Super Saturday

Great fun Fall Season everyone!! See you all back in Saturday, January 12th!

Saturday, December 8th B-Div Finals/3rd Seed Match:

Noon Game #2 A-Div Final: All Mesh vs Rebels...All Mesh lead the series 1-0 going in. For two periods the Rebels tried but All Mesh were a pass ahead of them at 2-0 and 6-1 at the breaks. All Mesh went up 7-1 and that is when the Rebels found their game and tilted the floor and roared back to come within a goal at 7-6. The crowd was into it now and then Danika Gratton made a huge play to set up Mike Fuller with the big goal to give All Mesh the game and the championship. Congrats to both teams for yet another entertaining time and to All Mesh for another championship! All Mesh win 9-6.

Congrats to the Fall 2018 A-Div Champions All Mesh:


1pm (3rd Seed Match) Net Masters vs Perfect Blend...the Blend used a first period 3-1 lead to their advantage by playing well defensively after that to build a 6-2 lead heading into the 3rd. Then with Blend seemingly in control up 8-3 the Net Masters rallied to make it 8-7 and time left to tie! The Blend hung on but it was a whale of a finish! Perfect Blend win 8-7.

2pm (Final) Average Joes vs Pylons...the game everyone was waiting for. And it was worth the wait! The two teams played a tight structured game and scoring chances were the result of hard work and creative passing. The team defences were air tight most of the game and the goaltenders were only beaten by perfect shots. The Joes were up 1-0 and 3-1 at the two period breaks. The Pylons made it 3-2 fairly early in the 3rd to set the stage for more back and forth play until finally with goalie pulled the Pylons ran out of time and the Joes scored two into the empty cage to take their 2nd Championship! Congrats to both teams for a splenid Final. Average Joes win 5-2.

Congrats to the Fall 2018 B-Div Champions Average Joes:


Highlights Super Saturday semi-finals for the B-Div and Game #1 of A-Final Tuesday, December 4th:


B-Div semi-final: Average Joes vs Perfect Blend...a pick-em at best match as this was expected to be a closely played game. it was a close low scoring game with excellent goaltending. Guy in the Joes net was almost invincible and he was the key to to the Joes victory as they were held to 3 goals. The Joes are off to the finals! The Blend will going for the 3rd seed on Saturday. Average Joes win 3-1.


B-Div semi-final: Net Masters vs Pylons...the Pylons finishing first were the odds on favourites to win. But the always solid goaltending on the Net Masters is always a factor. However it was no Joey but the back-up Dave Labelle who wanted to prove his worth in the big game! The goaltending from Labelle almost stole the show! At 6-6 the Pylons needed a late goal to punch their ticket into this Saturdays final. The Net Masters will try for 3rd. Pylons win 7-6.


Game #1 A-Div Final: Rebels vs All Mesh...fasten your seat-belts!! The All Mesh were up 3-0 and it stayed that way a long time after that. The teams traded a pair each in the 2nd for a 5-2 score. Then up 6-4 the All Mesh weathered a few close calls and pulled away late to take game #1 of the Final. Game #2 this Saturday. All Mesh win 8-4.


December 1 Highlights:


A-Div: Orleans 93's vs #7 of challenge series. Rebels go in 1-2-0 and 93's 1-0. The game was excellent as expected. It was close for two periods plus and then the 93's shut-down the Rebels back door play and their down low plays to take over the game in the 3rd. Some nice triangle passing set-ups also powered the 93's through this one. Orleans 93's win 10-5.


B-Div: Pylons vs Perfect Blend...another well played game and potential finals preview. Close the entire game but the Pylons were always up a goal or two. Finally the Pylons kept the lead as time ran out on the Blend. Pylons win 8-6.


B-Div: Net Masters vs Average Joes...a goalie battle for 2 periods as the goals by the Joe's kept this game at 2-0 until the 3rd period. Then the Joes pulled away for the 2 point. Average Joes win 6-1.


A-Div: Game #8 and the final Challenge Series game which have been tremendously successful and fun. The All Mesh came in with a 1-1-1 Challenge Series record while The Block were 0-1. It was a very even game but another game where a team was up a pair and kept the lead throughout as the All Mesh pulled the trick. With the victory by All Mesh the entire Challenge Series ended with a slight edge for the Challengers with 4-3-1 record. All Mesh win 7-5.


November 24 Highlights:


A-Div: Flint Tropics vs Rebels...Game 5 of the Challenge Series. Challengers held a 2-1-1 record and the Tropics had tied in their first match with All Mesh. The first period was the best at 4-4. The Tropics pulled away for good in the 2nd period with a 5-0 period win. The 3rd was tight again. Fun stuff. Flint Tropics end with a 1-0-1 record for the Challenge Series. Flint Tropics win 12-6.


B-Div: Average Joes vs Perfect Blend...a bit of surprise as Perfect Blend built a solid 7-2 lead based on some nice play making not to mention finishing. Everyone was waiting for the Joe's to come roaring back, but they gave it a little go with a pair but missed one great chance and then Perfect Blend protected their goalie well. Perfect Blend win 7-4.


B-Div: Pylons vs Net Masters...Joey in the net made some memorable saves in this one as the Pylons had their offensive game in the best gear we have ever seen it. The Net Masters had some offence but 8 was not enough! Pylons win 15-8.


A-Div: Dekes of Hazzard vs All Mesh....Game 6 of the Challenge Series and the Dekes had won their game with the Rebels in a very entertaining match a couple of weeks ago. Another amazing game! 3-2 and 7-5 All Mesh leads and then a 2-2 3rd period tie gave All Mesh the win and the Dekes an even 1-1 record for the Challenge Series. The stars of the game were the All Mesh girls and in particular their goalie Melanie Simard! Nice work everyone! All Mesh win 9-7.


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As Doug Gilmour said back in 1994 "you can't hide under the helmet all the time"


Play clean!

John and Jason at the OBBHA


November 17 Highlights:


All Mesh vs Rebels...the classic match-up. And it turned into all offence. Thing was that the Rebels had it all while the All Mesh had chances but could not bury to keep close. Noteworthy was Olivier Raymond scoring 7 goals for the Rebels in his best performance of his career....the buzz in the French Palace was on as at 7 goals the fans started talking about the record of 10 goals in a game (Belanger and Polk share the record) and after the 7th goal Olivier had many Grade A chances and was robbed by Mel Simard.  Rebels win 14-7.


Pylons vs Average Joes...the pundits say this is a big potential final as long they don't meet in the semi-finals. This was a low scoring affair as the goalies were on their games Marquis vs Pilon. The Pylons welcomed back Moose into the line-up and they had enough offence to pull out in front early and stay there. Pylons win 5-2.


Net Masters vs Perfect Blend...a close match as the Net Masters struggled on offence but had a stellar defensive game. The Blend were on their game enough to win it. Oh and Olivier Raymond potted 3 more goals in this one! Perfect Blend win 7-4.

November 10 Highlights:

Game 3 of the 8 game Challenge Series: Dekes of Hazzard vs Rebels...what a game what a game what a game! Passing at its best from two very talented teams. The Dekes were up 2-1 and 5-2 at the period breaks. In the the 3rd the French Palace crowd grew and cheered on every great play. The Rebels exhilerated the fans by tying it 5-5 to est-up a wild finish. At 6-6 the Dekes scored with 1:34 remaining. The Rebels pulled the goalie and owned ball posession to set-up 4 glorious opportunities to get the equalizer by agonizingly missed them all. Congrats on yet another great Challenge Series match. Dekes of Hazzard win 7-6.

Average Joes vs Net Masters...the Nets Masters had Joey on fire in the net plus some bench strength to play sound defence. The Net Master scored enough for 1-0 and 3-1 leads at the breaks. The Joes were fired up for the 3rd and worked hard for very entertaining tie. 4-4 tie.

Perfect Blend vs Pylons...this was all Pylons! 3-0 and 9-3 period break leads were enough for comfortably played 3rd period. Pylons win 12-6.

Game 4 of the 8 game Challenge Series: Flint Tropics vs All Mesh...more passing at a high level that accentuated creativity and the beauty of the game. Goaltending was top notch with Ryran Girgrah in the Flint net and Shawn Pilon in the All Mesh net. Not much mesh hit nor flint to light the lamp in the 1st period as All Mesh was up 2-1. The 2nd featured the impressive shooting and over-all offence that was frankly expected for this version of the Series as it was 6-6 after two grilling periods of sizzling play. The 3rd period the tempo even pumped up higher if you could believe it! At 9-8 Flint the All Mesh pulled their goalie for the extra attacker and tied it with 1:27 left. More chances from both sides had the fans on pins and needles but it ended breathlessly with no winner. 9-9 tie.

November 3 Highlights:

The Block vs Rebels...the first of the 8 Challenge Series games for Super Saturday and it was awesome! Most of the goals were in the 1st period as the Rebels were up 4-3. Then the goaltenders took over as the teams passed incredibly well to set up glorious chances. 5-4 Rebels after the teams traded a goal each in the middle frame. It went down to then wire and finally the Rebels scored an empty netter. Rebels win 6-4.

Perfect Blend vs Average forward to the seconds ticking down with Perfect Blend up 5-4 and the Joes just beat the buzzer to knot it up. 5-5 tie.

Net Masters vs Pylons...Pylon go a lead and kept it throughout. But the Net Masters were pesky and kept within striking distance but ran out of time. Pylons win 8-6.

Orleans 93's vs All Mesh...the 2nd game of the Challenge Series looked very compelling on paper with two more passing teams matching up. Lot's of good hands too on both sides. It looked to be a blow-out with the 93's up 6-1 after one period. But All Mesh came back to tie it up 8-8, but with 35-seconds left the 93's scored the winner. Orleans 93's win 9-8.

October 27 Highlights: Next week the Challenge Series starts for the A-Div All Mesh and Rebels followed by their two game championship match-up: The B-Div now play each other until the semi-finals and Finals in December.

Rebels vs All much fun when these two get together. Back and forth with tons of passing and great back-checking. It appeared All Mesh had the game in hand up 2-0 and 3-1 at the breaks and then even up 4-2 late. But at 4-3 the Rebels tied it up with just over a minute to play. 4-4.

Average Joes vs Pylons...another game that appeared to be going one way as the Joes were up 2-0 after one and the Pylons struggling to generate offence. But the Pylons score all 3 of the second period goals for a 3-2 lead. The Pylons were up 5-4 late and scored into an empty net for the win. Pylons win 6-4.

Perfect Blend vs Net Masters...lots of action and goals in this one. 2-2 and 6-5 Net Masters at the two breaks. In the 3rd the Net Masters pulled away. Net Masters win 11-8.

October 20 Highlights:

Rebels vs Average Joes...Natasha Plourde gets her first OBBHA shut-out! Best game of the day. Contrasting styles as the teams were staying within their own game plans....passing vs hustle. Al Jolivet also shone in the net. Rebel win 3-0

Perfect Blend vs Pylons...all Perfect Blend here. They simply tilted the floor and now are in the mix of favourites to win it all! Perfect Blend win 12-6.

All Mesh vs Net was well played. All Mesh had the offence but the Net Masters were full value of their efforts that created their own scoring chances. Finally Laurie Reinhart broke the shut-out bid of Melanie Simard in the final two minutes. Lisa Adamson scored two goals and came agonizingly close to getting her first hat-trick. All Mesh win 9-1.

October 13 Highlights:

Tornado's, breaks, its the Super Double to get us back on track!

Net Masters vs Rebels....the Net Masters matched the Rebels in every category but short shifts and man to man coverage. The Rebels took advantage! Rebels win 12-1.

Pylons vs Rebels...Rebels were first up for a double dip. The Pylons were fresh and the Rebels finally ran out of steam as this chess match ended with a Pylons impressive run. Pylons win 11-7.

Average Joes vs Net Masters...Net Masters got the break before getting back into it. A close game with minimum scoring chances as both teams played a structured game. The Joes with a short bench used smart game to stay up. Average Joes win 6-2.

All Mesh vs Pylons...Pylons were anxious for their second shot. The Pylons forgot how to cover the back door play and lost coverage for some reason as it would have been closer if they concentrated on the man to man coverage. All Mesh win 12-5.

Average Joes vs Perfect Blend...Joes were not sure if a break or back to back games were advantageous. Average Joes used the same game plan in game one vs the Net Masters in this one. Average Joes win 6-3.

Perfect Blend vs All Mesh....the Blend were up against a back to back and the rested All Mesh perfect storm? The Blend added some depth from the All Mesh roster and then schooled All Mesh on how to play their own game! Perfect Blend win 13-8.

September 15 Highlights:

Rebels vs Perfect Blend...good old fashioned fun. 7-7 tie.

Net Master vs Pylons...close for two periods with Pylons up 5-4, and the Pylons pulled away in the 3rd. Pylons win 8-4.

Average Joes vs All Mesh...The Joes played well and were within striking distance until late in the 3rd. All Mesh win 10-5.

Opening Night for the Fall Session September 8th...Our 10th Season Anniversary!!

All Mesh vs Rebels...the most classic OBBHA rivalry. These two team are slated to play in the most lengthy play-off series in the history of the OBBHA and with good reason. On top of that the both will be engaging in the spirit of the "Struts Challenge Series" to mark the OBBHA 10th Year Anniversary. So true to form another amazing game opened up the Super Saturday Season! The Rebels were up 3-2 after one period but not before All Mesh's rookie sensation "Lighting Lisa" opened up the scoring for the Fall 2018 season!! The 2nd period ended up locked up at 6-6. In the 3rd with All Mesh up a goal the Rebels pulled the goalie and came a bounce away from tying it up in the last second!!! All Mesh wins 10-9

Perfect Blend vs Net Masters...full disclosure is that the Net Masters won today and it marked the first time in franchise history that they won a an opening game day game! The longtime Net Masters were up 4-0 early and looking like it might be a cake-walk. But Perfect Blend as always never gave up and close to within a goal deficit at 5-4. But the Net Masters took control late in the game for a very fun win. Net Masters win a historic vcitory 9-5.

Pylons vs Average Joes...the Average Joes were slightly above average for two periods as they were up 6-4 at this point. Actually early in the 3rd they played above the pay grade as they were up 8-4. The OBBHA pundits had penned in the Pylons as the odds on favourites to win the B-Div this Fall. As everyone knows you have to prove it in the French Palace. The pundits looked like prophets as the Pylons completely tilted the floors in the later stages of the 3rd period to roar back to tie it up 8-8. Note that Josh McCormick scored 7 goals for the was a bit short of the league record of 10 goals set by Trevor Polk and Eric Belanger in 2013 and 2014 in the Sunday A-Div. 8-8 tie


What a great season! See everyone back in the Fall for the 10th Season of the OBBHA!
Saturday, April 28 Highlights: The Finals for A-Div and B-Div plus the Seeding Matches:

(B-Div Finals)…Perfect Blend vs Vanier Voodoo. A wonderful final! 1-1 after one and then a precarious 3-2 lead for Vanier Voodoo despite their several posts. In the 3rd two late goals gave the Voodoo the title after many years removed from their previous one. Vanier Voodoo win 5-2.

Vanier Voodoo B-Div Champs:


(B-Div 3rd Seed Match)) Average Joes vs The Flying Squirrels. How about some OT to decide this one. A rare OBBHA OT was permitted and the Joes score 1:22 into the OT. Average Joes win 7-6 in OT.

(B-Div 5th Seed Match))  Net Masters vs Pylons...for most of the game it appeared the Net Masters wer going to win. But at 6-4 Net Masters the Pylons roared back with 4-straight goals for the exhilerating win. Pylons win 8-6.

(A-Div Final)) All Mesh vs Beastmode...All Mesh were missing 4 regulars but gave a great 1st period performance only down 6-4. After that Beastmode was just too good and ran away with it. Congrats to the Beast as they showed how to play a complete game every Saturday with speed, skill and creative play-making while having so much fun! Beastmode win 14-5.
Beastmode A-Div Champs:
 A-Div: Ottawa Reds hand the Rebels a friendly 3rd Seed 5-0.

A-Div: Game 3 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match: 

-Re-scheduled for Monday, April 23 Highlights:

9:00pm A-Div: Rebels vs Beastmode...Rebels get the gimme 5-0.

10:00pm A-Div: All Mesh vs Ottawa Reds...Reds needed the win and All Mesh needed a tie or win to reach the finals vs Beastmode this Saturday. A wild first period left the two teams tied up 1-1. The Reds goalie was simply outstanding as All Mesh had the territorial advantage throughout. The Reds had some bursts of ball possession in the 2nd but some timely goals for All Mesh put them up 5-3. Finally all the passing wore down the Reds and their goaltender as All Mesh pulled away for a spot in the Finals while the Reds will vie for 3rd Seed. All Mesh win 9-4.

A-Div: Game 2 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match:

-Saturday, April 21 Highlights: 

A-Div: Ottawa Reds vs Beastmode...a tremendously good game. 0-0 after one period. The Beastmode were up 2-0 and then it was 2-1. In the 3rd the Beastmode scored the key goals to get the big victory. Beastmode win 5-2.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Rebels...another classic everyone enjoyed. 2-2 and 4-2 All Mesh at the period breaks. The Rebels scored 3 quick goals early in the 3rd to take a 5-4 lead. 5-5, 6-5 Rebels and then 2 late goals put All Mesh up a goal and they survived a strong push with the goalie pulled by the Rebels. All Mesh win 7-6.

Revolver Game #2 of 3 Saturday, April 21 Highlights

(Seeding Game 6vs5)) Net Masters vs The Flying Squirrels...a tight match for everyone to enjoy. Net Masters will be in next weeks 5th seed game, while Squirrels will play for 3rd. Squirrels win 6-3.

(semi-final 3vs2))  Perfect Blend vs Pylons...the Pylons were not prepared mentally as their defensive coverage was horrible in the first period down 8-1. The Pylons tried desperately to come back but Parker Hubley in the Blend net had a monster game! Pylons will play for 5rth Seed next week. Perfect Blend make the finals with a 12-5 win.

(semi-final 4vs1)) Vanier Voodoo vs Average Joes...Voodoo have been putting it together in recent weeks. The Average Joes have been the team to beat all session. In this one the Joes could not get the offence in gear while Voodoo scored key goals at key moments of the game. Joes will play for 3rd Seee. Vanier Voodoo off to the finals with the win 5-1.

Saturday B-Div Revolver Game #1 of 3 Tuesday, April 17

B-Div: (6vs3) Net Masters  vs Perfect Blend...winner will play a semi-final 2 or 1 depending on re-seeding, while loser will play two more consolation seeding games. Perfect Blend were very quick out of the gate and an early lead is whatcarried them through. Perfect Blend win 10-5.

B-Div: (2vs1) Pylons vs Average Joes...both teams are guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals to follow. Even until the end...then the Joes scored late to secure first place for the semi. Average Joes win 7-4.

B-Div: (5vs4)  The Flying Squirrels vs Vanier Voodoo...winner will play a semi-final vs 2 or 1 depending on re-seeding, while loser will play two more consolation seeding games. Voodoo goaltending was the difference here. Then a late game gas leak ended any hopes for the rodent come-back. Vanier Voodoo win 5-2.

Super Saturday April 14 Highlights:

A-Div: Game 1 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match: 

A-Div: Rebels vs Ottawa Reds...a great battle. Rebels were up 3-0 but the Reds kept creeping back into and were only down 5-4 after two periods. In the end it was tie and a very appropriate one! 6-6 tie.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Beastmode...always a great game between the two and this was no different. The difference in this one was a late surge in the 2nd period by Beastmode that gave them a few goal lead they never gave up. Beastmode win 10-6.

B-Div: Last game of regular season, before the 3-game play-off revolver begins:

B-Div: The Flying Squirrels vs Vanier Voodoo...low scoring so the goalies were on fire and the teams played a tight checking style match. Vanier Voodoo win 5-3.

B-Div: Pylons vs Perfect Blend...a wild one! Goalies were left out of this one as the offences were all about scoring! Perfect Blend win 15-14.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Average Joes...last vs 1st and the Net Masters were full value giving the top dogs a very fine game. The Net Masters were up 5-4 after two periods and looking for the upset! The got it!! Net Masters win 6-5.

Super Saturday April 7 Highlights:

A-Div: Beastmode vs Ottawa Reds...a pretty evenly played first left the Beastmode up 3-1. After that the Reds did not pass as efficiently and this tilted the floor heavily in favour of their opponent. Beastmode win 10-1.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Rebels..a game of 3 streaks. All Mesh scored the first two to be up 2-1 after one. The Rebels score 5-straight to be up 5-4 after two. All Mesh respnded with 7-straight of their own. All Mesh win 9-5.

B-Div: Net Masters vs The Flying Squirrels...low scoring exciting game. Goalies were hot and the teams played structured ball hockey so even play all around. Flying Squirrels win 4-2.

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Average Joes...another low scoring game and in fact the 1st goal was scored deep into the 2nd period. At 2-0 Joes the Perfect Blend scored a fraction to late in the 2nd period as the whistle went...and a fun video review took place. The OBBHA Ottawa War Room looked at for quite a few takes before ruling the call on the floor stood! Average Joes hang on to win 3-2.

B-Div: Pylons vs Vanier Voodoo...very high pace to this match. At 5-5 in the 3rd the Pylons finally solved Melanie Simard in the Voodoo net who was other-worldly in her effort today! Pylons win 7-5.

Super Saturday March 24 Highlights:

A-Div: Ottawa Reds vs Rebels...the a-Div is now being played as intended. Great skilled ball hickey and no drama lol! This one was tight and well played. 1-0 after one period for the Reds before the Rebels turned the table for a 4-3 lead after two. The Reds scored quickly early in the 3rd and hung on for a fun win. Ottawa Reds win 7-5.

B-Div: Average Joes vs The Flying Squirrels...the Joes were tested but kept first place. 5-5 after one and then won the 2nd for a 9-6 lead. The 3rd was even at 3-3. Average Joes win 12-9.

B-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs Perfect Blend...a slow start by Voodoo was the storyline that was the difference. Down 4-0 after one the Voodoo slowly crept back into this one only to come up one goal short in a fine comeback effort. Perfect Blend win 5-4.

B-Div: Pylons vs Net Master...the Net Masters seem to save their best for the Pylons. They piled up 50 shots on Shawn Pilon in the Pylons net, the most ever recorded for the Net Masters offence. It was 4-4 after two periods and 5-5 late before the Pylons scored two late for a nervy win. Pylons win 7-5.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Beastmode...another excellent a-Div game. 3-1 and 4-3 period break leads for the beasts. They hung on for a one goal win scoring late to breaks a 6-6 deadlock. Beastmode win 7-6.

Reminder no games Saturday March 10 and resumes Saturday, March 24

Enjoy March Break!

Super Saturday March 3 Highlights:

A-Div: Ottawa Reds vs All Mesh...a back and forth match. Reds were up 4-3 after one and the the difference maker took place in the 2nd as they increased the lead to 9-5 and never looked back with a strong 3rd too despite All Mesh giving a strong push back. Noticeable was Andrew Dubroy's 5 goals for the Reds. Ottawa Reds win 14-9.

A-Div: Rebels vs Beastmode...excellent skille match. Beastmode had the upper hand in the hands department with 3-0 and 6-2 period break leads. The passing on both teams was a pleasure to watch. Beastmode win 9-4.

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs The Flying Squirrels...the Blend jumped to a 3-0 first period lead. The Squirrels worked hard but did not get the bounces on offence. This was one of the Blends best games start to finish in quite some time. Perfect Blend win 8-3.

B-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs Net Masters...the Voodoo put in 4 in the first and they needed them as the 2nd period was scoreless. The Net Masters gathered confidence as the game wore on despite the slow start and not much luck on offence. The teams played a 2-2 3rd period. Vanier Voodoo win 6-2.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Pylons...the last game of the day was well anticipated as the two teams have been playing well of late. The last time the two met the Joes dominated. This time it was a complete reversal as the Pylons played their best yet. Pylons win 10-3.

Super Saturday February 24 Highlights:

A-Div: Ottawa Reds vs Beastmode...the Reds came out looking unbeatable with a 7-2 lead. But Beastmode turned it around and stunned the French Palace crowd with full comeback bid to win a wild one 10-9.

A-Div: Rebels vs All Mesh...All Mesh were looking foe their first win and were up 6-0 late looking for the rare OBBHA shut-out, but the Rebels scored on a penalty shot. All Mesh win 6-1.

B-Div: The Flying Squirrels vs Pylons...a great game. The Squirrels were up 3-2 after one and then the Pylons reversed that and were 5-4 after two. The teams ended up appropriately tied in the end. 6-6 tie.

B-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs Average Joes...this was a typical Joes game. Great goaltending and solid two way effort. The Voodoo could not get the offence untracked and could not score. Guy! Guy! Guy! with the shut-out!! Average Joes win 3-0.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Perfect Blend...Perfect Blend were up 2-1 after one and the two teams were in an evenly played match. However the Blend pulled away in the 2nd for a 5-2 and even more in the 3rd. Perfect Blend win 10-4.

Super Saturday February 10 Highlights:

A-Div: Rebels vs Ottawa Reds...the Reds had the offence going including the younger Kitchen scoring 4 goals. After a 4-2 first period lead the Reds tried pulling away but it was still in doubt late at 8-5 and the Rebels getting quality scoring chances. Empty netters put it away. Ottawa Reds win 10-5.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Net Masters...for two periods the Net Masters were close only down 3-1 and 5-2 at the breaks. They tired in the 3rd as the Joes used some stretch passes to their advantage. Average Joes win 9-4.

B-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs The Flying Squirrels...a string of surprising results started with this one. The surging Squirrels ran into a very well oiled Voodoo team that just did not make many mistakes in this one. Vanier Voodoo win 7-1.

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Pylons...the Pylons looked like they were going to go on scoring binge early but then could not buy one. The Blend scored some very nice goals and lots of them. Perfect Blend win 10-5.

A-Div: Beastmode vs All Mesh...not much was expected from All Mesh as they were win-less and were missing their top player. But they were up with a well deserved 8-4 lead at one point and then hung of for a bit once it was tied 9-9, but had the better chances in the final minute of play. 9-9 tie

Super Saturday February 3 Highlights:

A-Div: All Mesh vs Ottawa Reds...this looked to be the game of the day, but the next one was. This was a close 2nd! An amazing game as the A-Div has all the French Palace fans on Super Saturday taking a peak at these extraordinary passing games. The Reds had the snipers working and then had to hold on as the All Mesh crew made a valiant comeback bid that came up just short. Ottawa Reds win 9-8.

A-Div: Beastmode vs Rebels...the Rebels have always brought out the best in people and their teams. This was no exception as Beastmode quickly picked that this was all about skill and great competition. As the game wore on there was nothing to differentiate the teams from the goalie out. The fans loved it and were buzzing play after play.The game ended in a very appropriate 5-5 tie.

B-Div: The Flying Squirrels vs Net Masters....the OBBHA game is very hard to play with a short bench and with unknown spares as the chemistry factor slowly fades away. So the Squirrels had the advantage from the get-go and won this one playing their style of game. Flying Squirrels win 12-2.

B-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs of the day on the B side! The Pylons were missing a couple of key components but jumped out to an early lead only to fall behind and then come back to tie things up 6-6 in the 3rd. Then with 1:45 remaining Dan Apt with a quick shot scored the winner for the orange-men. Pylons win 7-6.

B-Div: Average Joes vs Perfect Blend....the Blend were missing a couple of key snipers and this hurt their offence that never got untracked. The Joes simply slowly pulled away from start to finish. Average Joes win 10-2. 

Super Saturday January 27 Highlights:

A-Div: Beastmode vs Ottawa Reds...the Reds were out in front 3-0 early but Beastmode came back to tie before the Reds took a 4-3 lead into the 2nd. Beastmode had a huge 2nd for a 10-5 insurmountable lead. A close 3rd was played. Beastmode win 12-5.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Rebels...a wonderful passing game. All Mesh held period break leads of 2-0 and 5-4. But the Rebels scored a late winner with 1:02 left to take it. Rebels win 8-7.

B-Div: The Flying Squirrels vs Average Joes.....the Squirrels had the offence going again for 3-2 first perid lead and a strong 2nd for a 7-4 lead. Int the 3rd the Joes put on a push but came up short. Flying Squirrels win 8-6.

B-Div: Perfect Blend vs Vanier Voodoo...Voodoo were 3-1 after one. The Blend had a strong opening to the 2nd to tie it all up at 3-3, but Voodoo recovered and regained the lead 6-4 heading into the final stanza. The teams played a solid two way 2-2 tie in the 3rd so the Voodoo preserved their lead. Vanier Voodoo win 8-6.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Pylons...a great way to finish the day! Two teams having fun in a very close barn-burner. Pylons kept getting leads but the Net Masters always clawed their way back into it. Finally at the end the Pylons hung on for a nervy one goal win. Pylons win 9-8.

Super Saturday January 20 Highlights:

A-Div: Ottawa Reds vs Rebels...this was a wonderful game. Hard working with many great plays. Goalies were on their game big-time. After two periods it was 1-0 for the Ottawa Reds. In the 3rd the pace continued at a great pace. Late in the game with the Reds up 3-2 on a rifle shot by Ben Gagnon the Rebels came on strong. The Rebels had a goal missed the replays will show but did not complain and just focused in trying to tie it up and then with their goalie pulled they tied it up with 7-seconds left. Very fun game! 3-3.

A-Div:The Flying Squirrels vs Perfect Blend...the Squirrels offence was on today! Perfect blend is known for their offence and they scored some goals, but the red squirrels had it all going today! Flying Squirrels win 11-6.

B-Div: Pylons vs Average Joes...the first was close at 1-1. The Average Joes took a 3-1 lead in the 2nd and increased it to 5-3 early in the 3rd. Then the pylons struck quickly for 2-goals to close it to 5-3. But the Joes capitalized on some chances to put it away. Average Joes win 8-4.

B-Div: Net Masters vs Vanier Voodoo...Net Masters had a little step on the Voodoo for the first two periods but heading into the final period it was tied up 3-3. The Voodoo new signing of Cameron Parker came to an early bonus as he was a factor on offence in the 3rd period for several goals for the hard earned win. Vanier Voodoo win 7-5.

A-Div: All Mesh vs Beastmode...this was a perfect game. Everyone went hard and made great plays. Beastmode held a first period lead of 5-2 but All Mesh would not go away. At one point they closed to within 5-4. But then Beatmode jumped back out to an 8-4 lead after two. In the 3rd All mesh made it 8-6, but a late goal put it away. Beastmode win 9-6.

Saturday OBBHA Teams......Another great season is  underway, 

This season we have a couple of new initiatives to stimulate some positive vibes with the OBBHA.

See below as John will follow up and provide specifics before the start of your game.

Thank you in advance for sharing items B and C with your players.

A. Stats

Team captains or designated statistician will have the option to keep track of team stats. HOW? see below.

After each game:

1-On the home page under  STATISTICS / WINTER 2018 on the bottom left click on your respective league/division statistic link

2-Input team Roster in your respective "Team Sheet/Label"  You only need to enter the player once. Keep adding the players as they show up (max 20 per team)

3-Input number of goals and assists by each player on a game per game basis

B. OBBHA Weekly Hockey Pool

Hockey experts, we got something for you!

In an attempt to create a buzz and raise funds to enable underprivileged kids to play ball hockey, we came up with the following idea.

Why not create a weekly hockey pool, using the same concept as Pro Picks (Proline) where you have a chance to win every week!!

-Every week, you have the chance to win a 50$ giftcard from Canadian Tire

-20$ to join / pay John directly or send money transfer to "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

-Submit your weekly picks before the deadline (5 minutes before first scheduled game on Saturday)

-Pick the winner / 1 point per game 

-Tie breaker is "TOTAL GOALS of CBC Featured game of the week (Saturday 7pm) 

-1 winner / per week (Most points)

-Join anytime

 Week 1 / Saturday January 20th Selection Form - Deadline 12:55 EST 

C. Live Streams and game archives

 All your games are available on the following link


Please feel free if you have any questions.

Please forward to your team members


Bigger, Better and Stronger in 2018, thanks to you guys and your efforts!