Terrific Tuesday Men

Terrific Tuesday December 5 Highlights: (Game #2 of the 3-game Round Robin to see who goes to Finals and 3rd Seed Match)

Suh Dudes vs White Stars...amazing match as usual. The Dudes were up 2-1 and 4-3 at the breaks. The skill level was high as some pass plays had everyone roaring with approval. Hard work too made this a breathless game. The Dudes scored the only goal of the 3rd as Cedrick in the Dudes shut the door for the win. Suh Dudes win 5-3.

Vanier Voodoo vs Godsons Part II...wonderful game. Respectful with some great plays. Voodoo owned the first period and deserved to be up more than 2-1. At 3-3 in the 2nd the Godsons scored 3 late period goals for a 6-3 lead. Then it was up the Godsons to play a smart 3rd period for the win. Godsons Part II win 7-4.

Terrific Tuesday November 28 Highlights: (Game #1 of the 3-game Round Robin to see who goes to Finals and 3rd Seed Match)

Vanier Voodoo vs White Stars...White Stars win 8-7.

Godsons Part II vs Suh Dudes...what a game. Great respect for each other and the Game Manager. This helped create the OBBHA product the way it was meant to be played, enjoyed and watched. Godsons were up 4-3 late and looking for the upset, but the Dudes tied it up with 1:48 left. The tie does throw a whole new wrinkle in the round robin standings! 4-4 tie

Terrific Tuesday on Sunday November 26 Highlights: 

Suh Dudes vs Vanier Voodoo...a Voodoo upset on a Sunday! Voodoo jumped to an early 3-0 lead and carried that advantage for the rest of the game. Vanier Voodoo win 7-3.

White Stars vs Godsons Part II...lots of goals! The Stars were up 4-2 and 10-6 at the period breaks. The 3rd settled down on the goal scoring front. White Stars win 12-7.

Terrific Tuesday November 21 Highlights: 

Vanier Voodoo vs White Stars...could the Voodoo continue their improved play? The White Stars were a huge test. And the White Stars were on their game. White Stars win 11-5.

Godsons Part II vs Suh Dudes...the pundits were picking the Suh Dudes all the way here. The Dudes went up quickly 3-0 on some Godsons defensive lapses. In the 2nd the Godsons tightened things up for a 1-1 period which left it 4-1 for the Dudes. in the 3rd Suh Dudes played for the coservative win behind Shawn Pilon in their net, but the Godsons gave a good push to make it 5-3. Suh Dudes win it 5-3. 

Terrific Tuesday November 14 Highlights: 

Vanier Voodoo vs Godsons Part II...Voodoo had moments of brilliance moving the ball around. it resulted is 5-3 and 7-4 period break leads. Taylor Chapman scored two top shelf goals on her friend Terry Cleroux in the Godsons net...the first one was all mesh while the second was a rocket bar down. The Godsons through the first two periods were chasing the Voodoo like cats and a laser pointer as the ball moved rapidly with precision passing. However the Godsons kept it close and in the 3rd came to within 8-7 and then "Will the Thrill" had a glorious chance to tie but was robbed in the final minute of play. Vanier Voodoo win 8-7.

Suh Dudes vs White Stars...a highly anticipated game as both teams and the fans love the pace these two play at. It was the White Stars with surprising low scoring leads of 1-0 and 3-2 at the period breaks. Both goalies were tracking the ball well as the ball movement from both teams was quick and efficient. 2-late goals by Suh Dudes elated their bench and they hung on for a very close call at the end. Highly entertaining stuff! Suh Dudes win 4-3

Tuesday Nov 7 games that were missed are moved to Sunday, Nov 26

1pm and 2pm

(Godsons on the Sunday team will be playing at 3pm that day...done for convenience so you can play back to back games since you are already there).

-we can play every Tuesday up to Dec 19 

-the 3-game play-off round robin will be posted shortly after the Sunday Nov 26th game for the games on Tuesday Nov 28, Dec 5 and 12. The Finals and 3rd Seed game for Dec 19 will be posted after the Dec 12th games. 


No games Nov 7th

re-scheduled TBA

-play resumes next week Nov. 14 as per the posted schedule

The final renovations are taking place this week

-then we can start the Live Streaming!!

Terrific Tuesday October 31 Highlights: 

Halloween Night! Music played appropriately including "Thriller"....dance moves were applauded!

Vanier Voodoo vs White Stars....Voodoo on halloween seemed like the team to be on, but the Stars were playing at pique performance and were up 3-0 and 5-0. Voodoo actually did well to match the effort level broke the shut-out in the 3rd. White Stars win 9-2.

Godsons Part II vs Suh Dudes...the Godsons were decimated by two session long injuries the other week and this week it looks like they found the two key replacements! They played defence and this "thrilled" their goalie Terry Cleroux who was simply a monster in the net tonight. Suh Dudes threw everything they had at Terry their old goalie. And they were down 1-0 and 2-0 after each period break. Finally they got one by him in the 3rd but that was it! An amazing game! One of lowest scoring games in OBBHA history despite the high shot clock count and quality of the chances at both ends. Godsons Part II win 2-1.

Terrific Tuesday October 24 Highlights: 

Godsons Part II vs Vanier Voodoo...Voodoo had the ball control but Terry Cleroux in the Godsons net held the fort for 2-1 and 5-3 period break lead. The Voodoo roared out of the gates in the 3rd for a 6-5 lead, but the Godsons tied it up. Voodoo hit the post with 1-second left in the game! 6-6 tie

White Stars vs Suh Dudes...the Dudes had all the big guns out. The Stars played an excellent game vs the big talent and were only down 2-1 after the first. But the talent pulled away in the 2nd for a 7-3 lead. Suh Dudes win 8-4

Terrific Tuesday October 17 Highlights: 

Godsons vs White Stars...a well played end to end action first period left the Stars with a 4-3 lead. In the 2ns the Stars snipers found some top corners that had the French Palace crowd applauding...and a 9-5 advantage. No goals in the 3rd as both goaltenders were outstanding in the 0-0 frame. White Stars win 9-5.

Vanier Voodoo vs Suh Dudes...in the night-cap could the Voodoo come up with another strong effort? Suh Dudes would of course serve up a stiff test. The Dudes brought out a bit too much talent for this division. Suh Dudes win 10-5.

Terrific Tuesday October 10 Highlights: 

Suh Dudes vs Godsons Part II...with WIll missing a number of French Palace fans were thinking of unfriending him on facebook for all his Leaf postings....you know the 82-0 season and the parade route all planned. So Hab fans on Suh Dudes were quite motivated for this one thanks to MIA Will. Predictably a barn-burner ensued! 3-2 Godsons after one but all knotted up at 4-4. The French Palace crowd was kind of pulling for the Godsons to make the standing more interesting. So every play was magnified and the tension fun! The Godsons scored to take a 5-4 lead and with about a buck thirty left the Dudes pulled their goalie Cedrick. The Godsons score into the empty net for the two goal lead, but then the Dudes scored with less than a minute remaining to close it to 6-5. Terry Cleroux then shut the door for the Godsons in net for the "upset" win! Godsons Part II win 6-5.

White Stars vs Vanier Voodoo...a tough one to predict, but most pegged White Stars based on their recent fine play. It must be noted the fans were once again pulling for the underdog! The Stars were up 2-1 and were full value for that lead after one period. But the second period belonged to Voodoo but they just unbelievably could not beat Markus Esnard who was shining white star on this night...so his White Stars were up 4-1 moving into the 3rd. Once again it was unreal that the Stars, as much as they played well, won the 3rd to 2-0 with all the chances Voodoo had that were denied by Esnard! White Stars win 6-1 (really).

Terrific Tuesday October 3 Highlights: 

Vanier Voodoo vs Godsons Part II...terrific laughter courtesy of Taylor Chapman!  She was shaking her tail-feather so to speak as unbeknownst to her one of the discarded white velcro strips gave her an animated tail in a perfectly placed location while she stick-handled past a thong...sorry, a throng of fans in the French Palace crowd who were first thinking she had a new fashion going viral, but alas the smiles turned to belly aching laughs. Oh and Godsons Part II win 8-3. 

Suh Dudes vs White Stars...this was quite a game! The White Stars took the Dudes by surprise and held a 5-1 lead in the 2nd period. The Dudes scored two quick goals late in the 2nd to make it very interesting at 5-3. In the 3rd there were no goals as Shawn Pilon and Marcus Esnard shut the door down impressively as they faced some quality shots and chances. White Stars win 5-3.


Suh Dudes vs Vanier Voodoo...some Voodoo were already heat tested from their Super Saturday match. It was quite a tight match for the longest time and tough to score! Suh Dudes held 1-0 and 2-1 period break leads. Voodoo tied it up 2-2 in the 3rd before running out of gas in the final 10-minutes. The Dudes exploded for 7 unanswered goals. Suh Dudes win 9-2.

White Stars vs Godsons Part II....lots of ex-Godsons Part II on the newly formed White Star, so a bit of a reunion night! Another close game with goals few and far between. 1-1 after one and 3-1 Stars after two periods. No goals in the 3rd so let's hear it for the goalies!! White Stars get their first franchise win in their first game 3-1.


Thanks to everyone for a...well you guessed it...a Terrific Time on Tuesdays! See everyone in the Fall if not the OBBHA Spring Leagues!

Terrific Tuesday April 11 :

Godsons Part II vs Vanier Voodoo for the 3rd Seed Match...the Godsons Part II had a guest from the Sunday Godsons team that was welcome for 2-periods and was instrumental in giving them a 6-4 lead after two periods. In the 3rd the Voodoo captain arrived and the Godsons won the period 3-2 without their guest for their first win of the Winter Session! 3rd Seed goes to the Godsons Part II who win 9-6

Suh Dudes vs Megalomaniacs for the Final...a classic! No goals in the first. 2-2 after two periods. The Suh Dudes peppered the Megs goalie Hasi had the French Palace crowd gasping at some of the outrageous saves. The Dudes took a 4-2 lead and looked to heading to the championship, but the Megs never quit and came back to tie on some hard work and pretty play making. The tying goal was a rocket after two precision pass plays. The team went right to the final whistle and there was much respect for one another after a 4-4 tie forced a 5-player shoot-out. In the nervy shoot-out the Suh Dudes came out on top 3-1. Suh Dudes win 5-4.

Congratulations to the Suh Dudes the Terrific Tuesday Men's Champions!


Terrific Tuesday April 4 Highlights of Game #3 of the 3-game round-robin play-off series that will set the stage for the Finals and the 3rd seed Match

Godsons Part II vs Suh Dudes...the Dudes were in another must win situation against a very loose Godsons team looking for their first win. So the game was played very well and it entertained the French Palace gathering. The Dudes fast start was the difference as they went out in front 3-0. After that it was very even. Peter Stromer "the birthday boy" set up a fine goal late to close to within 6-4 for the Godsons, but the Dudes got the empty netter to salt this one away so they move into the Finals next week. The Godsons will play for the 3rd Seed Match and look for a big first win. Suh Dudes win 7-4.

Vanier Voodoo vs Magalomaniacs...the Megs just had to make sure they did not lose by 15 or more to make the Finals next week. The game was good but the Megs looked to fine tune their game for the finals next week. Voodoo will host the 3rd Seed game. Megalomaniacs win 9-4.

Terrific Tuesday March 28 Highlights of Game #2 of the 3-game round-robin play-off series that will set the stage for the Finals and the 3rd seed Match

Godsons Part II vs Megalomaniacs...music in the French Palace has inspired teams in the past. The Megs looked to some for their own inspiration. They're Maniacs Maniacs! The Godsons welcomed their captain back from injury as Mark Hughes got the play-off fever. The Megs were just simply on their game for a 4-0 first period lead and never looked back at 6-0, but then at 6-1 the Godsons Christian Lapierre scored a natural hat-trick to make it very interesting at 6-4. The Megs then pumped in 2-late goals to end the 2nd period at 8-4. The 3rd was played with intensity and great efforts by both teams. Megalomaniacs win 11-5.

Vanier Voodoo vs Suh Dudes...a must win for the Suh Dudes squad! And they did as they were on a mission right from the get-go! 5-0 and 7-0 period break leads.Terry Cleroux was unbeatable as well to make matters even tougher on the Voodoo! Suh Dudes win 9-0.

Terrific Tuesday March 21 Highlights of Game #1 of the 3-game round-robin play-off series that will set the stage for the Finals and the 3rd seed Match

Megalomaniacs vs Suh Dudes..the game to enjoy as this was pundits pick for a potential final. The Dudes had not lost a game yet this session but had been tied twice. After one it was all tied up at 1-1. It was a big 2nd period by the Megs that was the difference as they won the period 4-1 for a 5-2 lead. Suh Dudes battled to win the 3rd 2-1, but the Megs held on to give them their first loss. Megalomaniacs win 6-4.

Godsons Part II vs Vanier Voodoo...Voodoo seemed to have just a bit more offence as they held 3-2 and 5-3 period leads. The Godsons scored 3 in the 3rd but could not close the gap. Vanier voodoo win 9-6.

Reminder no games on Tuesday, March 14...play resumes Tuesday, March 21...when the 3-game round-robin play-off will commence followed by the Finals (2vs1) and the 3rd Seed Match (4vs3).

Terrific Tuesday March 7 Highlights: 

Megalomaniacs vs Vanier Voodoo...everything went the Megs way. Megalomaniacs win 12-1.

Suh Dudes vs Godsons Part II...everything went Suh Dudes way. Suh Dudes win 8-0.

After Hours Show: At yet another beverage establishment that is partnered with the OBBHA, a group settled in to cheer on the Habs and discuss the nights action from the Men and Womens division on Terrific Tuesday. Bets were paid off as a goal was score by a particular player on a particular goalie in men's action, but a female and male were involved. Unsung stars were picked from the Ninjas win. General niceties were exchanged amongst some so-called "inappropriate" humour. Half stories were told as the attention span was about as close to a ball hockey players capacity after playing high intensity OBBHA matches...therefor incomplete yarn will have to be retold at future gatherings (March 25 it seems when the Sens and Habs clash after the next OBBHA Super Saturday). 

Terrific Tuesday February 28 Highlights: 

Godsons Part II vs Megalomaniacs...the Megs were up 3-1 and 5-3 at the period breaks. The broke it open to 8-4 with 4-minutes left, but the Godsons scored 2 quick ones to close it to 8-6 and make things interesting! The Megs held the fort. Megalomaniacs win 8-6. 

Vanier Voodoo vs Suh Dudes...the night cap before the After Hours Show. This was simply an excellent match. Both teams went end to end from start to finish and the goalies were phenominal! The Dudettes in Voodoo were game stars too!  3-3 after two periods, The Dudes scored mid-way through the 3rd and this somehow held up with all the scoring chances! Suh Dudes win 4-3.

Terrific Tuesday February 21 Highlights: 

Vanier Voodoo vs Godsons Part II...the short version is the Godsons were down 7-4 in the 3rd and came back to tie 7-7. Went down 8-7 and tied it again. 8-8 tie.

Suh Dudes vs Megalomaniacs...the Megs were down 4-3 with 1:25 to go, but the Dudes scored 2 in the final minute. Suh Dudes win 6-3.

Terrific Tuesday February 14 Highlights: 

Vanier Voodoo vs Megalomaniacs...the two Bill's were reunited after Juniors most excellent Western Epic Adventure! The Voodoo were missing some offence but it was their defence that key to this game....not to mention their goalie as per usual! The Megs were left shaking their collective heads as their shots were miraculously turned away time and time again. The Voodoo offence clicked at key moments in the 2nd period for a 5-1 lead. A spirited 3rd went 1-1. Vanier Voodoo win 6-2.

Godsons Part II vs Suh Dudes...Godsons were short on the bench but in the heart on Valentines Day! They were up 1-0 after one and tied 3-3 after 2 periods. Shawn Pilon played his best game this year since his return from injury in the Godsons net. Suh Dudes squeaked this one out with 2-goals in the 3rd. Suh Dudes win 5-3.

*After Hours Show:...as much as the Women's Division was a focal point as it was Valentines Day (see the Game Recaps for the Women's Terrific Tuesday league), some Voodoo players and Megalomaniacs were out for some good cheer at one of the OBBHA local partners establishments and some very bad acting took place. At the expense of Struts this group may or may not be nominated for the upcoming Oscars. A group acting class may be offered if no nominations come forward. Struts was not available for comment, but a fake news outlet reported that he said no banquet will be held in their honour. A day of love carried well into the early morning hours of the next day extending a fun filled evening with the OBBHA

Terrific Tuesday February 7 Highlights: 

Megalomaniacs vs Godsons Part II...the Godsons were missing a few actors for this sequel so it was up to their goalie Shawn Pilon to hold them in it. He did only down 2-0 and 4-0 at the breaks. Paul Martin was our best Finance Minister ever and Trudeau (take your pick) was/is our best Prime Minister. Paul Trudeau was in the Megs net and narrowly missed the shut-out. No politics on Bill Jr.'s team as they workman like went on to victory. Megalomaniacs win a tidy 6-1 game.

Suh Dudes vs Vanier Voodoo...Voodoo gave the Suh Dudes a fast paced intense game. The Dudes were sweating it out to take 2-1 and 4-3 period leads. Finally up 5-4 they got a late insurance marker. Great goaltending on both sides once again for this in the Nat vs Terry ongoing battle. Suh Dudes prevail 6-4.

Terrific Tuesday January 31 Highlights: 

Megalomaniacs vs Suh Dudes...the Megs were without their fearless leader who is off to do remake of the Revenant out West and maybe even cheer on the Flames and Oilers. So the crew back east were given the duties to take on the recently high flying Suh Dudes. This was a very fast paced game and a defensive battle at the same time. The Dudes were up 2-0 and 3-1 at the period breaks. In the 3rd the Megs closed it to a 4-3 deficit before the Dudes pulled away late in the game. Big "B" Brandon potted two important goals for his Dudes in the victory. Suh Dudes win 6-3.

Godsons Part II vs Vanier Voodoo...Voodoo were pleased to have their Nat back in the net even as she was nursing a minor injury. The Godsons were looking to have another solid outing to show some consistency in their game. But it was the Voodoo who came out strong for a 4-2 first period lead. This was simply the Voodoo's night as they raced to an 9-3 second period lead and cruized to the win in the 3rd period. Vanier Voodoo win 12-6.

Terrific Tuesday January 24 Highlights:

Megalomaniacs vs Vanier Voodoo...some side bets were rumoured and this seemed to bring out the best in those involved! The Megs were up 2-1 after the first period and a scoreless second held at 2-1. The Megs took a 3-1 lead but the Voodoo crept back to close the deficit to 3-2 to set the stage for the final minute. And the Voodoo pulled the doll the right way and tied it all up with 30-seconds left in the game! 3-3 tie

Suh Dudes vs Godsons Part II...this chapter of the Godsons were missing a couple of key mobsters and were not expected to keep up with recently surging Suh Dudes. So the Godsons merrily took a 2-1 lead after one period and were tied 3-3 headiing into the final period. At 4-4 Suh Dudes went ahead at with 2-minutes remaining. In the waning seconds the Godsons pushed the ball towards the net and after some wild stabs at the loose ball Peter Stromer, who has had a knack of scoring huge goals in this young 2017 OBBHA session, poked the tying goal in with a mere 5-seconds left on the clock! 5-5 tie.

Terrific Tuesday January 17 Highlights:

Vanier Voodoo vs Suh Dudes...put it this way. Suh Dudes came to play and they had all the energy harnessed in every player. They thoroughly dictated the play as Voodoo valiantly tried to match it, but could not sustain the hustle level. On this night Suh Dudes were prepared from the start and they finished it. Suh Dudes win 8-3.

Godsons Part II vs Megalomaniacs...the Megs seem to have finalized their roster and the goaltending position after last weeks loss of a goalie to due to injury. The final roster looked amazing for just being together for one game. However Godsons Part II are in the same position and they held the fort at 3-3 after one and only down 6-4 after two periods. The Megs worked hard for the win by taking a heavily contested 3rd 2-1. Megalomaniacs win 8-5.

Opening Night for Terrific Tuesday, January 10th!

Vanier Voodoo vs Godsons Part II....no winter blizzard can keep the boys (and girls) away! With some tweaks to all the line-ups this opener was played with as much intensity as the last one last Fall! The Voodoo held 3-1 and 4-2 period break leads. In the 3rd period Voodoo held a 5-4 lead and were hanging on as the Godsons had great opportunities to tie it including with their own goalie pulled for the extra attacker. But Nathalie Girouard  in the Voodoo net was the Grinch who stole this game! Voodoo win it by a whisker 5-4.

Megalomaniacs (previously the Wise Guys) vs Suh Dudes...this was a well played match with as much intensity as the opener tonight! The Megs were up 2-1 and 3-2 and then took a 4-2 lead early in the 3rd period. Then Suh Dudes came on strong and tied it all up 4-4. But the Meg's goalie John, who had played so well, dislocated his kneecap on yet another great save with about 8-minutes remaining. So both teams rightfully and respectfully agreed on ending this exciting match in a tie. Great OBBHA stuff of Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fairplay! All the best to John. 4-4 tie.

Terrific Tuesday December 6 Final and 3rd Seed Match!

The Finals! Vanier Voodoo vs Puckers...the Finals are the Finals. And the Puckers were not picked to even be there! So here they were. They held a 3-2 lead after one period and then it was still 3-2 until the turning point. In the last two minutes of the second period the surprising Puckers scored two goals to make it 5-2 and that was it. The Voodoo could not score on their old friend Andrew Gowing in the Puckers net (who had won a championship in the past on Saturday's with the Voodoo). The score remained the same until with 5-minutes left the teams traded goals and the Puckers added an extra tally to take the championship! Puckers win 7-3

The 3rd Seed match! The Wise Guys and Suh Dudes were slated/predicted to meet in the Finals but here they were in the 3rd Seed game. This was a titanic battle and worthy of a final! 1-1 and 2-2 at the period breaks. The Suh Dudes team is a team that has a solid core returning and playing Sunday B-Div too in January! The Wise Guys are transitioning and look to improve for the Winter Session. One of their hold overs will be Melanie Dagenais and she score the winner late in the 3rd for the win! Wise Guys win 3-2 and take 3rd Seed! 


Terrific Tuesday November 29 Round Robin Play-off Game #3 Highlights:Who will be in next weeks Finals and 3rd Seed Match??

Puckers vs Suh Dudes...the Puckers punched their ticket to the Finals with a very well earned win over Suh Dudes who were unfortunate around the net on many questions. Andrew Gowing was near perfect only giving up one goal. Puckers were up 2-0 and 3-0 at the period breaks before the Dudes finally got one past Gowing in the 3rd.  Suh Dudes play for the 3rd Seed in their next game.The Puckers win 5-1.

Vanier Voodoo vs Wise Guys...the Wise Guys needed to win by 5 goals to get into the Finals. They thoroughly dominated heavy portions of this game only to meet up with a familiar foe in the Vanier Voodoo net named Nathalie Girouard.  The Wise Guys were down 2-0 and 2-1 at period intervals and were unlucky not to be leading. Finally they broke free for a 4-2 lead and then an unfortunate break cost them goal and they were up 4-3. Finally they pulled the goalie in the final minutes to show their respect for the Cup as they tried to get more goals to make a run at the GF-GA deficit. Voodoo scored two empty netters and will play in the Final while the Wise Guys will play in the 3rd Seed Game. Vanier Voodoo win 5-4.

Terrific Tuesday November 22 Round Robin Play-off Game #2 Highlights:

Puckers vs Wise Guys....the Puckers have come out of nowhere and hold their own destiny in reaching the Finals! A big win over the Wise Guys was a magnificent effort. Tied 3-3 after one period the Puckers took a 6-4 lead into the final period and were able to hang on to a one goal win. This surprise development had the French Palace buzzing! Puckers win 7-6.

Vanier Voodoo vs Suh Dudes...another completely surprising result! This time the Voodoo had it all. Great goaltending and some incredibly efficient offence. This is not to say the Suh Dudes did not play well...they played very well but got zero bounces that went their way. A blow-out that makes in interesting wrinkle into next weeks final round robin game that will determine the Finals and 3rd Seed Match. Vanier Voodoo win 10-2.

Terrific Tuesday November 15 Round Robin Play-off Game #1 Highlights:

Wise Guys vs Suh Dudes...the new and improved Wise Guys with their youth movement and addition of a key female have moved to the next level as a team. A Dagenais on both teams provided some entertainment for the French Palace faithful. However the Suh Dudes with the only male Dagenais on the team is a very good team and look to be the favourites for the moment. Suh Dudes were down 2-1 and came back to tie 3-3 after two periods before being up 5-4 late and adding an empty netter. Suh Dudes take this one 6-4.

Puckers vs Vanier Voodoo...another 6-4 decision. After the Puckers took a 3-0 lead after the first period it seemed they were in control. However the Voodoo were always within striking distance. In the end the Puckers took this one by a couple of goals. Yes another 6-4 score, this time in favour of the Puckers.

Next week the 3-game play-off round robin starts. Top 2 teams meet in the Final while the other two play in the 3rd seed Match.

Terrific Tuesday November 8 Highlights:

Wise Guys vs Vanier Voodoo...this was all Voodoo from the very start. In one of their best team efforts in either of the leagues they play in (saturday-div too) the Voodoo were inspired to make well thought out plays. Eysia Desmier scored the hat-trick and the French Palace crowd even provided a hat for the floor to be picked up in tribute. Vanier voodoo win 11-5.

Suh Dudes vs Puckers...Puckers have improved each and every week and are playing their best just as the play-offs are about to start. In a big test vs the Dudes they held 2-0 and 6-3 leads. Suh Dudes scored 2-goals to make it an exciting finish at 6-5 and worked valiantly to tie it up. But a too many men call cost them a penalty shot goal scored by Mark Hughes that was his 4th of the game! Puckers win 7-5.

The Struts OBBHA Challenge Series...November 6th Inaugural Match:

 All Mesh (Saturday) vs Tsunamis (Monday)...All Mesh is undefeated in the Saturday A-Div with almost half their team very solid female performers. Tsunamis is a 9-year veteran team of the OBBHA in the Monday Division (they have seen Blue Zone Gym action and in recent years the French Palace Gym). For this first Challenge Game the game was tied 1-1 after the 1st period as both teams felt each other out with some end to end action. In the 2nd period All Mesh got their vaunted passing game going and had Tsunamis chasing enough to take a 4-1 lead until a late 2nd period goal by the Wave brought the score to 4-2. In the 3rd it was that All Mesh passing game that took over for the most part despite some spirited efforts on offence from Tsunamis. Andrew Gowing in the All Mesh net made key saves to keep the Wave from making All Mesh feel too uncomfortable with their game.  Of note Melanie Dagenais was injured and her sister subbed in for her. Stephanie Dagenais of the Saturday Newbies played up front with Struts and scored the hat-trick to the squealing delight of the French Palace faithful...even a helmet was dropped on the floor to salute her 3-goals in lieu of hats! In the end these two teams enjoyed a game that featured contrasting styles and lots of great action. Passing/ball control vs hustle/determination. The All Mesh recipe prevailed 8-4.

This first game of the Struts OBBHA Challenge Series was a success and paves the way for more to come! Here are the two teams that trail-blazed this exciting initiative:


The Struts OBBHA Challenge Series...starts Sunday, November 6 at 3pm as the Monday Night Div Tsunamis take on the Saturday All Mesh squad!

-this game is the first of an exciting series that will feature teams from different OBBHA divisions playing one another for a fun time and test their skills vs one another.

-the games will always be on a Sunday at 3pm

-teams of similar skill level and like-mindedness regarding the OBBHA 4-F motto will be asked to play one another to promote what that OBBHA is all about! Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Fair-Play.

These games should be a lot of fun and very interesting for the French Palace faithful to see. Watch for the Tweets and the Game Recap for this first game and the ones to follow as every couple of months a game will be scheduled.

Terrific Tuesday November 1 Highlights:

Puckers vs Wise Guys...goaltending was the big factor in this one as Andrew Gowing in the Puckers net was very good. Actually the Puckers were outstanding in this one with a real team effort. The Wise Guys were lookin for the "keys" to success and found a bunch that did not work....Puckers win 8-1.

Vanier Voodoo vs Suh Dudes....a big time effort from both teams and both goaltenders. The Voodoo needed an extra runner in order to get over the hump as they just missed enough gas in the tank to keep even. Suh Dudes prevail 5-3.

Terrific Tuesday October 25 Highlights:
Vanier Voodoo vs Puckers...Voodoo held a 4-1 first period lead only to have the Puckers roar back to tie it 5-5 near the end of the second period. Not much to choose from between these two teams as they traded goals and scoring chances the rest of the way. 8-8 tie.
Suh Dudes vs Wise Guys...Suh Dudes brought out a super-star otherwise this would have been a very tight game. 11-4 Suh Dudes win.
Terrific Tuesday October 18 Highlights:
Vanier Voodoo vs Wise Guys. The Wise Guys were on their game and passed the best they have in recent memory over the years. Voodoo gave it quite an effort but had trouble sustaining any pressure on the offence. The had bursts up the middle for some chances but the Wise Guys counter-attack followed by timely goals was the difference. Wise Guys win 8-3.
Puckers vs Suh Dudes. The Puckers had many shots but could not get much past Terry Cleroux in Suh Dudes net. Suh Dudes seemed to get all the bounces and their team chemistry helped generate quality offensive chances that resulted in goals. Suh Dudes win 10-2. 
Terrific Tuesday October 11 Highlights!
Wise Guys vs Puckers. The Puckers had their top scorer in the net to try and emulate last weeks scintillating performance in the Wise Guys net by one of the OBBHA's best offensive threats in the name of Trevor Polk (see last weeks recap!). This time the Wise Guys were too wise for that. The scored in bunches and left the rest to Shawn Pilon in their net to settle the score. Wise Guys win 12-5.
Suh Dudes vs Vanier Voodoo. Game of the night! First period Suh Dudes were up 2-1. Voodoo won the second period 3-0. Then Suh Dudes won the 3rd period 2-0. A very entertaining tie. Both goalies were factors with Terry Cleroux and Nathalie Girouard playing sparkling roles. 4-4 tie.
Terrific Tuesday October 4 Highlights!
Wise Guys vs Suh Dudes: Great story here! The Wise Guys were short benched and needed Game Manager Trevor Polk to slide between the pipes for them. Trevor Polk of great offensive attack ability (and an OBBHA Super Hero!) jumped into his debut in the net with vim and vigour! He had played in the nets with the OBBHA Youth on Saturday mornings, but never had been tested in the adult leagues. Suh Dudes tested him! But the Wise Guys, like Dino in the Flintstones, played like a Dino Dog with a bone and were heroes on this night! They were up 1-0 after one period and with renewed confidence actually outplayed Suh Dudes for a 4-0 lead after two periods! You just new the Suh Dudes would give it everything they had in the final period and they finally broke through Trevor Polk 2-minutes into the 3rd, but then could not beat him until there were 6-minute remaining. Polk was just amazing and then the Wise Guys put it away with a late goal. This game was soooo much fun! Wise Guys win 5-2.
Puckers vs Vanier Voodoo: The Puckers had a sniper and he did the damage. Strangely flat game from the Voodoo squad who have been a force to reckoned with this session. Although the Blue Jays game was a distraction it did not affect the Puckers who pitched a complete game at Voodoo for the win. Puckers win 10-5.
Terrific Tuesday September 27 Highlights!
Wise Guys vs Vanier Voodoo...the Wise Guy were game but just a bit short on the bench to match the Voodoo stamina in the prelude to the Team Canada match. Vanier Voodoo win 6-3.
Suh Dudes vs Puckers...the Puckers had their full bench for the first time and were trying to figure out their chemistry and basic team defence. Defence in the form of 4-man coverage. That was not figured out so that will be the main theme for them in the next game and games to come....team defensive coverage for all 4 players on the floor. Suh Dudes were all over that! Suh Dudes win 13-2.
Terrific Tuesday September 20 Highlights!
Vanier Voodoo vs Suh Dudes....two teams seeing red so Suh Dudes will go white for the rest of the session when these two meet up. It looked like Suh Dudes would walk away with an easy win up 4-1, but the Voodoo scored two to make it 4-3 and it was tight play from then on. Finally late in the game Suh Dudes scored with about 4-minutes remaining and in the final minute as Voodoo made a final push. Suh Dudes win 6-3.
Puckers vs Wise Guys.... a game where the Puckers said we just won't give up! The Wise Guys kept on getting leads, but the Puckers were plucky and kept on scoring to keep it close. Wise Guys win 11-6.
Terrific Tuesday September 13 Opening Day Highlights!

Welcome Back everybody and great to have you new teams join Terrific Tuesday!

Vanier Voodoo vs Puckers...the Puckers are a new group of players just trying figure out who plays where. So down 9-1 after two periods was no big surprise to a veteran team that now plays twice a week in the Voodoo. The third period was more like as the Puckers had some game in them and the game was back and forth. Voodoo goalie Nathalie Girouard (yes by now you know she is Team Canada's top goalie with a few Gold Medals in her showcase) was solid as this game could have been closer if not for her work. Voodoo wins it 12-1.

Suh Dudes vs Wise Guys...quite a pace for an opening night game! The Wise Guys could have used at least two more bodies as they kept up with the hustling Suh Dudes for two periods at 3-3. But with 6-minutes remaining in the game they ran out of gas and Suh Dudes were all over that for 4 straight goals to put it away. Suh Dudes win 7-3.


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