the Ducks. Blue Ballers win 15-7.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Caged Heat...The Dekes were ready for this one and came out flying for a 4-1 first period break lead. Caged Heat stayed with them in the 2nd as it ended 8-4 Dekes, but in the final period the Dekes stormed away 5-0. Dekes of Hazzard win 13-4.

Raiders vs Falcons...the Raiders looked at their best. Not that the Falcons played poorly, they actually moved the ball well at times, but the Raiders were just on their game to the fullest as they took a 3-0 first period lead. The Falcons tied the 2nd 4-4 to be down 7-4after two periods. A flurry of goals in the 3rd and the Raiders kept their lead. Raiders win 14-5.

Sunday with Struts, October 1 Highlights:

A Few Good Men vs Orleans 93's...a great first period ended 1-1. The 93's took over the 2nd on the back of some penalty shots and some good ball movement. The extended the lead in the 3rd too. Orleans 93's win 10-4.

Blue Eagles vs Wounded Ducks...Blue Eagles were short birds in the nest and could not keep up to the flight of the Ducks who were 4-1 after one and the cruized at 30,000ft the rest of the way. Wounded Ducks win 11-2. 

Godsons vs Dekes of Hazzard...both teams had all the boys out for this one and an awesome game followed. 1-0 Godsons after one period set the table for the 2nd. 3-2 after two for the Godsons who played very well but one must mention Terry Cleroux in the Godsons net who was simply stellar! Godsons win 5-3.

Raiders vs Flint Tropics...Raiders were right there only down 4-3 in the 2nd, but a flurry of goals in the 2nd had the Flints up 10-4 and they were comfortable from there. Flint Tropics win 13-8.

Jr. Trops vs Falcons....just a wild one! So much end to end play! Very fun game! Even with all the goals the goalies made tons of saves. 2-2 and 7-7 period break scores. Finally in the end the Jr. Trops popped in one more even though the Falcons tried valiantly to tie it up. Jr. Trops win 12-11.

Blue Ballers vs Caged Heat...the young legs were the stars and the difference in the night-cap. Caged Heat were in it in the first period onkly down 3-0 and never ever quit as per usual. Blue Ballers win 13-2.


After Super Hot Saturday's opening day we follow it up with scorcher Sunday!

Orleans 93's vs Jr. Trops...the Juniors were on their game in the first for a 3-2 lead. The Spring defending champs came alive in the 2nd for a 9-6 lead and cruized from there as the heat increased in the French Palace. Orleans 93's win 12-6.

Flint Tropics vs A Few Good Men...AFGM were too short benched for the heat and the length of the game. Flint Tropics win 10-5.

Godsons vs Wounded Ducks....a very different looking Ducks team wanted to see how they would fare in their first game. The Ducks seem just fine thank-you very much. The Godsons were short a few key players so some Part II Godsons from Tuesday gave the Sunday circuit a whirl. The Ducks were on another level for this one. Wounded Ducks win 13-3

Falcons vs Caged Heat...old rivals renewed the friendship.Tight first with only one goal by the Falcons. They increased it to 6-1 by the end of the 2nd. The heat ended up beating the Heat in the 3rd as the french Palace caged the heat generated by the two teams. Falcons win 11-2.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Blue Ballers....the Blue Ballers were a question mark. So everyone was eager to see how this team looked. The Dekes were up 3-1 after the first period break but you could see the Blue Ballers adapting quickly to the game with some fine talent to boot! Only down 3-2 after the 2nd they tied it up 3-3 early in the 3rd period.At 4-4 late in the game both teams were exhausted but gave it their all to go for a win. In the end they were all fit to be tied. 4-4.

Raiders vs Blue hockey on opening night! Last Winters A-Div Champs the Raiders vs a many time B-Div Champion Blue Eagles. Nice to see these two meet. Stefan Marquis in the Blue Eagles net making his debut with this team and won their hearts with an amazing performance! 1-1 after one period, 3-1 Raiders after two periods. The Raiders stretched it out to 5-1 in the 3rd before the Blue Eagles put a scare into them at 5-4...but a late goal put it away for the Raiders. Raiders win 6-4.


Super Winter Session everyone! See some of you this Wednesday for the start of the Short Spring Session! And See you all back in the Fall...tons of exciting stuff will be announced over the summer! Get ready!

Sunday with Struts, April 30 (A-Div Revolver Game #3…B-Div Revolver Game #3 )

Falcons vs A Few Good Men (B-Div 5th Seed Match): All Falcons here for the 5th Seed. Falcons win 16-3.

Caged Heat vs Jr. Tops (B-Div 3rd Seed Match): Caged Heat had the edge all night and they win the 3rd Seed. Caged Heat win 8-6.

Wounded Ducks vs Godsons (A-Div 3rd Seed Match): The Wounded Duck unveiled their new jerseys and they inspired the team on to win the 3rd Seed! Wounded Duck win 10-3.

Blue Eagles vs Suh Dudes (B-Div Finals): The Blue Eagles have been to many a championship game and they showed it early and often by building a 5-2 first period lead and extending it to 6-2 early in the 2nd. But then the new kids on the block came to life and got over their early game jitters. The Suh Dudes began to develop their patented cross passing and roared back to tie the game 7-7 by the end of the second. The 3rd was extremely exciting. The Blue Eagles had quite a few penalty shots called against them but their goalie stopped all but one. This gave Suh Dudes some momentum but the Blue Eagles were equal to the task and the game had the fans in the French Palace on the edge of their seats. Suh Dudes ended up taking this game by a goal but many a fan said ball hockey won this one as this was a tremendous final to watch. Congrats to the Suh Dudes for winning the B-Div Winer Championship! Suh Dudes win 9-8.


Flint Tropics vs Raiders (A-Div Finals): Not to be outdone by the previous hours excitement, the A-Div final matched it as well! Flint Tropics held period break leads of 2-1 and 5-3. However the Raiders scored 5 straight in the 3rd period for an 8-5 lead. Game over right? No way! In the final minutes the Tropics scored to close within one and pulled the goalie for the extra attacker and go for the equalizer. The Tropics had a couple of chances but just missed out on sending the game to shoot-out. Breathless finish to a fine final. Congrats to the Raiders for winning the A-Div Final! Raiders win 8-7.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Orleans 93’s (A-Div 5th Seed Match): A very good game that could have gone either way. In the end the 93's need an empty netter to take the 5th Seed. Orleans 93's win 6-4.

Wednesday, April 26 B-Div (Revolver Game #2)

Jr. Trops vs Falcons  (Seeding Match)...all about the goalie here. A goalie battle between Al Jolivet in the Falcons net  vs Terry Cleroux in the Trops net. 2-1 Trops after on and 2-2 after two solid efforts. In the 3rd it was 4-4 very quickly and then nothing until late in the 3rd David Labelle netted the winner for the Trops. The Trops will go for the 3rd Seed this Sunday while the Falcons will go for 5th. Jr. Trops win 5-4.

Caged Heat vs Blue Eagles (semi-final)...this game was all about the first period. The Eagles came out flying and Caged Heat were not prepared for a game of this magnitude. 6-0 Eagles. In the 2nd Caged Heat deserved to win the period but posts, great saves and plain unlucky bounces gave them no goals while the Blue Eagles tagged on 2 late period goals for an insurmountable 8-0 lead. Blue Eagles will be in Sunday's Finals while Caged Heat will vie for 3rd. Blue Eagles win 12-2.

A Few Good Men vs Suh Dudes (semi-final)...A Few Good Men were up 2-1 late in the first and were giving Suh Dudes yet another big game. They had given the Dudes their only loss of the session so the French Palace crowd was intrigued at this point. A late 1st period goal for the Dudes tied things up at 2-2. The Dudes were up 5-2 late in the 2nd and the game was very much up for grabs at that moment, but the Dudes scored 2 goals in the last minute to take a 7-2 lead into the 3rd. A Few Good Men struck for 2-quick ones in the first few minutes of the final period to create some doubt at 7-4, but the Dudes put it away with 3 more of their own to make it into Sunday's Final. A Few Good Men will go for 5th. Suh Dudes win 10-4.

Sunday with Struts Sunday, April 23 Highlights

B-Div Revolver Game #1

Falcons vs Caged Heat (4vs3)...a defensive game throughout with solid goaltending. 3-1 and 5-2 period break leads for Caged heat. In the 3rd the Caged Heat blanket coverage was too tough for the Falcons to overcome. Caged Heat gains a semi-final birth while the the Falcons will play in the Seeding games. Caged Heat wins 6-4

Blue Eagles vs Suh Dudes (2vs1)...a great game! In the first period the Eagles were up 4-1, but the Dudes roared back to tie 4-4. The Dudes were up 6-5 heading into the final period and with the score 8-8 the Dudes scored the winner with 3-seconds remaining. Both teams head to the semi-finals on Wednesday. Suh Dudes win 9-8.

A Few Good Men vs Jr. Trops (6vs5)...a crazy game. AFGM were up 5-2 after one period and 6-3 after two periods. Then the Jr. Trops came to life in the 3rd and took an 8-7 lead. AFGM tied it up late and an 8-8 tie forced a shoot-out. AFGM won the 5-player shoot-out by round 4 by a 2-0 count. AFGM are in the semi-finals and the Trops will be involved in the Seeding games.  A Few Good Men win 9-8 in a shoot-out.

A-Div Revolver Game #2:

A-Div Game #2...Flint Tropics vs Orleans 93's Semi-Final: A tightly played first period left the Trops up 3-2. The Trops took over in the middle frame to move up 8-4. For most of the 3rd the 93's came on strong to close it to 9-8 but gave up a late goal. Tropics will be in Sundays Final while the 93's will play in the 5th Seeding Match. Flint Tropics win 10-8.

A-Div Game #2...Dekes of Hazzard vs Wounded Ducks Seeding Match: a slow take off for the Ducks but they climbed high with 2-1 and 5-2 period break leads before reaching their peak with a 5-0 3rd. Ducks will play for the 3rd seed while the Dekes will go for 5th. Wounded Ducks win 10-2.

A-Div Game #2...Godsons vs Raiders Semi-Final: David vs Goliath. But the story held true for the longest time! The Raiders were up 4-2 after one but were down 5-4 after 2 periods. at 5-5 the game was totally up in the air as the teams traded chance after chance. The Raiders scored the winner with about 5-minutes left and added an empty netter. Good on the Godsons for competing so well and almost pulling off the huge upset and they will play in the 3rd seed game. Raiders will go after another title. Raiders win 7-5.

Sunday with Struts Wednesday, April 19 Highlights: 

A-Div Revolver Game #1:

7pm = Orleans 93’s vs Raiders (2vs1)...A game that gave the winner the lower seed for the semi-final. A very good test for each team. The Raiders held 2-1 and 4-3 period breaks leads and won the 3rd period 2-0. Raiders win 6-3.

8pm = Godsons vs Wounded Ducks (6vs5)...Godsons were up 2-1 after one period and 3-2 after two. Then the Wounded Ducks scored two to take a 4-3 lead. The Godsons then tied it up 4-4 very late and then with 5-seconds left they shocked the Ducks with the winner and move to the semi-finals while the Ducks will play in the Seeding Matches to come! Godsons win 5-4.

9pm = Dekes of Hazzard vs Flint Tropics (4vs3)...The Tropics were up 2-1 and 6-3 at the period breaks. The Tropics had the edge in play and in net as Stephane Portelance was brilliant on this night. The Tropics were aided by some posts that kept them in the lead until they finally pulled away late in the game to move into the semi-finals while the Dekes will play in the Seeding Matches. Flint Tropics win 9-5. 

 The 3-game Revolver Play-off Format:


(2vs1, 4vs3, 6vs5....then winner of 6vs5 plays winner of 2vs1 for one semi-final, winner of 4v3 plays loser of 2vs1 for the other semi-final, while loser of 4vs3 plays loser of 6vs5 for consolation match. Finals and 3rd and 5th Seed games close it out.

Sunday with Struts, April 9 Highlights:


Blue Eagles vs Caged Heat...Caged Heat cooked out to a 4-1 lead, but the Eagles scored 2 late in the first and then another 4 straight to take a 7-4 lead into the 3rd. The Blues Eagles won the 3rd 4-2 and leapfrogged over Caged Heat for a very important 2nd spot for the Revolver Play-off Format. Blue Eagles win 10-6. 

Suh Dudes vs A Few Good just gotta love the game of hockey! The first place team with 0 losses comes up against the last place team with 0 wins and loses! The upset of the year! Tied 2-2 and 5-5 at the breaks. A Few Good Men were up 7-6, traded late goals seconds apart. And Suh Dudes scored just after the buzzer so it was no goal! A Few Good Men win 8-7

Jr. Trops vs Falcons...all offence here. Some great defensive plays as a result of all the offence though. Falcons were up 7-1, but had to hang on in the 3rd as the Trops were in an all out blitz to come back. However the Falcons kept their talons on the lead. Falcons win 11-8.


Godsons vs Flint Tropics...4-4 after two and it ends in a hard running tie. The ball movement was very fun at times. A very appropriate result. 6-6 tie.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Wounded Ducks...the Dekes played their best game of the session by far. The Ducks played their style and were rewarded with a close game for the most part. Near the end the Ducks tired as they tried to push on offence, but the Dekes capitalized at key moments. Dekes of Hazzard win 9-5.

Orleans 93's vs Raiders...a preview of the 2vs1 play-off revolver game #1. It did not disappoint. A furious pace with goaltending on both sides out of this world at times. The Raiders held 3-2 and 4-3 leads at the breaks. In the 3rd a late Raider goal ended the drama which was very entertaining from the first rush to the last. Raiders win 5-3.

Sunday with Struts, April 2 Highlights:


Suh Dudes vs Falcons...the favourites perhaps took a short Falcons bench too lightly. Add in that Falcons goalie Al Jolivet was simply on fire, the Falcons played a prefect game in front of him for 2-0 and 4-0 period break leads. The Dudes came out surging in the 3rd and by the half-way point had tied it up 4-4 and had momentunm. The Falcons somehow defended the rest of the way and had a few good chances too, but no goals were scored. 4-4 tie.

A Few Good Men vs Caged Heat...a well played tight game with great goaltending. 1-1 after one and Caged Heat were up 3-2 after two periods. A Few Good Men tied it up at the mid-point of the 3rd and then it was pure chess match. 3-3 tie.

Blue Eagles vs Jr. Trops...a wild once again between these two. Last time they had a combined 27 goals and they did it again in this one. This one was far tighter! 4-4 after one and the Eagles were up 9-8 after two. Fast forward to the last minute with the Blue Eagles up 13-12 and the Trops tied it up 13-13 with 8-seconds left....but an unsportsmanlike penalty killed the Trops as the Blue Eagles scored on the penalty shot to win the game. Blue Eagles win 14-13.


Raiders vs Wounded Ducks...the French Palace welcomed back Andrew DuBroy back into the Wounded Ducks line-up. The Ducks were so fired up to have him back. If smiles could be sold we would all be billions richer! Meanwhile quite a game ensued! 5-5 after 2-periods. The Ducks were out in front late in the game 9-7 and the Raiders got one with 6-seconds remaining. The DuBroy watch saw him get 2 important assists. Wounded Ducks win 9-8.

Orleans 93's vs Flint Tropics...another great goalie battle as two teams played a wonderful defensive game mixed with creative plays to generate the offences. Shawn Pilon for the injured Guy and the 93's vs Dave Labelle pinch hitting for his goalie. 1-0 and 3-1 Flint Tropics at the breaks. The 93's scored 2 early in the 3rd to tie 3-3 and then potte the winner with 2-minutes left. And an empty netter put it away. Orleans 93's win 5-3.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Godsons...the Godsons played their best game this session as they had their full line-up fir the first time. The Dekes were up 4-1 early but ended up the first period only up 4-3 and then were down 6-5 after 2 periods. The Godsons were on fire on the offence in the final period including a penalty shot goal from Peter Stromer. Godsons win 11-8.

Sunday with Struts, March 26 Highlights:


Falcons vs A Few Good Men...1-0 A Few Good Men after one period, but the Falcons bounced back for a 3-2 lead after two periods. The Falcons pulled away in the 3rd. Falcons win 8-3.

Caged Heat vs Jr. Trops....the Trops had built a 5-2 lead heading into the final period. Then the Caged Heat staged the comeback and were within 6-5 before adding the tying marker in the late stages of the game. 6-6 tie.

Suh Dudes vs Blue Eagles...the Eagles had a very uncommonly short bench. But these Eagles played the top team extremely well and were only down 6-4 late in the game. The Dudes added a late marker. Suh Dudes win 7-4.


Flint Tropics vs Raiders...the Raiders jumped to an early 3-0 lead and this was the difference. The rest of the way the teams tied 4-4. Raiders win 7-4.

Wounded Ducks vs Godsons....a chess match like game. Very well played. 2-2 after one and the Ducks were up 4-3 after two. There were no goals in a tightly played 3rd until with 13-seconds remaining and with the goalie pulled, somehow Christian Vandersterre was left unmarked and his booming shot tied it all up. 4-4.

Orleans 93's vs Dekes of Hazzard...the 93's seemed to have the edge from the start and held 2-1 and 5-3 leads. The Dekes just could not seem to get their offence untracked. Orleans scored some sniper like shots for key goals. Orleans 93's win 8-5.

Note: No Games Sunday, March 12 and 19 (March Break) resumes Saunday, March 26

Sunday with Struts, March 5 Highlights:


Falcons vs Blue Eagles...a wild shoot-out style affair. The boys could score on anything it seemed as the goalies saw lots of shots on both sides. 4-4 after one and the Falcons had a 9-8 lead after two. Finally in the end the Falcons won but not without wild action right the final second. Falcons win 13-11.

A Few Good Men vs Jr. Trops...both teams played well in a fun battle. The Jr. Trops did get the victory but the game could have gone either ways as the goalies were solid. Jr. Trops win 7-5.

Caged Heat vs Suh Dudes...Caged Heat jumped out to a quick 2-0 lead. Then with 4-minutes left in the first Suh Dudes got on the board and then got a buzzer beater to tie the first at 2-2. The Caged Heat were playing well, but Suh Dudes played even better winning the 2nd 6-0 and went on from there for the victory. Suh Dudes win 13-3


Wounded Ducks vs Orleans 93's...2-2 after one period and the two teams were engaged in fine affair. The 93's were able to create a few more quality chances that they capitalized on. Orleans 93's win 7-4.

Raiders vs Godsons...simply everything went the Raiders way. Raiders win 11-1.

Flint Tropics vs Dekes of Hazzard...match of the night! Great ball hockey. 2-2 and 4-4 at the period breaks. The Dekes were up 8-6 late as the Flint Tropics never quit and got one with 2-seconds left. Dekes of Hazzard win 8-7.

Sunday with Struts, February 26 Highlights:


Blue Eagles vs A Few Good Men...the Blue Eagle blew out of the nest for big 2-0 and 6-2 period leads. A Few Good Men had a good 3rd period tying it 2-2. Blue Eagles win 12-6.

Jr. Trops vs Suh Dudes...the Dudes had the goaltending in this one as the Trops had their moment but were thwarted at key times of the game. The Dudes had a couple of Dudettes on the team sparing as well. The Dagenais sisters joined their brother Derrick to work the win together. A very proud father (Dave) was on hand to happily put up a dozen goals on the scoreboard. Suh Dudes win 12-6.

Falcons vs Caged Heat...the Falcons met the new and improved Caged Heat. How new is really what is old is new as the same group has been around together a long time but are putting together a team game like no other at the moment. Paul Trudeau worked a flawless shut-out as his boys just kept the momentum going. Caged Heat win 8-0.


Godsons vs Orleans 93's...the 93's were expected to win, but the Godsons a few stars short gave them a game! The 93's had to work very hard for 3-2 and 4-3 period leads. Finally in the 3rd the 93's held a 7-5 lead but had to hold off a relentless effort from the Godsons. Orleans 93's win 7-5.

Flint Topics vs Wounded of the games of the night. The Tropics jumped to a 4-1 lead and were up 4-2 after one. In the second the Ducks struck for 4 straight to take a 6-4 lead, but the Tropics score two late to tie it up at 6-6 moving into the 3rd. Somehow the Tropics won that final period 2-1 for a lively one goal win. Flint Tropics win 8-7.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Raiders...the top game of the night on the entertainment meter. The Dekes held 3-2 and 4-3 leads as the Raiders kept pace. The Raiders continued their work ethic until they were up 6-5 in the final seconds. With 9-seconds left on the clock the Dekes tied it up 6-6 with the goalie pulled. But then the Raiders on the next rush won it with only 1-second remaining in the game!! Raiders win 7-6.

Sunday with Struts, February 12 Highlights:


Caged Heat vs Blue Eagles...ok, so officially now the Caged Heat have had a caged offence that is now on the loose! Could the Blue Eagles keep pace after last weeks touchdowns? It was tight for two periods as Caged Heat were up 3-2 and 6-5 at the breaks. But in the final period Caged Heat unleashed their offence yet again for 4 unanswered goals. Caged Heat wins 10-5.

A Few Good Men vs Suh Dudes...the short bench with the Good Men were too few. Suh Dudes were all over it like a bad snow-storm. Suh Dudes win 13-1.

Falcons vs Jr. Trops...a very fun romp for these two teams. The Falcons looked like they were on their way to two points with a 5-2 first period lead. But then Trops scored the only two goals in the 2nd to close to 5-4. In the 3rd the team traded end to end rushes and in the end it was an even outcome as the Jr. Trops down 7-6 tied it up with about 5-minutes left. 7-7 tie.


Raiders vs Orleans 93's...Orleans 93's had the sharp shooters firing and a nice passing game to compliment them. The Raiders worked as hard as ever but were a horse or two short to keep up with the 93's full bench. 5-2 and 9-6 period break leads for the 93's kept it interesting, but in the final period the 93's were simply too on their game for the Raiders to make any comeback bid. Orleans 93's win 13-8.

Flint Tropics vs Godsons...the Godsons kept in this game and the feeling was they were going to break out into a wild scoring spree, but the Flint Tropics kept a lead from the very beginning. 3-2 for the Senior Tropics after one grew substantially in the second to a commanding 7-3 lead heading home. A very spirited 3rd had the teams tie 4-4. Flint Tropics win 11-7.

Wounded Ducks vs Dekes of the best for last. This was a very well played game that was quick paced and very fun to watch. The Ducks were up 3-2 and 6-4 after each period. In the 3rd the Ducks won the period 3-1. The Dekes played well and created offfence from the defence that was a treat to watch and they score a couple of amazing quick pass and shoot goals, but the Ducks probably played their best game since last Spring. Wounded Ducks win 9-5.

Sunday with Struts, February 5 Highlights:


Falcons vs Suh Dudes...the Dudes seemed to just a step ahead of the Falcons from the outset. The Dudes work ethic was non-stop and the Falcons matched it, but the Dudes held break leads of 3-2 and 6-3. The Falcons could not keep up in the 3rd despite a big bench to work with. Suh Dudes win 11-4.

Jr. Trops vs Blue is well known the OBBHA is a CFL fan and not the "No Fun League" booster. So this game was the football score of the day. Actually it brought back memories of the Blue Gym for the Blue Eagles as they exploded for 18 goals in the French Palace in this one. The Jr. Trops can score but their defensive coverage need work. Blue Eagles win 18-9.

Caged Heat vs A Few Good Men...suddenly Caged Heat is an offensive juggernaut! This week they matched last weeks big outburst. A Few Good Men were in it only down 7-4 after two periods but could not get anymore past Paul Trudeau in the Caged Heat net as he conveniently shut the door. Caged Heat win 9-4.


Wounded Ducks vs Raiders...the first period was a quick paced match. The Raiders jumped to a 2-0 lead, but the Ducks responded to tie it 2-2 after one period. The Raiders scored the only 3-goals of the middle period for a 5-2 lead. The 3rd was almost even but the Raiders had just enough or more of the offensive push. Raiders win 7-3.

Flint Tropics vs Orleans 93' of the night. Fit to be tied. Both teams gave it their all and it was well received by the fans in attendance. 3-3 after one and 5-5 after two. Finally with the 93's up 7-6, the Tropics tied the game with less than a minute left in the game. The 93's had the final push to score but could not get the winner. 7-7 tie

Godsons vs Dekes of Hazzard...the Godsons were missing some stars but played two very good periods. They were only down 3-2 and 5-3 at the breaks. But the Dekes had the ball more and this finally paid off in the final period. Dekes of Hazzard win 10-4.

Sunday with Struts, January 29 Highlights:


A Few Good Men vs Falcons...the Falcons came with a full bench and showed off their passing and skill game. A Few Good Men were full of lots of a good men and were in this one until late. They were down 7-5 and had a few chances before the Falcons scored 3 late to put it away. Falcons win 10-5

Jr. Trops vs Caged Heat...this one goes down as a surprise and an upset. The Trops had looked good so far and they still had a good game for this one but Caged Heat released from their inner-cage a very team like effort that had everyone on the same page. Their defensive coverage was tight and consistent, while their offence was creative and quick to retreat to great defense as soon as there was a turn-over on their own part. Paul Trudeau was also solid and gave up no rebounds all game. Caged Heat win 9-3.

Blue Eagles vs Suh Dudes...a very interesting match between two hard running teams that are still searching for their passing/ball control games. Suh Dudes were up 5-3 and 6-4 at the period breaks as the Blue Eagles were circling the net well and keeping close. But in the 3rd the Dudes kept up a furious pace and took over the game. Suh Dudes win 9-5.


Raiders vs Flint Tropics...It appeared the Tropics had the Raiders number as they held period leads of 4-1 and 7-4. At 10-6 in the 3rd it looked to be over. But the dramatics were just about to begin. The Raiders stormed back to tie 10-10. Then with 90-seconds left the Trops took an 11-10 lead only to have the Raiders tie it almost immediately. Then with the teams trading glorious chances at either end, the Raiders were called on a penalty that cost a scoring chance so with 6-seconds left the penalty shot was called. Mike Labelle answered the bell and put the game away with a nifty move. Flint Tropics win 12-11.

Godsons vs Wounded Ducks....the Godsons played one of their best team games ever. This team is just improving game to game. The Ducks played their usual solid game and had their hands full with the Godsons new team game. The Godsons held 1-0 and 2-0 leads at the breaks and then took a 3-0 lead in the final period. It looked like their would be no quacking on this night, but with with 9-minutes, 5-minutes and 4-minutes remaining the Quacks rained down on the French Palace fans ears. The teams went right down to the final whistle with a breathless end to a fine match. 3-3

Dekes of Hazzard vs Orleans 93's...the teams were close for the first as the 93's were up 3-2 and then increased it to 6-3 by the end of the second. The 93's just had enough edge in the play to coast to complete game victory. Orleans 93's win 7-3. 

Sunday with Struts, January 22 Highlights:


Blue Eagles vs Falcons...we guess the football team of the same name broke a few hearts and kept a few Falcons away. The short bench killed the birds in red. Blue Eagles soar for a 13-4 win.

Suh Dudes vs Caged Heat...we have been watching the Dudes play for a few sessions now, but never have they played like they have this past week! Last Tuesday and tonight they moved the ball in an impressive fashion. Its not that Caged heat did not play well, they played a very good game with plenty of scoring chances of their own. Suh dudes were just very good in a new play. Suh Dudes win 8-3.

Jr. Trops vs A Few Good Men...this one was in doubt for 2 periods as A Few Good Men stayed within striking distance. Jr.trops were up at the breaks 3-2 and 7-5. In the 3rd the Trops pulled away. Jr. Trops win 12-6. 


Godsons vs Raiders...the Godsons were missing a key star so they went with a team game plan that kept them in the game for the first period only down 5-4. The Raiders won the 2nd period 3-0 for an 8-4 lead as they figured out how to take control of the game. But the Godsons had some game left in them as they tied the 3rd 3-3. Raiders win 11-7.

Orleans 93`s vs Wounded Ducks...the Ducks and 93`s played an even first even though the Ducks were up 2-0. The Ducks took over in the 2nd for a big 6-2 lead. But 93`s made it quite a game in the final period. The 93`s only gave up one quack and then closed it to 7-6 deficit before pulling the goalie for the extra attacker in the final minute. They clanked one off the bar and came agonizingly close to tying it up before time ran out. Wounded Ducks prevail 7-6.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Flint Tropics...the senior Tropics were without their leader who is on the injured reserve list. A very good first period run left the Dekes up 1-0. A few more goals for both sides as the pace continued to quicken had the Dekes up 4-2. The 3rd was as even as you could get as the teams traded a pair of goals each. Dekes of Hazzard win 6-4.

Opening Night Winter 2017 Sunday, January 15th.


Suh Dudes vs Jr. Trops...Suh Dudes are an excellent Terrific Tuesday League team also now saying hey! to the Sunday with Struts crew. Jr. Trops are the farm team for the A-Div Flint Tropics. Both teams played a well structured game and the action was back and forth. 3-1 Suh Dudes after two late first period goals. The game tightened up in the second and it ended 5-4 Suh Dudes. The Dudes pulled away in the final period on the strength of their goalie Terry Cleroux who made key saves while his crew potted timely goals. Suh Dudes win 12-6.

Caged Heat vs Falcons...What a great match. And the goaltending duel between Paul Trudeau (Caged Heats Liberal rep) and Al Jolivet (with the "Force" for the Falcons minus the space-ship) was the featured attraction. Falcons were up 1-0 and 2-1 at the period breaks. Caged Heat tied it up in the final period. 2-2 

A Few Good Men vs Blue Eagles...3-3 after one period and this looked to be a fine game. But the Blue Eagles took over in the second by scoring quickly for a 7-3 lead heading home and made sure they kept the lead. Blue Eagles win 11-5.


Wounded Ducks vs Flint Tropics...a great effort from start to finish. Goals were hard to come by as two more goalies were in fire in Dave Labelle (Flint) and the Ducks Nice Sauve. 1-1 after one and 3-1 Flint after 2-periods. The Ducks pecked away as the lead and finally tied it up 2-2 with 2-minutes left. But the next 40-seconds the Flint Tropics score two to put it away in a surprising fashion. Flint Tropics win 5-3

Orleans 93's vs of the night.3-0 93's after one period and they were up 4-2 in the second when Godsons Peter Stromer scored in the final minute of the second frame to narrow it down to 4-3. Early in the 3rd the Godsons tied it 4-4. Then with 4-seconds left Mike Fuller found Stu Ayling open and he pounded in the winner to shock the 93's and bring elation to the Godsons. Godsons win 5-4.

Raiders vs Dekes of Hazzard...these games happen sometimes. Raiders could do no wrong. Dekes could not catch one break. Note the Raiders were pumped for this having dropped a play-off game to the Dekes early last December. The Dekes were not emotionally available for this one.  Raiders win 9-0.


Sunday with Struts December 11 Highlights:

3rd Seed Match A-Div: Orleans 93's vs Wounded Ducks. A fine display of the future for the A-Div in the upcoming Winter Session. 2-2 after one period and then the same 2-2 score after two periods. In the final period with the 93's up 3-2 the Wounded Ducks tied it up with 20-seconds left and then won it in shoot-out! 4-3 Wounded Ducks win in a shoot-out.

3rd Seed Match C-Div: Falcons vs Blue Eagles. Check out this line-score! 4-3 Falcons after one period. Then the Falcons scored 5 in a row for a 9-3 lead, but before the 2nd period was over the Blue Eagles scored 5 to close to within an one goal deficit at 9-8. The Blue Eagles scored 3 more to make it 12-9 and 9-straight unanswered goals!. 12-10, then the Blues Eagles popped in the last two. Blue Eagles win 14-10.

A-Div Final: Harambe vs Flint Tropics. The Harambe squad were the favourites despite have lost to the Flint Tropics in the regular season. Harambe held 3-2 and 7-4 period break leads. In the last period Flint Tropics could not close the gap and Haramabe went on the win the A-Div. Harambe win 10-7.

C-Div Final: A Few Good Men vs Vanek! At the Disco. A spirited affair that looked like A Few Good Men would win this one right up until the last part of the 3rd period. 2-1 after one and 4-3 after two for the AFGM. The AFGM goalie seemed unbeatable until some penalty shots turned the tide of this match. The Disco boys capitalized on the penalty shots and an empty netter to take C-Div championship. Vanek! At the Disco win 7-4.

3rd Seed B-Div: Caged Heat vs Raiders. Yes the Raiders going for 7th over-all! They were still in a game at only 1-0 after one period. But then cruised to a big 7-0 lead and carried on from there. Raiders win 8-2.

B-Div Final: Dekes of Hazzard vs Godsons. A barn-burner! Godsons were up 2-1 and 4-3 at the breaks and then were up 7-6 in the waning seconds of the game. The Dekes pulled the goalie and tied it up with 3-seconds remaining. The shoot-out went 10-rounds before the Dekes finally won! Dekes of Hazzard win 8-7 in a shoot-out. 

Sunday with Struts December 4 Highlights:

Caged Heat vs Godsons (B-Div semi-final): Caged heat won enough to get into the B-div! And there gift is to play teams that will be in the A-Div in the Winter...oh darn! Godsons showed they belong on the A with a big win. Godsons will play in the B-Div Final while Caged Heat will go after the 3rd Seed for the B-Div. Godsons win 9-2.


Orleans 93’s vs Flint Tropics  (A-Div semi-final): A pick-em game so say the pundits. The 93's got off to a slow start and were down 4-1 after the 1st period. They closed to 6-4 to set the stage for a push in the 3rd period as they came within one-goal at an 8-7 deficit....but an empty netter put it away for the Flint Tropics who are off to the A-Div Final! The 93's will play in the 3rd Seed Game next week. Flint Tropics win 9-7.


A Few Good Men vs Blue Eagles (C-Div semi-final). Another pick-em game! And in the end it was! A back and forth match that at 8-8 went into a shootout that went 10 rounds before finally A Few Good Men scored in front of a huge French Palace crowd. A Few Good Men will play in the C-Div Championship game while the Blue Eagles will for the 3rd Seed in the C-Div. A Few Good Men win 9-8. 


Wounded Ducks vs Harambe (A-Div semi-final). Can the Ducks work ethic prevail over the passing magic of Harambe?

Well the Ducks as per usual played in yet another classic as they are known to do in big games. Harambe held 2-1 and 5-3 leads at the breaks and the Ducks made it 5-4 late. A very closely played game as the Ducks goaltending was amazing and gave them the chance to tie it up, but Harambe scored late to make it a two goal game and are now off to the A-Div finals, while the Ducks will for the 3rd overall seed. Harambe wins it 6-4


Falcons vs Vanek! At the Disco (C-Div semi-final). This should be a good one! It was for two periods as the disco squad held a 2-1 lead, but exploded in the 3rd period for 7 goals to reach the C-Div Championship game. Falcons will play for the C-Div 3rd seed game next week. Vanek! At the Disco wins 9-3.


Dekes of Hazzard vs Raiders (B-Div semi-final). At the start of the session some thought this could have been an A-Div final. And here we have them in the B-div for the semis. Raiders 99% of the time score a ton of goals. But for the second time this session a team played a great defensive game and kept them to only two goals. This match was tied up 2-2 until with 1:10 left in the game the Dekes of Hazzard scored the winner to put themselves in the B-Div final. Shockingly the two time defending champions will play for 3rd in the B-Div. Dekes of Hazzard win 3-2. 


Sunday with Struts November 27 Highlights: semi-final for three divisions start next week Top 4, 5-8 and 9-12 for Three Champions!

A Few Good Men vs Caged Heat...a preview to a potential semi-final next wee for the C-Div Championship. But the Caged Heat came up with a rare OBBHA shut-out and actually moved up to the B-Div semi-finals with a big win. Caged Heat win 5-0.

Flint Tropics vs Wounded Ducks...big game for the Ducks that will impact if they are playing for the A-div or B-Div Cup. They came up with the goods with a clock-work like win over the Flint Tropics who had already locked up 1st place. The Ducks work ethic prevailed in this one. Wounded Ducks win 4-1.

Harambe vs Raiders....the Raiders need a win and some help to get into the A-DIv as they sit in 5th place. This was a wild one! The Raiders were up 6-5 after one period of big scoring. Then a more mild second put the teams at 8-8. In the 3rd Harambe was up 10-9 with 2-minutes remaining. The Raider scored two to take an 11-10 lead only to see Harambe score two more to break their hearts and send the Raiders to the B-Div semi-final in a shocker!. Harambe off the A-Div semi with a 12-11 win.

Falcons vs Orleans 93's...the 93's need a win to get into the A-Div play-off semi-finals. They got it in convincing fashion. Orleans 93's win 9-2.

Godsons vs Blues Eagles....prior to all the games before them the Godsons still had a chance to enter the top 4 for the A-Div play-offs with a win. The Blue Eagles were still in it for the B or C. The Godsons took 3-1 and 8-5 period leads and scored the only two goals in the 3rd to take the 5th seed and now the top spot in the B-Div. Meanwhile the Blue Eagles are in the C-Div as the top seed of those two semi-finals. Godsons win 10-5.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Vanek! At the Disco...B and C future implications at the start of the day. So an analysis of the games before this was needed. The Dekes win and no need for any further number crunching. The Dekes remain in the B-Div, while the Disco Boys are in the C-Div semi-finals. Dekes of Hazzard win 9-4.

Sunday with Struts November 20 Highlights:

Flint Tropics vs A Few Good Men...once again A Few Good Men showed they are a capable team by giving the first place team a run for their money! They know they will be in the 6-team Winter B-Div for Sundays next January but, after one period they were down 3-2 and after two periods they had battled well for a 5-5 tie. However in the final period the Flint Tropics pulled away with a 5-1 differential of goals. Great effort at this level for A Few Good Men! Flint Tropics win 10-6.

Blue Eagles vs Wounded Ducks...*Wounded Ducks win 8-7.

Raiders vs Orleans 93"s...the Orleans 93's can play a devastatingly choking defensive game and they did so against the defending champion Raiders. Orleans were up 2-1 and 3-2 at the period breaks and pitched  complete game for the win. Note that Guy! Guy! was the guy in the 93's net who was once again rock solid that enable his 93's to play this style of game against one of the great OBBHA team who are finding out that the Sunday league has 6 very good teams that can compete in the upcoming Winter Session A-Div. Orleans 93's win 5-3.

Harambe vs Caged Heat...Caged Heat battle very well for two period only down 4-3 and 8-4 at the period breaks. The A-Div and B-Div disparity that will be fixed for the Winter Session is always evident in the final period as Harambe owned the ball near the end for the convincing win. Harambe win 11-5.

Falcons vs Dekes of Hazzard...the Dekes took full advantage of a rookie goalie that played for the Falcons in the first two period to build a big lead. Dekes of Hazzard win 11-3.

Godsons vs Vanek! At the Disco...*Godsons win 6-3.

*Respect and Fun are rewarded with write-ups worthy of the matches.

Sunday with Struts November 13 Highlights:

Harambe vs Flint Tropics...this incredible game just missed the record book by one-goal! The most goals ever scored in total by both teams in the French Palace was 30-goals...this one had 29! After one period Harambe was up 5-4 and after two periods they were up 9-6 and then in the 3rd were up up13-8.But Flint Tropics scored 5-straight goals to tie it 13-13.Finally with Flint Tropics up 15-14 their goalie made a spectacular last second save to preserve this classic win! Flint Tropics win 15-14.

Orleans 93's vs Wounded Ducks...not a Ducky night. The 93"s played as near perfect a game they have ever played. No infractions against and they played a stifling defensive game that they are now well known for. Add some offence and they completely dominated a listless Ducks team on this night. Orleans 93"s win 9-2.

Blue Eagles vs Caged Heat...0-0 after one period and then in the 2nd Caged heat roared to a 5-1 lead. in the 3rd the Blue Eagles came to life and closed to within 1-goal but could not tie it up. Caged Heat wins 5-4.

Falcons vs A Few Good Men...Falcons were up 3-1 heading to the 2nd, then AFGM tied it up 3-3 as the teams moved to the 3rd. A wild 3rd had both teams score 3 more each. 6-6 tie.

Raiders vs Vanek! At the Disco...the Disco boys were up for this one and gave the top ranked Raiders all they could handle. Raiders win 6-3.

Godsons vs Dekes of Hazzard...the Godsons were on their game for this one. The Dekes were robbed a bit on offence as Al Jolivet had a strong game for the Godsons in a sparing but starring role in the nets. Godsons win 9-5.

The Struts OBBHA Challenge Series...November 6th Inaugural Match:

 All Mesh (Saturday) vs Tsunamis (Monday)...All Mesh is undefeated in the Saturday A-Div with almost half their team very solid female performers. Tsunamis is a 9-year veteran team of the OBBHA in the Monday Division (they have seen Blue Zone Gym action and in recent years the French Palace Gym). For this first Challenge Game the game was tied 1-1 after the 1st period as both teams felt each other out with some end to end action. In the 2nd period All Mesh got their vaunted passing game going and had Tsunamis chasing enough to take a 4-1 lead until a late 2nd period goal by the Wave brought the score to 4-2. In the 3rd it was that All Mesh passing game that took over for the most part despite some spirited efforts on offence from Tsunamis. Andrew Gowing in the All Mesh net made key saves to keep the Wave from making All Mesh feel too uncomfortable with their game.  Of note Melanie Dagenais was injured and her sister subbed in for her. Stephanie Dagenais of the Saturday Newbies played up front with Struts and scored the hat-trick to the squealing delight of the French Palace faithful...even a helmet was dropped on the floor to salute her 3-goals in lieu of hats! In the end these two teams enjoyed a game that featured contrasting styles and lots of great action. Passing/ball control vs hustle/determination. The All Mesh recipe prevailed 8-4.

This first game of the Struts OBBHA Challenge Series was a success and paves the way for more to come! Here are the two teams that trail-blazed this exciting initiative: (pic to come shortly)



The Struts OBBHA Challenge Series...starts Sunday, November 6 at 3pm as the Monday Night Div Tsunamis take on the Saturday All Mesh squad!

-this game is the first of an exciting series that will feature teams from different OBBHA divisions playing one another for a fun time and test their skills vs one another.

-the games will always be on a Sunday at 3pm

-teams of similar skill level and like-mindedness regarding the OBBHA 4-F motto will be asked to play one another to promote what that OBBHA is all about! Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fair-Play.

These games should be a lot of fun and very interesting for the French Palace faithful to see. Watch for the Tweets and the Game Recap for this first game and the ones to follow as every couple of months a game will be scheduled.

Sunday with Struts November 6 Highlights:

Blue Eagles vs Flint appropriate story for this match-up. 3-2 for Flint Tropics after one period. Is this team for real? Are they really an A-Div team? In the 2nd period the Flint Tropics squad passed their way to an 8-4 lead but late in the period the Blue Eagles, who look to be a B-Div team, came soaring back to close the gap to 8-7 and then actually tied it all up at 8-8 early in the 3rd. But in the latter stages of the final period Flint Tropics simply took over and scored unanswered goals for the win. The Blues Eagles played well and should be pleased and take more "fun" from this type of performance as they look to compete in the B or C-Div play-off scenario. Flint Tropics win 13-8.

Orleans 93's vs Caged Heat...Guy Saumure posted a rare OBBHA shut-out in the 93's net. Caged Heat were down 3-0 after one period but had trouble mounting any offence against the blanket coverage the faced. A complete win for the Orleans 93's 8-0.

Harambe vs A Few Good Men...a great first period of coverage by A Few Good Men as they kept the game close only down 2-0. But fatigue set in and Harambe continued to pass with amazing accuracy and this gave them ball control for the most part. Harambe win 13-1.

Wounded Duck vs Vanek! At the Disco...the score does not indicate the type of game that transpired here. The goaltending was the difference, but team play was very even. A great run for both sides. Wounded Ducks win it without their captain Dubroy once again 9-2.

Raiders vs Dekes of Hazzard...since the Raiders were upset by the Godsons a few weeks ago this team comes out strong from the start and is relentless until the final whistle. The Dekes tried with everything they had, but the Raiders seem to be on a mission. Raiders win 10-1.

Godsons vs of the night as far as entertainment for the French Palace fans goes. After one period the Godsons were up 1-0. After two it was 3-2 Godsons. They increased it to 5-2 in the final period before the Falcons clawed back to within 5-4. In the last 8-seconds the Falcons had 3 quality shots to tie it all up, but Terry Cleroux had all the answers to preserve the win. Godsons win 5-4.

Sunday with Struts October 30 Highlights:

Harambe vs Blue Eagles...Harambe is a team everyone is impressed with. Their ball movement and skill is forcing other teams to explore their own creative pass work in order to compete. This really is the way the game was meant to be played when the OBBHA came up with their product. The Blue Eagles showed some spurts of nice passing but not quite enough. Haramabe win 15-7.

Orleans 93's vs Flint Tropics...this game featured two very good teams that can pass well and play a running game. Orleans was better at it through 2 periods as they were up 5-2. But in the 3rd period Flint Tropics scored 4 straight unanswered goals including the winner with 54-seconds remaining to win it. Mike Labelle was quite leader on the gym floor as his skill and play-making made for a very enjoyable game to play in. Fliint Tropics win 6-5.

A Few Good Men vs Godsons...A Few Good Men were in this one until late in the 3rd period. A very good game that had many scoring chances at both ends. The Godsons have been very hot lately and either beating or gaining tie vs the top two teams. The Godsons managed to capitalize a few more times thought. Godsons win 11-6.

Raiders vs Falcons...the Raiders were upset last week and were ready for this match. Everyone expected this. The Falcons were not quite prepared for this upbeat team as the Raider came out flying in the first period for a big lead. The Falcons has a fantastic second period and played the Raiders evenly. But in the 3rd the Raiders were back in the saddle. Raiders win 12-2.

Vanek! At the Disco vs Caged Heat...Another great match. Caged Heat jumped to an early lead and kept it throughout the match. Late in the game up 7-6 they had to hold off a frantic push from the Disco boys. Caged Heat wins 8-6

Wounded Ducks vs Dekes of Hazzard...the Ducks were on their game and looked very good from start to finish. They owned the defensive zone and made come very nice offensive plays to win with authority. The Dekes looked flat, but it was tough to generate any momentum against this Ducks team that was on their game. Quack! once again!. Ducks win 10-3.

Sunday with Struts October 23 Highlights:

Orléans 93`s vs Harambe...clearly the 93`s came out flat for this one down 5-0 after one period. This happens. Harambe were up for this game and were passing impressively. Harambe wins 11-4.

Blue Eagles vs A Few Good Men...AFGM came out strong and kept paced with the Blue Eagles in the first period and were up 3-2 after the period. Heading into the the 3rd period the game was tied 4-4. A very well played game went into the final 2-minutes still knotted upat 4-4. The Blue Eagles scored the winner with 1:39 left and got the insurance marker with 1:23 remaining. Blue Eagles win 6-4.

Raiders vs Godsons...the Raiders score goals. They have been the top team for this reason for a year now. So the Godsons knew they could not play fire-wagon ball hockey with them, so they employed a defensive strategy. This game plan gave the 2-0 and 4-2 period leads. The French Palace was buzzing as Terry Cleroux stoned the Raiders in the final period and the Godsons added 2 more for a full on upset win. Other teams will take note of this one for sure! How about that! Godsons win 6-2.

Wounded Ducks vs Falcons...Battle of the Birds with Full Nests! (no longer a space-ship involved)The Falcons took an early 2-0 lead but the Wounded Ducks took flight for 6-straight goals before the Falcons responded with a buzzer beater at the end of the 2nd period to make it 6-3 Ducks. In the 3rd the Falcons sharpened their hunting skills around the net to close it to 6-5 and feed off the momentum. Then the Ducks were able to score two late goals and nestle into the win. Of note wounded Duck Andrew Dubroy made a comeback bid and played well after last weeks coaching debut left him with the itch to get back into it! Wounded Ducks win 8-5.

Caged Heat vs Dekes of Hazzard...Caged Heat surprised the Dekes with strong first period that ended 1-1. Paul Trudeau in Caged Heat`s net was the star of the game and kept his team in it only down 3-1 moving into the 3rd. Caged Heat score early in the third to make it interesting at 3-2 but the Dekes finally broke free with three 3rd period goals. Dekes of Hazzard win 6-2. 

Vanek! At the Disco vs Flint Tropics...a quick paced affair. Flint Tropics showed off their offensive skills by jumping out to a 6-3 first period lead.They increased it to 9-4 after another period but the disco boys were still working hard and made sure the 3rd period was played at full throttle. Flint Tropics win 13-8.

Sunday with Struts October 16 Highlights:

Wounded Ducks vs Godsons...Top Duck Andrew Dubroy was back in the French Palace! His recovery to return to OBBHA action is slated for January so the media were well intentioned in honouring his presence. Actually it was DuBroy's debut as a head coach of the Wounded Ducks so Struts took over once again as head coach of the Godsons at the invitation of captain/organizer Mark Hughes. So the battle of wits of coaches commenced! At 2-2 after one period the French Palace was undecided as whom to cheer for. There were no goals in the 2nd period as the coaching intensified and it was all about taking space away from the dangerous players on both teams. In the 3rd it was a wild start and finish. In the first minute the teams traded goals and in the last 2-minutes of the game the teams traded goals. So a tie it was! DuBroy and Struts took the first spots in the traditional hand-shake and it was an OBBHA style kind of fun! 5-5 final was the appropriate finish.

Orleans 93's vs Blue Eagles...After a rocky first period at 2-2 the teams settled into a fine match that was anyone's game. It was a game where momentum shifted from shift to shift. More smiling and laughter like the first and subsequent games was needed, but the actual end to end action was pleasing to the fans in the French Palace. A late goal by the 93's broke the wings of Blue Eagles solid flight path. 7-6 Orleans 93's win.  

A Few Good Men vs Raiders...A Few Good Men are looking forward to a few B-Div and C-Div style matches after spending so much time with the top Sunday squads. The pundits still believe this team will rock once they start playing those teams as they are now so battle tested they will rise above and beyond the occasion. Can they handle the truth!? Tonight the Raiders wanted to keep their impressive game on the go and not fall into any dreaded disease of over-confidence. Raiders win 15-3

Vanek! At the Discso vs Harambe...Harambe was a little light on the lungs on the bench and perhaps the Disco kids were taking a less than full look at the first period in terms of effort. This hurt them a Harambe took a 5-1 lead into the second period After that it was an even game as the Disco group decided to give it their full attention. But the Harambe boys were able to sustain their effort and keep the bulge in their lead. Harambe win 9-4.

Caged Heat vs Falcons...No score after one period and 3-3 after two periods. In the 3rd the Falcons scored with 1:15 remaining to take a 4-3 lead. Then with 39-seconds left the Caged Heat potted an unlikely even up marker. A great game by both teams and the tie was very fitting after an hour of all out effort from both squads. 4-4 tie.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Flint Tropics...The Flint Tropics are a very under-rated team. Nobody expects them to make the A-Div play-offs but their record is showing otherwise. Tonight they jumped out to an early lead and looked very good. The Dekes of Hazzard met this challenge head on in the first period and were up 4-3 and appeared ready to wear down the Tropics. But it was the other way around! The Flint Tropics used very creative passing and ball control to take over the game from a very well versed team. A bit of a surprise but a nice one. Full value to Flint Tropics on their style of game and being able to implement it versus a very solid team. Flint Tropic took over the second period for a 7-3 lead and then carried it through to the end for an impressive 10-7 win.

Reminder no games Sunday, October 9 (Thanks Giving Long Weekend)....see everyone back in action Sunday, October 16

Sunday with Struts October 2 Highlights:

Wounded Ducks vs Raiders...a battle of the titans and potential A-Div match-up play-off preview. But the Ducks needed a big win. After a very entertaining first period it was all knotted up at 2-2. The second period was all Raiders and they looked in control up 5-2 heading into the final period. But the Ducks, without their leader and captain, shocked the French Palace crowd with a monumental character effort to score 4 unanswered goals for a massive win. The focus and discipline to play the OBBHA product was most impressive and most needed to upend the impressive Raiders squad. Wounded Ducks win proudly 6-5

Orleans 93's vs A Few Good Men...A Few Good Men have had the toughest schedule of all the teams, having to play the top teams every night so far and have acquitted themselves well. Look out in the latter part of the schedule as they are now seasoned to play to a top brand of hockey vs the lower ranked teams in advance of the three play-off Championship pools. Orleans 93's win 7-2

Caged Heat v interesting match as both teams went all out as per usual. The Godsons had some fine snipes from the point and that was the difference. Godsons win 8-4

Flint Tropics vs Falcons...the Falcons were down a few key players and this was a factor. Flint Tropics win 8-4

Vanek! At the Disco vs Blue Eagles...the Blue Eagles jumped out an early large lead and build it up to 8-2 heading into the 3rd period. Then the Disco boys started to use some creative passing and this actually gave them the bulk of the play as their ball possession created scoring chances and they began to close the gap, but alas ran out of time. Blue Eagles win 9-6

Dekes of Hazzard vs Harambe...two teams that have talent, a fine game plan and hustle! This was as entertaining as they come. It was tied up 7-7 after two periods and it was anyone's game. But Harambe has a little more jump and passing schemes in the final period to pull away. Harambe win 12-9.

Sunday with Struts September 25 Highlights:

Flint Tropics vs Godsons...a game of attrition, a game of Mike vs Mike and goalie vs goalie. The short benches had everyone exhausted but loving it. Mike Fuller vs Mike Labelle was a crowd pleaser. Dave Labelle of the Flint Tropics won the goalie battle. It was 5-5 in the 3rd before the tropical storm hit and washed away the Godson. Flint Tropics win 8-5.

Caged Heat vs Raiders...the Raiders did not stop working their relentless pressure game from start to finish. Loads of credit to the Caged Heat for matching the intensity and the hustle! Raiders win 10-2.

A Few Good Men vs Wounded Ducks....another underdog vs favourite for the second game in a row. This time A Few Good Men were in this one only down 4-2 with under a minute left in the 2nd period. But a late goal and then a big 3rd period offensive push paved the way for the Ducks. Wounded Ducks win 10-2.

Vanek! At the Disco vs Orleans 93's. The Disco crew were once again short benched and this it cost them as they could not keep up the pace once the 3rd period got going. Orleans used their passing game and their bench strength to pull away in the 3rd period. Orleans 93's win 10-5

Dekes of Hazzard vs Blue Eagles... the Eagles started out with energy and a great looking game. The Dekes were on their heels a bit, but then the Blue Eagles lost a little focus and the Dekes pounced on this and capitalized in almost every opportunity it seemed. Dekes of Hazzard win 14-5.

Falcons vs Harambe in the game of the night.....the Falcons were on their game and they were up 6-3 after two periods. In the 3rd period they increased the lead to 8-4 and a surprising upset win looked imminent. Then Harambe woke up and they were like "gorillas let out of the cage" as they roared back to tie it up 8-8 with one minute left. Then the Falcons, who had sat back and relied on their goalie Andrew Gowing to try and win it on his own, scored the heart-breaking winner with 42-seconds remaining. Falcons win 9-8 in an upset!

Sunday with Struts September 18 Highlights:

Caged Heat vs Wounded Ducks...there were fewer Ducklings than usual so Caged Heat wanted to bring the temperature up a bit in the French Palace to burn them out. But these Ducks were up for the task and used a pretty nifty passing game to control key portions of the game. Get the lead and sustain it. Wounded Ducks win 10-5.

Flint Tropics vs Raiders...the Raiders were tested early in the game a they were only up 3-1 after one period. Then the Raiders took advantage of the Tropics rookie laden team for a 10-4 lead after two periods. But the Tropics were coached by a couple of veterans and made a key move from forward to defence and they dominated at times in the 3rd period and won the period 4-1 over the defending winter champs. Raiders win 11-8.

Godsons vs Harambe....there were too few Godsons to compete with a very talented Harambe team. The Godsons kept it close as their goaltender Terry Cleroux was outstanding. Harambe win 8-4.

Falcons vs Blue Eagles....this was an even match and very tight one as well. Both goalies were on their game so goals were tough to come by. The Blues Eagles deeper bench was the difference in the end. Blue Eagles win 6-3.

Vanek! At the Disco vs A Few Good Men...the disco crew looked impressive at both ends of French Palace floor. A Few Good Men gave it their hustle. Disco win 9-3.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Orleans 93's...Dekes of Hazzard win 6-2.

Sunday  with Struts September 11 Opening Day Highlights!

Welcome Back everybody and great to have you new teams join the fun! 

Flint Tropics vs Caged Heat...the new team Flint Tropics (more later in the session about that name) showed they have some skill up front as they moved the ball well and scored some goals. Caged Heat scored too but came up just a bit short. First franchise win for Flint Tropics 10-7.

Godsons vs Orleans 93's...the Godsons had this one from start to almost finish. They played a great game vs one of the top ranked teams in the Sunday division. Godsons were up at both intermission breaks and held a 4-2 lead at one point. But the Orleans 93's slowly made their way back for a very hard earned win. Orleans 93's win 6-4.

Harambe vs Wounded Ducks....both teams were not represented with their true rosters so this was not quite what everyone expected. But this game will be talked about for awhile. The reason? Defending Spring Champion Wounded Ducks goalie Nic Sauve. He was unreal in the game. The Ducks jumped out a very quick 2-0 lead and were up 5-2 after two periods. Harambe had the ball possession and dictated play....but Sauve was making incredible save after incredible save. Harambe closed to within 5-4 and then were down 6-4 and it looked bleak as they were shaking their heads after every miss or Super Sauve Save! Finally it was 6-5, 6-6 with 5-minutes left and the winner for Harambe with just under 2-minutes left. First franchise win for Harambe 7-6.

Falcons vs Vanek! At the Disco...the Falcons were missing a few key players but also had a super sub in the line-up who helped the offence until he tweaked a leg injury. Vanek! At the Disco danced well and showed some strong spurts of creative passing and finishes. The Disco boys spun to their own tune and just eked out their first franchise win. Vanek! At the Disco win 6-5

A Few Good Men vs Dekes of Hazzard...the visitors have not played since last June. The Dekes played all summer and they came out flying. So a big Dekes win was not a surprise. Dekes of Hazzard win 13-0.

Blue Eagles vs Raiders in the game of the night to be sure! The defending Fall and Winter Sunday Champions Raiders came out playing their usual very good ball hockey. But quite surprisingly the Blue Eagles matched them equally with an incredible effort. The game was tied 2-2 midway through the game and the French Palace crowd was buzzing about that fact. But then the crowd thinned considerably as the Raiders took a 5-2 lead late in the 2nd period. But wait! They left too soon. The Blue Eagles closed it to 5-4 by the end of the 2nd. Then it was game on! The Raiders went up 7-4 and looked to cruise to the usual big win, but the Blue Eagles stormed back to close within 7-6. Finally late in the game with the Raiders up 8-7 they got the insurance marker to breathe a sigh of relief...actually an exhausted exhale! Raiders prevail 9-7.



 Dooly’s is happy to announce a Partnership with the OBBHA!


This year get your Key Tags from your captain and keep the game going after the last whistle at Dooly’s! Bring the team in to Dooly’s after the game and show your Key Tag to get FREE FOOD and FREE POOL.


From Sunday-Thursday and (Saturday until 7pm), when 3 or more teammates come in to Dooly’s and show their Key Tag you will get 1 Free App and a Free Hour of Pool and when 6 or more teammates come in, double down with 2 Free Apps and a Free Hour of Pool!