Sunday with Struts

October 14 Highlights:

B-Div: Blue Eagles vs per usual these two teams engaged in a low scoring fast paced match. After 2 periods it was 2-2. In the 3rd the Godsons continued to make good key passes to create space and scoring chances...they capitalized on enough to pull away. Godsons win 6-3.

B-Div: Caged Heat vs A Few Good Men...a great game. A 4-1 Caged Heat lead after one evaporated in the 2nd as the Few Good Men rallied to to tie 4-4 as the teams entered the 3rd. At 5-5 the Caged Heat scored a late winner. Caged Heat win 6-5.

A-Div: Raiders vs Wounded Ducks...the Ducks had some offensive help in this one and that was the difference. Wounded Ducks win 11-9.

A-Div: Flint Tropics vs Wounded Ducks...the Ducks were up as the 2nd half of their double header started but it was the Flint offense that did them in. Flint Tropics win 15-10.

A-Div: Orleans 93's vs Flint Tropics...Flints turn for two in a row. And this was a wild one as for the 3rd game in a row the offence was the focus. The teams were tied 11-11 going into the 3rd after the Flint came back from sizeable deficits. In the 3rd there were no goals until with 2 minutes left the 93's scored and then with 1-minute remaining the Flint Tropics tied it up. 12-12 tie

B-Div: Dekes of Hazzard vs Jr. awful showing of bench strength killed this game for the Trops (and the Dekes). Dekes of Hazzard win 16-6.

September 30 Highlights:

A-Div: Flint Tropics vs Raiders...Andrew Gowing was stellar in the Flint net. He helped get the Tropics up 5-2 in the 3rd period. Then the Raiders potted two quick ones and then tied it up. But late in the game Pat Portelance scored the winner. Flint Tropics win 6-5.

B-Div: Jr. Trops vs Godsons...simply the Godsons had the horses on the bench and the Trops did not. Godsons win 10-2.

B-Div: Jr. Trops vs Blue Eagles...the 2nd half of the double header for the Trops did not go any better. Blue Eagles in the first of their two were sharp. Blue Eagles win 8-2. 

B-Div: Blue Eagles vs Caged Heat...a low scoring game was predicted as the two goalies are usually tough to beat. Shawn Pilon in Blue vs Paul Trudeau in orange. 2-0 Blue Eagles after the first. The Blue Eagles were up 4-0 late and Pilon seemed destined for a shut-out as posts were his friend along the way, but alas a late marker shattered the goose egg. Blue Eagles win 4-1 for the daily double win.

A-Div: Wounded Ducks vs Orleans 93's...the Ducks were missing their big guns and needed a well rounded game to even stay close to the quick passing and speedy 93's. Did not happen....Ducks really need their line-up to come to games to stay competitive. Orleans 93'2 win 15-3.

B-Div: Dekes of Hazzard vs A Few Good Men...the night cap. Great game minus some complaining that will be addressed league wide starting Monday night with each and every team. Aside from that the Dekes were up 4-3 and 8-5 at the breaks and late in the game were up 9-8 as AFGM pressed hard to come-back all the way. A late goal gave the Dekes of Hazzard the win 10-8.

September 16 Highlights:

A-Div: Flint Tropics vs Orleans 93's...Flint Tropics win 10-3.

B-Div: Jr. Trops vs Caged Heat...Caged Heat win 6-4.

B-Div: A Few Good Men vs Blue Eagles...Blue Eagles win 7-6.

A-Div: Wounded Ducks vs Raiders...Raiders win 11-9.

B-Div: Godsons vs Dekes of Hazzard...Dekes of Hazzard win 7-3.

Opening Night Highlights for the Fall Session September 9th...Our 10th Season Anniversary!!

B-Div: A Few Good Men vs Jr. Trops...Jr.Trops win 15-7

A-Div: Raiders vs Flint Tropics...Raiders win 8-7

B-Div: Caged Heat vs Godsons...Godsons win 9-3

A-Div: Orleans 93's vs Wounded Ducks...Orleans 93's win 15-10

Blue Eagles vs Dekes of Hazzard...Dekes of Hazzard win 13-8


What a great season! See everyone back in the Fall for the 10th Season of the OBBHA!

Highlights for the A & B-Div semi-finals and Game #3 of 3 for the C-div on Sunday, April 29

(C-Div 3rd Seed Match)… Caged Heat vs Falcons...alot of fun and the Falcons found enough offence to win. Falcons win 7-4.

(C-Div 5th Seed Match)… A Few Good Men vs Blue Eagles...5-0 A Few Good Men

(B-Div Final)…Blue Ballers  vs Wounded Ducks...the Ducks were in full flight! Wounded Ducks take the B-Div title in fine fashion 16-3.

Wounded Ducks B-Div Champs:


(C-Div FInal )… Jr. Trops vs Godsons...this was an amazing match. 2-2 heading into the 3rd. Then somehow the Trops exploded for 5 unanswered goals before a late pushback from the Godsons. Jr. Trops take the C-Div title 7-4.

Jr. Trops C-Div Champs:


(A-Div Finals)… Flint Tropics vs Raiders...two great skilled teams with solid goaltending. The game was played at an wildly quick pace. The turning point was later in the 3rd period with Flint Tropics up 8-6 and the Raiders coming on with near misses and a post or two, Ryan Girgrah simply robbed the Raiders of a sure goal and then the Tropics were away to the races. Flint Tropics take the A-Div title for their first time 11-6.

Flint Tropics A-Div Champs:


(B-Div 3rd Seed Match)…Dekes of Hazzard vs Buzz Kills...Dekes of Hazzard 5-0

B-Div: Game 2 of 3-game play-off round-robin, to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd and 5th Seed Matches: 

Wednesday, April 25 Highlights:

(C-Div semi-final 4vs1)…Blue Eagles vs Godsons...Godsons got the early jump with 3-1 and 6-2 period break leads, but the Blue Eagles would not quit. They kept it interesting in the 3rd closing to 6-4 before a late goal put the Godsons in the Final Sunday, while the Blue Eagles will vie for the 5th Seed. Godsons win 7-4.

(C-Div semi-final 3vs2)…Falcons vs Jr. Trops...simply a great game. 3-0 Falcons after one period. Trops come back to tie 3-3 after two periods. Late in the game tied 4-4 the Jr. Trops score 2 for the victory including an empty netter and a spot in the Finals, while the Falcons will play for the 3rd Seed. Jr. Trops win 6-4.

(C-Div Seeding Match 6vs5)… A Few Good Men vs Caged Heat. Heat score 8-seconds into the game and then by the end of the 2nd period it was tied 1-1 in an excellent match. A flurry of goals in the final period mostly from the Caged Heat who will now play in the 3rd seed game, while A Few Good men will be in the 5th seed match. Caged Heat win 7-3.

Here are the Sunday 3 Play-off Divisions:


1 Raiders

2 Orleans 93’s

3 Flint Tropics


1 Buzz kills

2 Wounded Ducks

3 Dekes of Hazzard

4 Blue Ballers


1 Godsons

2 Jr. Trops

3 Falcons

4 Blue Eagles

5 Caged Heat

6 A Few Good Men

Highlights for the A & B-Div semi-finals plus Game #1 of 3 for the C-div on Sunday, April 22

(Note the C-Div play-off teams will be playing on Wednesday, April 25 for their Game #2 of 3 play-off games)

(C-Div 6vs3)…A Few Good Men vs Falcons...winner will play a semi-final vs 2 or 1 depending on re-seeding, , while loser will play two more consolation seeding games. After being down 2-0 early the Falcons stormed back with 8 straight for the victory and a semi-final berth, while A Few Good Men will play two more Seeding games. Falcons win 8-2. 

(C-Div 5vs4)…Caged Heat vs Blue Eagles...winner will play a semi-final vs 2 or 1 depending on re-seeding, , while loser will play two more consolation seeding games. A great game! Goaltending was superlative! 3-1 late for Caged Heat. Blue Eagles score two late to tie and win in the 5-player shoot-out. Blue Eagles in the semi-final, while Caged Heat play two more Seeding games. Blue Eagles win 4-3.

(C-Div 2vs1)…Jr. Trops vs Godsons...both teams are guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals to follow. A fun preview to a potential final Godsons win 7-5.

(A-Div Semi-Final 3vs2)…Flint Tropics vs Orleans 93’s...the winner plays the Raiders in the Final on April 29. This one was over so quickly everyone was in shock including the players. 7-0 Flint Tropics after one and then the two teams played out the string. Great season for the 93's, but the Senior Tropics are off to next weeks Finals. Flint Tropics win 13-7

(B-Div Semi-Final 4vs1)… Blue Ballers vs Buzz Kills...Blue Ballers get the 5-0 pass to the B-Div Finals.

(B-Div Semi-Final 3vs2)…Dekes of Hazzard vs Wounded Ducks...high expectations for this one for the entertainment factor! This game did not disappoint!! 3-0 early for the Dekes and then tied up 6-6 heading into the 3rd. The Ducks offence was a little better over-all and this powered them into the Finals, while the Dekes will play for the 3rd seed vs Buzz Kills. Wounded Ducks win 11-8.

Sunday with Struts, April 15 Highlights:

B:Div: A Few Good Men vs Caged Heat..1-1 after one and then A Few Good Men held a 3-2 advantage heading into the final period. Caged Heat came up with the goods in the 3rd with two mammoth goals for the one goal squeaker win. Caged Heat win 4-3.

B:Div: Godsons vs Blue Eagles...well played. 1-1 and 4-4 at the period breaks. Then an unlikely goal scorer emerged for the Godsons to lead them to victory. Godsons win 9-7.

B:Div: Jr. Trops vs Falcons...the Trops could not get untracked let alone get away from the grip of the talons. The Falcons win 12-6.

A:Div: Flint Tropics vs Orleans 93's...the 93's handed the Flint crew a devastating loss that takes away the bye for the Senior Tropics. A close one goal loss puts the Flint Tropics into next weeks A-Div semi-final. Orleans 93's win 6-5.

A:Div: Wounded Ducks vs Flint Tropics...the Tropics wanted this game to mean something, but it was just for not after the opening game loss of their double-header. The played like it meant something though! Flint Tropics win 13-7.

A:Div: Raiders vs Buzz Kills...Raiders needed to win to get next weeks bye from the semi-final into the following weeks A-Div final. Buzz Kills knew this and that even a tie would not help the Raiders cause. After the first it was a nervy 3-2 lead for the Raiders. In the 2nd the Raiders extended the lead to 6-3 and with excitement followed through with a solid 3rd to wrap up first place and the bye into the A-Div Finals in two weeks. Raiders win 11-4. 

A:Div: Blue Ballers vs Buzz Kills...5-0 Buzz Kills 

A:Div: Dekes of Hazzard vs Blue Ballers...5-0 Dekes of Hazzard.

Sunday with Struts, April 8 Highlights:

B:Div: A Few Good Men vs Falcons...Melanie Simard kept her men and woman it and they tried hard to get enough goals for her, but just came up short. Falcons win 7-5.


B:Div: Caged Heat vs Blue Eagles...the Eagles soared on offence despite a very structured game from Caged Heat. Blue Eagles win 11-4.


B:Div: Godsons vs Jr. Trops...the absolute wildest of the night. Offences were on so the entertainment value was high. 3-3 after one and then 9-6 for the Godsons after two. In the 3rd period the Trops scored 3 on one shift to tie 9-9 before giving up the killer goal on the same shift to be down 10-9. However the Trops scored two late goals for an unpredictable win. Jr. Trops win 11-10.


A:Div: Dekes of Hazzard vs Flint Tropics...Flint win out and they get a bye to the A-Div Finals. And next week they have a huge double header. The looked after business tonight despite a valiant comeback bid by the Dekes in the 3rd period. Flint Tropics win 11-7.


A:Div: Raiders vs Dekes of Hazzard...the Dekes did not have any ball luck in their 2nd game and Raiders were on them knowing it was their 2nd game. Raiders win 15-5.


A:Div: Blue Ballers vs Orleans 93's...a very tight match. High end speed was the main asset to the game for both teams along with some fabulous goaltending on both sides. 1-1 after one and 2-2 after two breaks. The 93's "veterans" kept everything settled and continued to grind out the creative passing if you will and got the necessary goals in the 3rd to secure a hard earned win. Orleans 93's win 6-3.


A:Div: Buzz Kills vs Wounded Ducks...oops on the absolute wildest of the night mentioned earlier, this one was just as wild...a potential B-Div Final depending on the match-ups to come, so a very good test for both sides to see where they stand vs each other. It looked like Ducks in a waddle as they were up 7-3 after one period. But everyone just knew the Buzz Kills were playing well and were in the game despite the score. Finally it was game on at 10-8 Ducks after two breaks for a quick quack. In the 3rd with the Ducks clinging by a wing to the one goal lead the Buzzing was relentless with the goalie pulled. Finally the Ducks landed safely. Wounded Ducks win 13-12.


Sunday with Struts, March 25 Highlights:

A:Div: Dekes of Hazzard vs Orleans 93's...6 or a half dozen of the other for the two games in the double header for the 93's. The 93's ran away with this one early and the Dekes scored those 6 to make it more resoectable. Orleans 93's win 12-6.

A:Div: Orleans 93's vs Buzz kills...the 93's again had a massive start to run away with a sweep of their double header. Bit of a shocker and the Buzz Kills still worked hard right to the end to get 6 in. Another 12-6 win for Orleans 93's.

B:Div: Falcons vs Caged Heat...5-3 and 6-4 for the Falcons at the breaks. No goals in the 3rd. Very good game. Falcons win 6-4.

B:Div: A Few Good Men vs Godsons...A Few Good Men played a great first half of the game tied 4-4. But then they stopped passing for some reason. The Godsons kept passing and made it look easy in a romp. Godsons win 13-4.

A:Div: Flint Tropics vs Blue Ballers...Flint a la 93's had a big start and never looked back. Blue Ballers never let up. Flint Tropics win 13-6.

B:Div :Blue Eagles vs Jr. Trops...a very well played first period left the Trops up 3-2 and then they dominated the 2nd for a 7-3 lead. The Blue Eagles owned the 3rd and closed to 7-5 and were unlucky not to have closed it...a late goal put it away for the Trops. Jr. Trops win 8-5.

A:Div: Raiders vs Wounded Ducks...5-3 Raiders after one as the offences on both sides looked good. In the 2nd the Raiders took over for an 8-3 lead. The Raiders kept the lead as the Ducks never quit. Raiders win 9-3. 

Sunday with Struts, March 4 Highlights:

B:Div: Falcons vs Godsons...a 5-1 Godsons lead looked very safe but the Falcons made the big comeback to tie it up 5-5. The Godsons made it another one goal lead and the Falcons came up just short including a missed penalty shot. Godsons win 6-5.

B:Div: Caged Heat vs Jr.Trops...a surprise and upset for this one as the Caged Heat built a 5-1 lead and played an excellent game as the Trops tried as hard as they could for a comeback. Caged Heat win 8-4.

A:Div: Flint Tropics vs Raiders...the match up looked great on paper but everything went extremely well for Flint and the Raiders could not raid the tomb at all. Flint Tropics win 10-2.

A:Div: Orleans 93's vs Wounded Ducks...the first flight for the Ducks. Instead of winging it the two teams stuck to their team strategies. The Ducks free-wheeling passing vs the more structured game 93's defence first style. The Ducks hit posts and struggled with the ball while the 93's hit on their play-making chances. Orleans 93's win 11-3.

A:Div: Wounded Ducks Blue Ballers...the 2nd leg of the Ducks two flights. Duck legs were the menu item in question after a hard fly in the opener vs the 93's. The Blue Ballers owned the first 6-4. The Ducks won the 2nd 7-0 for an 11-6 lead. The Ducks built a big lead in the 3rd only to see the Ballers make it close near the end with late flurry. Wounded Ducks win 13-11. 

B:Div: Blue Eagles vs A Few Good Men...the Blue Eagles raced out in front early an never looked back. A Few Good Men after last weeks great effort were left perplexed somewhat of the turn of event. Blue Eagles win 13-4.

A:Div: Buzz Kills vs Dekes of Hazzard...another surprise result as the Dekes played their best yet in 2018. The Buzz Kills ran into a hot goalie as Dan the man was the man in the Dekes net tonight. Bujold gave the Dekes the key saves in their win. Dekes of Hazzard win 9-4.

Sunday with Struts, February 25 Highlights:

A:Div: Buzz Kills vs Flint important game to make inroads into the top 3 A playoff pool. The Flint Tropics pulled it out, but it was great goaltending and play-making from start to finish. Flint Tropics win 5-3.

B:Div Jr. Trops vs A Few Good Men...a fine game that went wild in the final minute to make it a spectacular game. With one minute remaining in the game and the Jr. Trops up 4-3,AFGM and women score 2 goals to take a 5-3 lead with 25 seconds left. But the Trops scored 2 after that for the unpredictable win! Jr. Trops win 6-5.

B:Div: Falcons vs Blue Eagles...a tight game for two periods knotted up at 3-3. Then in the 3rd the offences went wild with the Falcons finally prevailing by one goal. Falcons win 8-7.

A:Div: Wounded Ducks vs Dekes of Hazzard...a close first ended 3-2 Ducks. After that the quacking was deafening. The Ducks made a case for B-Div favourites with an effort like this. Wounded Ducks win 14-5.

B:Div: Godsons vs Caged Heat...the Godsons seemed to own the 1st period and destined to take over up 3-1 and moving the ball well. But the Caged Heat had a great 2nd period and it was tied 3-3 heading into the final period. Caged Heat may have had the edge in the 3rd but the two teams traded a goal. 4-4 tie.

A:Div: Raiders vs Orleans 93's...huge game for the 93's regarding aspirations to finish in the top 3 A pool for the play-offs. The Raiders in the first of two for their double header looked headed to another win 6-3 after two periods and 7-4 midway through the 3rd. But the 93's played their best in the final 10-minutes to come back and tie and get a massive point. 7-7.

A:Div: Blue Ballers vs Raiders...the Raiders needed a quick start so they could weather the inevitable burn-out in the 3rd period of their daily double. They were up 5-1 after the first period and good thing as the Blue Ballers kept the pedal down and stayed with them the rest of the way, but the 1st period was the difference. Raiders win 8-4.

Sunday with Struts, February 11 Highlights:

B:Div: Caged Heat vs A Few Good Men...a very closely played match. 2-1 A Few Good Men and Women after one, but 4-3 Heat after two. At 5-5 in the 3rd the group of men and women scored a couple of big goals. A Few Good (Wo)Men win 7-5.

B:Div: Blue Eagles vs Godsons...Shawn Pilon the Blue Eagles goalie kept this one close for two periods as the Godsons held the territorial advantage throughout. They pulled away in the 3rd. Godsons win 10-3.

B:Div: Falcons vs Jr.Trops...a barn-burner! Back and forth fun and lead changes. Great passing and play-making. Jr.Tropss eke out a win 8-7.

A:Div: Orleans 93's vs Flint Tropics...another very good game. The 93's took advantage early of the late arriving Tropics and never relinquished that lead despite a valiant effort from the Flint crew who came within one before the 93's got the key goals in the final period. Orleans 93's win 11-8.

A:Div: Flint Tropics vs Wounded Ducks...short benches due to freezing rain and illness. So a great run and fun...the Tropics had the guns working as they split their double header. Flint Tropics win 8-4. 

A:Div: Buzz Kills vs Raiders...full benches for this highly anticipated match-up. And it was one of the best games in the 9-year history of the the OBBHA between two of the original teams that miraculously were meeting for the first time in history. The game was played with speed and skill. 2-2 after one and 5-4 Buzz kills after the 2nd. In the 3rd it appeared Buzz Kills would win up 8-6 with less than a minute remaining. The Raiders then made it 8-7 with 31-seconds left. Then missed a penalty shot with less than 20-seconds left only to tie it up with 3-seconds remaining. Not done yet however! With 3-seconds left the Buzz Kills had the rush and clanged one right off the cross bar to end this most amazing game! 8-8 tie.

A:Div: Buzz Kills vs Blue Ballers...Buzz in game two of their double header vs a very hard running team was going to test them in many ways. One of them was a full out effort with speed from start to finish. Buzz were in a game and they knew it at 4-4 after two. The Blue Ballers even took a 5-4 3rd period lead. Then with about 8-minutes left the Buzz scored to quick goals for a 6-5 lead. Then two more late goals finally tamed the pesky Blue Ballers. Buzz Kills win 8-5.

A:Div: Blue Ballers vs Dekes of Hazzard...Blue Ballers looked to keep the runners going for the bottom end of their double. The Blue Ballers true to form kept the pace up and the Dekes who started short until the reserves showed up kept with them. 4-4 heading to the 3rd and 5-5 late until the Blue Ballers scored two late one for a big win game 2 of their twin bill. Blue Ballers win 7-5.

Sunday with Struts, February 4 Highlights:

B:Div: Falcons vs A Few Good Men...the Falcons had their offence ready for the Super Bowl. A Few Good Men struggled with their defensive coverage. So this told the story of the final score. Falcons win 9-2.

B:Div: Blue Eagles vs Caged Heat...Caged Heat held the advantage through the period breaks at 2-1 and 5-3. Fast-forward to late in the game tied at 5-5....Blue Eagle scored with just under two minutes left, then Caged Heat tied it up 6-6 with under a minute left on a penalty shot. Finally with 7-seconds left after a couple of end to end chances the Blue Eagles scored the winner with 7-seconds remaining. Blue Eagles win 7-6.

B:Div: Jr. Trops vs Godsons...Godsons were up 4-1 after one then 5-3 heading into the 3rd. The Trops kept fighting back and closed to within 6-5 and came on to try and tie it and they did! With only 2-seconds left!! 6-6 tie.

A:Div: Flint Tropics vs Dekes of Hazzard...first of two for the Dekes and they stayed close at 2-2 and only down 5-3 at the two breaks. They tired in the 3rd and the Toprics pulled away. Flint Tropics win 10-6.

A:Div: Dekes of Hazzard vs Raiders...again the Dekes started out well with strong ball movement only down 2-1 at the end of one. But the noticeably ran out of gas. Raiders win 13-4.

A:Div: Orleans 93's vs Blue Ballers...a great game. Blue Ballers surprised the 93's at 2-2 and then with the lead 5-4 after two very quick paced periods. The 93's were able to get the key goals early in the 3rd and then get some insurance markers as the period wore on, but they had to work for everything they got! Orleans 93's win 11-5.

A:Div: Wounded Ducks vs Buzz Kills...The Ducks lay an egg. Buzz Kills win 5-0.

Sunday with Struts, January 28 Highlights:

A:Div: Orleans 93's vs Dekes of Hazzard...first of 2 for the 93's and they were ready vs the short-benched Dekes. The Dekes were in deep into the 2nd down only 4-3 but ran out of steam. Orleans 93's win 12-3.

A:Div: Buzz Kills vs Orleans 93's...93's were in this one right to the end as they certainly tired as the game neared its end. Buzz Kills had to work extremely hard for everything they got and finally pulled away late in the game. Buzz Kills win 6-3.

B:Div: Caged Heat vs Falcons...the birds were up 3-0 after one period but the Heat turned it on to close within 4-3 after two. At 6-4 Falcons late they scored 2 to make it official. Falcons win 8-4.

B:Div: Godsons vs A Few Good Men...solid effort from both teams. 2-0 Godsons after one and they extended the lead by a 5-2 count heading into the 3rd. AFGM made a push in the final stages of the game but came up short as the Godsons passed the ball very well for long stretches of ball control to wind the clock down to victory. Godsons win 6-4.

A:Div: Blue Ballers vs Flint Tropics...the Flint version of the Tropics were on an all out offensive blitz from the outset and took over the game early vs a spare laden Blue Ballers. Flint tropics win 14-5.

B:Div: Jr. Trops vs Blue Eagles...the Blue Eagles family rallied around their heavy-hearted and under the weather goaltender Shawn Pilon right from the start vs a talented offensive team in the Jr. Trops. The Blue Eagles played great defence keeping the Trops to the perimeter for the most part for a 3-0 1st period lead. It took the Trops until the mid-way point of the game to finally score to make it 3-1 and by the end of the 2nd it was 3-3. The Blue Eagles had a very short bench and as much as they gutted it out they ran out of gas as the Trops came on hard and strong. Kudos to Pilon and the boys making it such a great game! Jr. Trops win 7-5.

A:Div: Wounded Ducks vs Raiders...a high scoring match. Both teams have offence to spare to be sure! Bad bounces and tough luck hurt then Ducks but the Raiders mad their own luck too. Raiders win 13-8.

Sunday with Struts, January 21 Highlights:

B:Div: Godsons vs Falcons...the Godsons continued their strong play in 2018 with a solid performance from the net out. The Falcons gave it their all but could not come up with enough offence. In fact there were no goals in the 3rd period as the Godsons smartly protected a 3-goal lead with great defensive play. Godsons win 6-3.

B:Div: Jr. Trops vs Caged Heat...Caged Heat potted some goals in this and made some great offensive plays to create great chances. The Trops had to use a counter-attack to keep up. At 3-3 in the 3rd the Trops score two for a 5-3 lead and the Heat closed to within one and came on strong to tie but could not get that last one to go in. Jr. Trops win 5-4.

A:Div: Raiders vs Flint Tropics...a wild great match. the Raiders went up 4- early and threatened to blow it out, but as usual the Flint boys rallied with goals and kept this game in doubt right to the final whistle. Raiders win 9-8.

A:Div: Wounded Ducks vs Orleans 93's...1-1 after one but then the 93's stormed out for good in the 2nd period followed by a dominating 3rd. Orleans 93's win 13-4.

A:Div: Blue Ballers vs Wounded Ducks...the Ducks in the 2nd game of their double header were far better! The Blue Ballers came with their patented hustling running game that tested the Ducks lungs in their 2nd game. Not much difference as the period breaks were 3-3, 4-4 and finally a 5-5 tie.

B:Div: A Few Good Men vs Blue Eagles...another great game. The Blue Eagles owned the first period but it ended 1-1 as Melanie Simard was outstanding in the A Few Good Men yet again! Fast forward to a late 6-4 lead for the Blue Eagles and then two quick goals from AFGM to tie it up 6-6 followed by a dramatic wrap around winner from the Blue Eagles. Blue Eagles win 7-6.

A:Div: Dekes of Hazzard vs Buzz Kills...the Dekes jumped out a lightning quick 2-0 lead only to find themselves down 6-3 after the opening period. The Dekes kept up the effort level and kept on getting close but the Buzz Kills had the offence clicking just a step or two ahead. Buzz Kills win 9-7. 

Sunday OBBHA Teams......Another great season is  underway, 

This season we have a couple of new initiatives to stimulate some positive vibes with the OBBHA.

A. Stats

Team captains or designated statistician will have the option to keep track of team stats. HOW? see below.

After each game:

1-On the home page under  STATISTICS / WINTER 2018 on the bottom left click on your respective league/division statistic link

2-Input team Roster in your respective "Team Sheet/Label"  You only need to enter the player once. Keep adding the players as they show up (max 20 per team)

3-Input number of goals and assists by each player on a game per game basis

B. OBBHA Weekly Hockey Pool

Hockey experts, we got something for you!

In an attempt to create a buzz and raise funds to enable underprivileged kids to play ball hockey, we came up with the following idea.

Why not create a weekly hockey pool, using the same concept as Pro Picks (Proline) where you have a chance to win every week!!

-Every week, you have the chance to win a 50$ giftcard from Canadian Tire

-20$ to join / pay John directly or send money transfer to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-Submit your weekly picks before the deadline (5 minutes before first scheduled game on Saturday)

-Pick the winner / 1 point per game 

-Tie breaker is "TOTAL GOALS of CBC Featured game of the week (Saturday 7pm) 

-1 winner / per week (Most points)

-Join anytime

 Week 1 / Saturday January 20th Selection Form - Deadline 12:55 EST 

C. Live Streams and game archives

 All your games are available on the following link


Please forward to your team members

Bigger, Better and Stronger in 2018, thanks to you guys and your efforts!

See everyone in the New Year for the first game of the Winter Session on Sunday, January 14th.

Sunday with Struts, Opening Day/Night January 14 Highlights:

A:Div: Flint Tropics vs Buzz Kills...Buzz kills moved from Monday night as champions to the iconic Sunday A-Div. The defending champions of Monday were up 5-1 after one period. Then as the senior Tropics are known to do, they scored in bunches and quickly to erase yet another massive deficit (take note federal Liberals). Buzz Kills were up 8-6 after the 2nd period. Then in the 3rd the Trops completed the comeback at 9-9 and the popped in a late winner. Flint tropics win 10-9.

B:Div: A Few Good Men vs Jr.Trops...AFGM mad a huge late midnight signing of a top goaltender in the name of Melanie Simard. And she delivered a solid performance vs the very talented Jr. Trops. AFGM held a 4-3 lead the first break but were down 5-4 after the 2nd period. The game was close at 7-6 as Sashnokov of Saturday's All Mesh had closed the gap, but the Trops jumped on some late pinching the AFGM had to do to try and tie it up and tallied twice to put it away. Jr. Trops win 9-6.

B:Div: Blue Eagles vs Falcons...Pilon vs Jolivet. The goalies who are decorated with the Tommy Raftis award. The went head to head and in the end there was nothing to choose from appropriately. 7-7 tie.

A:Div: Dekes of Hazzard vs Wounded Ducks...the score does not indicate the kind of game this was. The Ducks unveiled their new secret weapon who is goaltender Usaamah Gill. He was the factor that held the Dekes at bay early and enabled the Ducks offence to play with supreme confidence. By games end the Dekes were just shaking their heads as great chance after chance was foiled by this impressive force in the nets. Wounded Ducks win 10-3.

B:Div: Caged Heat vs Godsons...the Godsons capitalized on enough chances early for a confidence building 2-0 lead after one period. And 4-0 after two periods. Paul Trudeau in the Caged Heat net was the first star and after that it was Godsons goalie Terry Cleroux for the rare OBBHA shut-out. Godsons win 5-0.

A:Div:   Raiders vs Orleans 93's...Raiders were first up for the double header in the A-Div each team will do twice prior to the play-offs. The Raiders came out flying for a 4-0 lead after one period. This ended up being all Raiders but it was goaltending that made it this way! As Usaamah Gill did earlier for the Ducks, Aneel Nauth for the Raiders in his debut simply shut down the 93's and had the frustrated as he turned away opportunity after opportunity. Raiders win 9-2.

A:Div: Raiders vs Blue Ballers...last time these two met it was a wild 17-17 tie. The Raiders were warm and on their game right away for their 2nd game of the double header, so were very quick out of the gate and were up 3-0 in the blink of an eye. And up 5-1 after the first period. Aneel Nauth was again solid and did not give up rebounds nor a softy so the Blue Ballers could not muster up a comeback despite some nice chances. Raiders up 7-1 after two periods. The played a smart 3rd for the win. Raiders win 10-3.

Sunday, Dec 17 Finals and Seeding Matches:

4:00pm = Caged Heat vs Blue Eagles (C-Div 3rd Seed Match)...Caged Hear were up 2-1 after the first period, but the Blue Eagles had a huge 2nd 8-0 for a 9-2 lead. The 3rd the teams traded a goal a piece. Blue Eagles win 10-2 and C-3rd Seed.

5:00pm = A Few Good Men vs Falcons (C-Div Final)...a great Final! So close and well played as the teams were all tied up 3-3 and 4-4 at the period breaks. At 5-5 the Falcons scored the winner with 1:53 remaining. Falcons win 6-5 and the C-Div Championship.


6:00pm = Jr. Trops vs Godsons (B-Div 3rd Seed Match)...Trops jumped to a 3-0 first period lead. The Godsons got back into in the 2nd down only 4-3 heading into the 3rd. A spirited 3rd was played. At 5-5 the last 2-minutes was wild and the Godsons scored to make it 6-5, the Trops tied it then the Godsons won it. Godsons win 7-6 and take the B-Div 3rd Seed. 

7:00pm = Wounded Ducks vs Orleans 93’s (A-Div Final)...another great Final! 2-2 after one run. The Ducks scored the only goal of the 2nd for a 3-2 advantage. In the 3rd the teams went all out and it ended 5-5 so we were off to the 5-player shoot-out. The 93's prevailed 3-2 in the shoot-out as Guy Saumure mad the final save to accentuate the 93's win. Orleans wins 6-5 in A SHOOT-OUT and the A-Div Championship.


8:00pm = Dekes of Hazzard vs Blue Ballers (B-Div Final)...yet another very good Final. 2-2 and 7-5 for the Dekes at the breaks. In the 3rd the Dekes pulled away late but this was a very hard running game. Dekes of Hazzard win 10-7 and the B-Div Championship.


9:00pm = Raiders vs Flint Tropics (A-Div 3rd Seed Match)...two great teams to close out the season. Xmas season benches but a very high effort level from both sides. Raiders win 12-3 and the 3rd Seed in the A-Div.

Sunday with Struts, December 10 Semi-finals Highlights:

A Few Good Men vs Blue Eagles (C-Div semi)...after the first period it was 3-2 for A Few Good Men. No goals in the 2nd and then late in the game A Few Good Men scored an insurance marker and then added an empty netter to eliminate the C-Div top seed from the Finals. A Few Good Men advance to the C-Finals while the Blue Eagles will vie for the 3rd Seed in the C-Div. A Few Good Men win 5-2.

Caged Heat vs Falcons (C-Div semi)...Shawn Pilon obtains the rare and elusive OBBHA shut-out for the Falcons in a back-up role. Falcons will host the A Few Good Men for the C-Final, while the Caged Heat meet up with the Blue Eagles for the 3rd Seed Match in the C-Div. Falcons win 5-0.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Godsons (B-Div semi)...the Godsons never got untracked missing a few key players. The Dekes owned this one from start to finish. Another top seed drops as the Dekes will visit the Blue Ballers for the B-Final. Godsons will host the B-Div 3rd Seed game vs Jr. Trops. Dekes of Hazzard win 11-4.