Mon/Thurs. Spring/Summer

Great Spring everyone! See you in the Fall!

Spring Monday/Thursday League June 8: 

3rd Seed Match: Balls Deep vs Silky Ball Handers...Balls Deep win 4-3.

Final: A Few Good Men vs Tsunamis...the Wave held a 3-0 lead after one period. In the 2nd the teams traded goals for a 4-1 lead for the Wave. In in 3rd A Few Good Men made it interesting early on by closing to 5-3. But the Wave used their team game and veteran leadership to pull away for the Championship! Congrats to the Tsunamis squad! Tsunamis win 10-3.

Spring Monday/Thursday League June 5: 

A Few Good Men vs Silky Ball Handlers...the battle to see who plays in the Finals this Thursday vs Tsunamis at 7pm. Silky had the 2-1 lead after one and then AFGM held a 4-3 lead after two periods. Remember a tie would put AFGM through! So in the 3rd with AFGM up 7-6 in the final minute Silky pulled their goalie for that extra attacker and scored with 14 seconds remaining. Then with 4 seconds left they had two great chances to tie but could not get a full crack at it to win it. A Few Good Men go through to the Finals with the nail-biting tie. 7-7 tie.

Tsunamis vs Balls Deep...the Wave are off to the final while Balls Deep knew they would be in the 3rd Seed match on Thursday at 8pm. So this was a full effort anyways. Tsunamis win 8-2. 

Spring Monday/Thursday League May 29: 

Silky Ball Handlers vs Tsunamis...a very important two points up for grabs here that will start to make the Finals and 3rd Seed Matches clearer or completely muddle them up. The Wave was ready for this one! And secured a spot in the *June 8 Finals with one more game to go next Monday. Tsunamis win 12-5.

Balls Deep vs A Few Good Men...a must win for A Few Good Men! 1-1 after one period. Some fun Squirrely moments as some of the Saturday Div Chipmunks were involved in the net and and on the offence. Then A Few Good Men moved the ball extremely well for a big 7-3 2nd period lead and carried through their strong play in the 3rd for the win. A Few Good Men win 9-5.

*So a spot in the Thursday June 8 Final with Tsunamis will come down to next Monday, June 5 showdown between A Few Good Men and the Silky Ball Handlers! However a tie pushes A Few Good Men through.

Spring Monday/Thursday League May 25: 

Silky Ball Handlers vs Balls Deep....Balls Deep hand a 5-0 win to the Silky Ball Handlers.

Tsunamis vs A Few Good Men...a juicy contest in advance of the big Sens game. The intensity level was high and the end to end game ensued! 3-1 and 5-3 leads for the Wave seemed to have a winner. But A Few Good Men scored to make it 5-4 in the 3rd and the with about 2-minutes left a too many men penalty shot was awarded to A Few Good Men so Mark Lewis made good on this opportunity to complete the comeback! 5-5 tie. 

Spring Monday/Thursday League May 18: 

Tsunamis vs Balls Deep...3-3 after two periods. And then 4-4 well into the 3rd. But then the Balls Deep defence tired and the Wave took advantage with a late flurry of goals. Tsunamis win 10-5.

A Few Good Men vs Silky Ball a very tight division A Few Good Men came up with a huge win! The first was tight as it was 3-2 for the eventual winners, but the 2nd was all A Few Good Men as they took an 8-3 lead and protected it in the 3rd. A Few Good Men win 10-7.

Spring Monday/Thursday League May 15: 

A Few Good Men vs Balls Deep...Balls Deep focused on their game plan and held a 3-2 lead after one period. A Few Good Men owned the 2nd scoring the 3 goals of the period for a 5-3 lead. They increased the lead to 7-3, but Balls Deep started shooting and came back to close it to 7-6. Balls Deep pulled the goalie and came agonizingly close to finding the back of the net for the equalizer, but A Few Good Men were able to hang on. A Few Good Men win a squeaker 7-6.

Tsunamis vs Silky Ball Handlers...the Silky boys were up 1-0 after one but down 4-3 after two period. In the 3rd this very entertaining game went down to the wire. Silky Ball Handlers tied it up early in the 3rd and then took a 5-4 lead with 4-minutes remaining. Tsunamis had Grade A chance to tie but could not beat Markus Esnard. Silky Ball Handlers win a thriller 5-4.

Spring Monday/Thursday League May 11: 

A Few Good Men vs Tsunamis...a very entertaining match. 1-0 A Few Good Men after one period and after a flurry of goals in the 2nd the Wave held a lead of 5-4. In the final period it appeared the Wave had an extra step of energy and they pulled away for the victory. Tsunamis win 8-5. 

Balls Deep vs Silky Ball Handlers...Balls Deep had a strong start only down 3-1. Then the Silky Ball Handlers used their passing skills to pull away in the 2nd period for a 7-2 lead. The 3rd period there were no goals as the teams played a well positioned game. Silky Ball Handlers win 7-2. 

Blues Alumni Series:

Team Ed vs Team Pierre....Ed 's squad featured Ed, Andre Bond, Seb Slythe, Howard Wong along with Sasha and Melanie...and Pierre Larouche in the net.  Team Pierre had the PC himself with Struts, Claude Turmelle, Charles "Chuck" Plante with Stephanie Dagenais and Marie-Noel with some guy named Ben who turned out to be quite good (thanks Andre Bond!). In Game 1 Struts score the 4 goal and the OT winner with the appropriate celebrations a la old boys and girls club days for a huge 5-4 OT win for Team Pierre. In game 2 Team Ed jumped to an early 3-0 lead and held on for a 5-2 win to tie the series at one game each. In the final game Team Pierre came up with a resounding 5-1 win to leave no doubt who were the best on this night. See you next time Blues!

First star = Ed for putting this together

2nd Star = Struts for those huge goals in Game 1 to set the tone. (crowd favourite for sure!)

3rd Star = the girls who played inspired ball hockey with the old guys.

Spring Monday/Thursday League May 8: 

Balls Deep vs now everyone is beating everyone!. This time the Wave played a darn good defensive game and gave their goalie Travis an easy night for the most part. 2-0 an 4-0 period break leads. A 1-1 3rd. Tsunamis win 5-1.

Silky Ball Handlers vs A Few Good Men...the Ball Handlers were silky as they were up 3-2 and 6-4 at the breaks. In the 3rd A Few Good Men scored the only goal and had a couple of glorious chances in the waning moments to tie with the goalie pulled. Silky Ball Handlers win 6-5.

Spring Monday/Thursday League May 4: 

Silky Ball Handlers vs Tsunamis...a very well played match with lots of hard running. Silky boys were short to start and they fell behind 3-1 by the end of the 1st. The the recruits showed up and it was game on!. The teams traded a pair of goals each in the 2nd leaving it 5-3 for the Wave. In the final period the Tsunamis defence tightened up and Travis on the net was a monster. One beautiful goal the Silky Ball Handlers was scored in that final period, but it was not enough. Tsunamis win 7-4.

Balls Deep vs A Few Good Men....a few good men short on both sides. But Balls Deep had one more body and this seemed to make a difference. It looked like an original six match-up with Balls Deep Terry Cleroux in a Red Wings jersey vs Jerry in his Leafs gear. Old times. Good thing they wore goalie masks as the goals were plentiful! 4-4 after one. 8-5 Balls Deep after two periods. The teams played to a 3-3 tie in the 3rd and the Balls Deep crew surprises yet again! Balls Deep win 11-8.

Opening Night of the Spring Monday/Thursday League May 1: 

Silky Ball Handlers vs Balls Deep...this game turned in the 2nd period. Up 4-2 after one Balls Deep outscored the Silky Boys 5-1 for a commanding 9-3 lead. In the 3rd Silky gave a fine push and won the period 2-0. Balls Deep win 9-5

A Few Good Men vs Tsunamis...The Wave in recent times in our other leagues have had a penchant get down early by large sums and then roar back. In this one they were down 3-0 early but could not come back all the way. Andrew Gowing was a factor in the net as the Wave tested him but could not beat him enough. A Few Good men win 5-3.