Sun./Wed. Spring/Summer

Welcome to the 2018 Spring Sunday/Wednesday Session!

Enjoy the highlights to come reported Live or from viewing the Live Streaming of each and every game!!

Highlights for Wednesday, May 16: Note no games this Sunday Long resumes Wednesday, May 23

A-Div: Wounded Ducks vs Orleans 93's...the 93's were quick out of the gate for a 4-0 lead. The Ducks closed it to 6-5 at one point but the 93's ran away with it once again as the pounced on turn-overs and uncovered plays. Orleans 93's win 11-7.

B-Div: A Few Good Men vs Falcons...the Falcons played one of their best games of the Spring. AFGM were up 2-1 after one. The were up 7-3 in the 2nd but the Falcons roared back to tie it all up 8-8! Then late AFGM broke away for a hard earned win. A Few Good Men win 12-9.

B-Div: Jr. Trops vs Blue Eagles...9-2 Blue Eagles win.

A-Div: Flint Tropics vs Solar Bears...the Bears continue to play inspired ball control ball hockey with creative play. Solar Bears win 8-4.

B-Div: Godsons vs Vanier Voodoo...the night-cap looked interesting on paper for sure as the French Palace viewers were keenly tuned in to see the outcome. The shots were 47-40 for the Godsons but the Voodoo had 18 of their shots in the final period as they worked hard to erase a 5-1 deficit. Godsons win 7-3.

Highlights for Sunday, May 13: Happy Mothers Day!

A-Div: Solar Bears vs Orleans 93's...the Bears continued their climb to playing better and better each week. The moved the ball and played a good defensive coverage game which kept the A-Div favourites, the 93's, close at 2-0 and 3-1 at the period breaks. The teams played a more end to end 3rd period which resulted in more goals for both squads. Orleans 93's win 7-4.

B-Div: Blue Eagles vs Godsons...the Godsons have questioned their abilities in the past and after last weeks game, but this team has nothing to worry about when they play a team game. Oh, and when their star goalie Terry Cleroux is on his game. Terry and the boys played a near perfect game vs a very engaged Eagle group. The shots were 35-34 for the Godsons, but the buld if the Eagles shots cane in the 1st and 2nd periods as they only had 7 in the 3rd as the Godsons played more defense to hold the lead. Godsons win 5-1.

B-Div: Falcons vs Vanier Voodoo...Voodoo had the extra pass to use as the Falcons struggled with coverage all game. The 3rd was the Falcons best period but the first two were all Voodoo. Vanier Voodoo win 12-6.

A-Div: Flint Tropics vs Wounded Ducks...the game of the night. As much as this was about love for mothers, Simon Zimmerman was playing his 3rd of the night and was showing his love for ball hockey with solid visionary play all with a smile....almost as much smiling as Taylor Chapman if that is even possible! It appeared the senior Trops would win this up 4-1 early in the 2nd, but then an inspired shift turned the Ducks game around. They somehow shut down the Trops vaunted offence and tied it up 4-4 after two periods and scored the only two goals of the 3rd. Quite an effort! Wounded Ducks win 6-4.

B-Div: A Few Good Men vs Jr. interesting match-up for the night-cap. Both teams might be considered the favourites of the B-Div. Simply a fantastic game full of great plays and hard effort from start to finish. AFGM held a 3-1 first break lead but it was all tied up 3-3 heading into the final period. And it was 5-5 late with both teams having good chances. A heart-breaker in the end as a sliding penalty with 8-seconds left was called against AFGM and the Juniors capitalized. Jr. Trops win 6-5.

Highlights for Wednesday, May 9:

B-Div: Falcons vs Blue Eagles...the Blue Eagles have been involved in the most exciting games so far, but for this one they soared out of the gate to 5-0 and 8-1 period break leads. The Falcons used their talons in the 3rd to make closer but the flying had already taken off and landed. Blue Eagles win 9-4.

A-Div: Solar Bears vs Wounded Ducks...the Bears have some new found confidence after last games big win. This time they went wing to wing with the Ducks at 3-3 and 6-6 at the breaks and it was all knotted up 8-8 late. But the Ducks potted to late ones for the very well played win. Wounded Ducks win 10-8.

A-Div: Flint Tropics vs Orleans 93's...the 93's had a much better first period compared with their last games slow start. The first was their game as they held a 6-1 lead. This was all 93's as the Senior Tropics never got untracked on offence and played an uneven match over-all. Orleans 93's win 13-3.

B-Div: Jr. Trops vs Godsons...the two teams that met in the C-Div Winter final won by the Jr. Trops. The Juniors were trying out a new goalie in the name of Cordel Driscoll and he did not disappoint! He helped the Juniors slowly build 4-1 and 8-3 leads at the breaks. The 3rd was all Godsons as Driscoll held the fort as his Juniors visibly tired. Jr. Trops hang on for 8-6 win.

B-Div: Vanier Voodoo vs A Few Good Men...two teams that have been playing extremely well early on in this Spring Session. A Few Good Men jumped to a 3-0 lead after one but the Voodoo closed the gap in the 2nd to 4-2. A very even and well played 3rd as A Few Good Men held the lead for a 6-3 win. 

Highlights for Sunday, May 6:

A-Div: Orleans 93's vs Wounded Ducks...early in the 2nd it was 5-1 Ducks and it appeared they would fly off with this one. But the 93's were within one down 5-4 by the end of the 2nd. The 3rd was wild as the teams traded goals and finally it ended in an exciting tie. 8-8 tie

B-Div: Godsons vs Falcons...both teams are adapting to new additions to their rosters. 3-3 after one and the the Godsons scored the only 3 goals in the 2nd for a 6-3 lead. They never looked back as they have developed some quick chemistry and out-shot the Falcons 50-41. Godsons win 10-4. 

B-Div: A Few Good Men vs Blue Eagles...another wild one. Quick paced action with end to end scoring chances all game Finally at 7-7 A Few Good Men scored the winner with only one second left in the game. A Few Good Men win 8-7.

B-Div: Jr. Trops vs Vanier Voodoo...another game that featured a fast pace and a ton of scoring chances. The Trops scored the only goal of the 1st period and were up 4-3 after two breaks. No goals were scored in the 3rd as Melanie Simard in the Voodoo net and Shawn Pilon in the trops net put up the goose eggs while making many great saves each. Jr. Trops win 4-3.

A-Div: Solar Bears vs Flint Tropics...the Bears looked early in this game as the Senior Tropics new right away they were in for a good run. 2-2 after one and then a mini upset looked possible as the Bears held a 5-3 heading into the 3rd. The Tropics went for it in the 3rd as the Bears kept the effort level as high as they could go. The Bears made it 6-3 and played a smart game to preserve the lead. Solar Bears win 7-4.

Highlights for Wednesday, May 2nd Opening Night!

B-Div: Godsons vs A Few Good Men...A Few Good Men on ice or something like that. A significant Fall and Winter Wednesday league influence from Iceland has made an interesting chemistry one to watch over the coming weeks. The Godsons are also heavily subsidized from Fall and Winter Saturday Perfect Blend runners. So a close game was in doubt from the start. 2-1 and 5-4 Godsons period break leads and in the 3rd the Godsons hung on for an 8-6 win.

A-Div: Orleans 93's vs Solar Bears...the 93's have always had strong Spring Sessions in including one year ago when they took the title. Their defence of the #1 spot was spot on as the Bears were once again adjusting to the ball possession game. The 93's owned it for sure in a 10-4 win.

A-Div: Wounded Ducks vs Flint Tropics...a wild one as the Ducks were up 7-5 heading into the 3rd and 7-6 with under 2-minutes remaining. The Tropics scored two including the winner by Taylor Chapman. Flint Tropics win first of many epics to come 8-7.

B-Div: Falcons vs Jr. Trops...the Falcons gave birth to 4 runners and and new #1 goalie Adam O'Brien. Every one of them fit into the Falcons passing and play-making game for an convincing if not surprising romp. Falcons win 13-8.

B-Div: Blue Eagles vs Vanier end to end very entertaining tilt. At 6-6 after two periods it was anyone's guess for a winner. A tie might have been appropriate but the Eagles would have none of that as they scored the key goals to win by a pair. Blue Eagles win 9-7.