Sat./Tues. Spring-Summer

Great Spring Everyone! See you in the Fall!

Spring Saturday/Tuesday League Highlights June 10: 

Garbage Masters vs Perfect Blend...all Blend here!  A strong 3rd period was the final difference for this match. Perfect Blend win 7-2.

Pylons vs Average Joes...the Joes found a way to keep the goals against very low once again. A recipe for all their wins this Spring. Average Joes win 6-2.

All Mesh vs The Flying Squirrels...the Squirrels played a great game vs the champs. 2-0 and only 4-3 at the breaks for the All Mesh crew. In the 3rd it looked like All Mesh was pulling away completely at 7-3, but two late goals made it close. All Mesh the Champs! Win 7-5.

Spring Saturday/Tuesday League Highlights June 10: 

Perfect Blend vs Pylons....two very good rosters going against each other. 2-2 after one an 5-3 Perfect Blend after two. The teams tied the 3rd 2-2. Great effort by both sides. Dubroy could not get untracked enough for the Pylons to complete the comeback bid in that final period. Perfect Blend win 7-5.

All Mesh vs Average Joes...the Joes needed a win to have any chance of catching the front running All Mesh. So another two very talented rosters went for it. A very interesting match followed! All Mesh looking to win the title with a tie or win. The game was deep into the 2nd period and still nobody could score on the two hot goalies Terry and Guy. 0-0 until late in the 2nd Ed Wadey scored on a point shot. Early in the 3rd the All Mesh crew took a 2-0 lead only to see the Joes roar back to tie 2-2. Late in the game Marie-Noel scored the winner on a rifle shot from the point top corner, followed by a turn-back-the-clock effort from yet again Ed Wadey who dazzled the Joes and the French Palace crowd for a 4-2 lead. Stephanie Daganais flashed a smile that rivaled her sisters when she put it away at 5-2. All Mesh win their first title in over 2-years. Congrats! All Mesh win 5-2.

Garbage Masters vs The Flying Squirrels...a wild ride from start to finish. A game of momentum shifts and offence offence offence!. 6-4 G-Master after one period (and they were down 4-2 at one point). The Squirrels rallied to tie 7-7 by the end of the 2nd. In the 3rd the teams were tied 10-10 and then the Squirrels took an 11-10 lead with 1:36 left followed the equalizer from the G-Masters with remaining. 11-11 tie. 

Spring Saturday/Tuesday League Highlights June 3: 

Perfect Blend vs Average Joes...the Joes are used to low scoring goalie battles. This one was far from that! Momentum shifts throughout the first two periods as the Blend were up 4-3 after one period but the Joes were up 7-5 after 2. The Joes pulled away in the 3rd for the win Average Joes win 10-6.

Garbage Masters vs All Mesh...the G-Masters give the front runners fits! The G-Masters tagged All Mesh with their only loss earlier in the session. In this match the G-Masters were up 2-1 and 3-2 at the period breaks. In the 3rd all Mesh were able to capitalize on some key chances and at 4-4 late scored two huge goals for the hard working win. All Mesh win 6-4.

Pylons vs The Flying Squirrels...wonderful game as the periods ended tied 2-2 and 3-3 and in the 3rd a 1-1 draw finalized a thoroughly entertaining game in an appropriate tie. 4-4 tie.

Spring Saturday/Tuesday League Highlights May 30: 

G-Masters vs Average Joes....a must win for the Joes who have been on a hot streak of late behind their extremely bonfire hot goaltender. So a low scoring game as predicted followed. The Joes held 2-1 and 3-2 period leads and finally with a late goal put it away. Average Joes win 4-2.

Perfect Blend vs The Flying Squirrels...the Chipmunks need to stop their mini two game losing streak to keep pace in the race for Kings of the French Palace. 2-2 and 3-3 at the period breaks set the stage for the 3rd. Perfect Blend went up 4-3 and then scored two late goals to give the Squirrels yet another tough loss after such a promising start. Perfect Blend win 6-3.

All Mesh vs Pylons...another key game that will make the race more clear or clutter it all up. The Pylons had their best line-up yet to counter the front running All Mesh squad. The Pylons outworked the All Mesh group in the first but were still tied at 2-2.  All Mesh were missing Melanie Dagenais sidelined with a broken toe, but were able to move the ball around to take a 7-3 lead after two periods. The Pylons pushed back hard in the 3rd but could not put a dent in the lead. Big win for All Mesh as they look for their first title in two years after a long run of championships. All Mesh win 10-6.  

Spring Saturday/Tuesday League Highlights May 27: 

Perfect Blend vs All Mesh...close for two periods, but All Mesh exploded in the 3rd for the win. All Mesh win 10-4.

Garbage Masters vs Pylons...for the first two periods it was all Pylons and their goalie Shawn Pilon as they were up 5-0. Then the G-Masters staged the comeback bid closing to withing one goal at 5-4, but the Pylons scored an empty netter with 15-secs left for the win. Pylons win 6-4.

They Flying Squirrels vs Average Joes...once again the Joes ran with the hot hand of their goaltender Guy Saumure. He was tough to beat as he read the play well and gave up very few rebounds. The Joes score just enough for the tight defensive win. Average Joes win 4-1.

Spring Saturday/Tuesday League Highlights May 23: 

Average Joes vs Pylons...a game of attrition! The Pylons had Andrew Dubroy in the line-up and therefor a very strong ball control game. The Joes countered with Struts but he could not keep up with the youthful exuberance on the Pylons. With the score 5-3 late for the Pylons, Struts did tally but could not rally for the tie. Pylons win 5-4.

The Flying Squirrels vs All Mesh...with Sens playing for everything on the line, the All Mesh squad knew this was a must win also or they would need some help and then some to stay in the mix for the Kings of the French Palace for the Spring. The Squirrels were undefeated and came in with confidence. This time with Al Jolivet in the net and minus Kaptain Kennedy the Chipmunks seemed frustrated playing defence as one must vs the vaunted passing attack from All Mesh. All Mesh were up 3-2 after one and 5-3 after two periods. The 3rd was a classic 0-0 draw as both teams traded quality chances but were also quick to clear rebounds. A very entertaining game that still leaves the door wide open for the eventual winner. All Mesh win 5-3.

Perfect Blend vs Garbage Masters...the G-Masters were looking for their game after dropping a game on the heals of upending the All Mesh. Perfect Blend have shown some flashes of brilliance followed by heart-breaking losses. This time the Perfect Blend team put it all together from start to finish. Perfect Blend win 8-1.

Spring Saturday/Tuesday League Highlights May 16:

Pylons vs All Mesh...Pylons were missing key guys yet again so the game was not what it could have been. All Mesh win 7-2.

Flying Squirrels vs Perfect Blend...the game of the night. The Squirrels rode out to a 3-0 lead and that was the difference in very well played contest. 3-2 after 2 periods. The teams traded goals in the final period as the Squirrels remained the only undefeated team. Flying Squirrels win 4-3.

Average Joes vs Garbage Masters...2-2 after one and only 3-2 Joes after two periods of play. But in the 3rd the Joes pulled away in convincing fashion. Average Joes win 8-4.

Spring Saturday/Tuesday League Highlights May 13: 

Average Joes vs Perfect Blend...Guy! Guy! Guy! The French Palace crowd saw a splendid goaltending display on the Average Joes side. Guy Saumure held 1-0 and 3-1 leads for his squad as Perfect Blend pelted him chance after chance. The Joes worked hard in front of him and at the panting end had held on for the two point. Average Joes win 4-2.

All Mesh vs Garbage Masters...upset of the day! The G-Masters found themselves tied 4-4 mid-way through the 3rd period and they had confidence. Confidence in their goalie and their ability to move the ball well. They scored 2 late goals and added one in the final seconds. Garbage Masters win 7-4.

They Flying Squirrels vs Pylons...the Squirrels squealed out to a 6-1 first period lead. By the end of the 2nd it was 6-3 as the chipmunks could not get anything in on Shawn Pilon in the Pylons net. Suddenly in the 3rd the Pylons closed it to 6-5 and had the interest of the French Palace crowd who were keenly looking on. The comeback bid came up short as the rodents pulled away late. Flying Squirrels win 9-5.

For all the fans that couldn't make it to the game. Here are the videos of Saturdays game versus the Pylons.

Squirrels vs. Pylons - YouTube

Spring Saturday/Tuesday League Highlights May 9:  

Pylons vs Perfect Blend...Pylons are not a perfect blend without their full line up. Perfect Blend with a full line up are pretty darn impressive. Perfect Blend in a laugher 10-2.

The Flying Squirrels vs Garbage Masters...a great run. Thing is the Squirrels have had moments of spectacular play over the last few months. Too sporadic for their liking, but on this night they were firing on all cylinders. Flying Squirrels in 9-2.

For all the fans that couldn't make it to the game. Here are the videos of Tuesdays game versus the Garbage Masters.

Squirrels vs. Garbage Master - YouTube

Average Joes vs All Mesh....All Mesh are passing like they have in years gone by. The magic is back big time! The Joes pushed hard a times but once they gave up the ball on give-aways it was game over. Passing won the day. All Mesh wins 8-3.

Opening Night of the Spring Saturday/Tuesday League May 6: 

All Mesh vs Perfect Blend...Perfect Blend have added some new exciting players and this made for a very strong match. They will have to adapt to the amazing passing game All Mesh employs. All Mesh tweaked their line up too with addition of a couple of new mesh stockings....the team now is half female and half male for a true All Mesh look and feel. They wowed the French Palace crowd at times today. All Mesh wins 7-2.

Pylons vs Garbage Masters...the Pylons were short a couple of veterans but after a 1-1 first they plowed into a 7-4 lead after two periods. In the 3rd a tired Pylons crew were able to draw 2-2 as the G-Masters came on. Pylons win 9-6.

Average Joes vs Flying Squirrels... the Squirrels have surprised teams before and today they did that to the Average Joes. The Joes just could not get untracked on offence as the Squirrels played a near picture perfect game and had their offence on fire. Flying Squirrels win 8-3.