Sun./Wed. Spring/Summer

Wonderful Spring Session! See you in the Fall!

Spring Session Highlights for Sunday/Wednesday League June 18:


The Finals! Suh Dudes the Winter B-Div Champs vs Orleans 93's looking for their first franchise championship in the A-Div after many years of trying (although previously their Top Cheese entries won two championships back in the day...yes this team is getting older lol!). However it was the Suh Dudes who looked to have the upper hand with 3-2 and 6-4 period break leads. With Suh Dudes up and looking good it appeared their first crack at the A-Div would be a roaring success! But the 93's came up with the good in the final period by clawing back to to tie 6-6 late and then netting the winner with 1:45 remaining. Guy Saumure in the 93's net made several spectacular saves in those final seconds to preserve the comeback win! Congrats to the 93's!!!! Orleans 93's win a nail-biter 7-6.

 3rd Seed Match: Solar Bears vs Wounded Ducks. For the first time the Bears were the favourites based on their improved play of late. There were too Bears and not enough Ducks. Solar Bears win 5-0.


Iceland vs Godsons...the Godsons had to win to have any chance at the top spot for the trophy. Iceland had the numbers on the bench as the Godsons had some players no-show which was truly disappointing!!!! A gallant effort from the Godsons who were there....but Iceland with that full team is a tough team to beat. Iceland wins 5-3.

No RaGretzky's vs Jr. Trops...the Trops needed to win too have any chance at the Championship. No Regrets sent or received! Give the Jr. Trops the 5-0 win.

Vanier Voodoo vs or tie the Falcons would get their first ever title in the OBBHA after many many years!! Voodoo tried with everything they had to give the Falcons a loss. They made the Falcons work for every inch of this win as the Falcon were only up 4-3 after two periods. But in the 3rd the Champs pulled away. Congrats to the Falcons!!! Falcons win 7-3.


Spring Session Highlights for Sunday/Wednesday League June 11:


Solar Bears vs Orleans 93's...a great match to see if the Solar Bears have improved enough to stay with the 93's. Since the start of the Spring session the Bears have improved steadily and the bar to reach are the very consistent 93's who are already through to next weeks Final. After a very entertaining tie it was agreed that the Bears are a very fine team. 7-7 tie

Wounded Ducks vs Suh Dudes...the big game of the night on the A-Div side of things. Ducks can qualify for the Finals next week with a tie or win just to make things a little more interesting! 2-2 after on and 4-3 for the Dudes after two periods. The Dudes goalie Cedric was a huge factor as he thwarted Ducks super star sniper Andrew DuBroy time and time again including shutting the door down in the 3rd so his Dudes could pull away. Suh Dudes win 7-3.


Jr. Trops vs Iceland...the Trops need the win for any chance to stay in the race for the top and if Iceland brings out their full line-up then it will a be huge undertaking to get the two points. It was Iceland behind some fine early goaltending that were just a little better on this night. Iceland wins 10-5.

Falcons vs much as this is a must win for the Godsons, its a must win for the Falcons too to stay on top! Although the Jr. Trops loss was welcome news to the Falcons they could not match the intensity and hustle the Godsons brought to this game. 4-3 and 6-4 Godson leads seemed tenuous until the 3rd period when the Godsons simply took over. Godsons win 10-5.

Vanier Voodoo v No RaGretzky's...a back and forth entertaining match. 7-7 tie

Spring Session Highlights for Sunday/Wednesday League June 4:


Vanier Voodoo vs Iceland...a classic old rivalry train game from the old Saturday days. Very close for two periods as Iceland held one goal leads of 2-1 and 5-4 at the breaks. But in the 3rd Iceland had the legs with a full bench to pull away. Iceland wins 9-4.

Jr. Trops vs Godsons...huge game for both at they try to catch the front running Falcons in the race for Kings of the French Palace. 3-3 after two periods as the Falcons would love to see a tie. But the Trops took full advantage of some seriously bad defensive coverage by the Godsons in that final period to romp to victory. Jr. Trops win 9-4.

No RaGretzky's vs Falcons...the Falcons could not afford any slip up here with two teams breathing down their necks. Although the 99's had a small bench the Falcons wanted the GF-GA in their favour along with the win. Falcons win 14-1.


Orleans 93's vs Wounded Ducks...the 93's try to remain perfect while the Ducks need wins to have any chance at the Finals. This was as even a game you could have witnessed. 3-3 and 5-5 at the period breaks and the teams traded single goals in the final period. A blemish on the 93's perfect season bid and a huge point for the Ducks as they meet Suh Dudes next week in what is essentially a semi-final match to see who will play the 93's in the final the week after. 6-6 tie.

Suh Dudes vs Solar Bears...the Dudes like the Ducks need wins to qualify for the Final. And the Bears were fresh off their first win last week as their game improves each game. And the Bears continued to impress as they were simply better and faster on this night. The Dudes could not get any sustained pressure on the Bears. The Bears had ball possession and hustle edges all night. The loss by the Dudes now makes next weeks "semi-final" vs the Ducks a must win situations as a tie will not push them through to the finals. Solar Bears win 10-3.

Spring Session Highlights for Sunday/Wednesday League May 24:


Orleans 93's vs Suh Dudes...the 93's goaltender Guy Saumure was yet again a huge factor in keeping his Orleans squad undefeated! His seemingly "usual" display of excellence was the key factor in a lopsided score that was not indicative of the play. The Dudes had talented offence including Alex Martin shaking their heads after Guy made spectacular save after spectacular save. Orleans 93's win 7-1.

Wounded Ducks vs Solar Bears...the Bears win! The Bears win! Yes finally this very talented group finally won a game after so many fine efforts. The Bears are in the A-Div for a reason. Although 10 teams play in the Spring Sunday Night session....the Bears would rummage through the B-div. In the A-Div the Bears are showing they belong game in and game out. The Ducks scored the first goal just seconds into the game, but after that th Bears owned most of the ball possession. Tonight the Solar Bears win 5-1.


Falcons vs Iceland...many teams were cheering for the Icelanders to upend the front running Falcons. So at 3-0 after one period for Iceland the smiles were wide in the French Palace crowd. However the Falcons closed the door after that and score one in the 2nd to be down 3-1 after 2 periods. Then in the 3rd the Falcons scored 3 to take a 4-3 lead and left it up to Al Jolivet in the nets to make at least 8 massive saves in the final two minutes to preserve the win. Falcons win 4-3.

No RaGretzky's vs Godsons...the Godsons needed a win to keep within striking range of the first place finish everyone covets for the Spring championship. However the 99's were on their game and up 3-0 after the first period. The Godsons looked like they would never score but put in 3 huge goals in the final 2:40 of the 2nd period. They scored the winner late in the 3rd and added an empty netter for the must win. Godsons win 5-3.

Vanier Voodoo. vs Jr. Trops...the Trops also needed a big win to keep pace and withing striking distance of the top ranked Falcons. However Voodoo with Natasha Plourde in the net along with their top female talent and usual suspects are a tough opponent these days. A very fine match that went down to the wire. Jr.Trops win 6-4. 

Spring Session Highlights for Sunday/Wednesday League May 24:


Solar Bears vs Orleans 93's...the 93's jumped to an early 5-1 lead but the Bears scored two late first period goals to end it at 5-3. In the 2nd the 93's were passing with ease to an 8-4 lead as the Bears struggled on defensive coverage. The final period was deadlocked 1-1 as the teams went end to end for some very fun and entertaining ball hockey. Orleans 93's win 9-5.

Wounded Ducks vs Suh Dudes...The Ducks flew out to a 5-2 lead after one period. In the 2nd the Dudes rebounded to make it a 6-5 deficit. Late in the game the Ducks built up an 8-5 lead only to see the Dudes close it to 8-7 and keep on coming. But the Ducks protected the nest for the one goal win. Wounded Ducks win 8-7.


No RaGretzky's vs Iceland...the 99's had a great first period only down 2-1 and an excellent 3rd period winning it 1-0. But it was that darn 2nd period. Iceland wins 10-2

Jr. Trops vs Falcons...the undefeated Falcons looked impressive early on with 4-2 and 7-6 period break leads. But in the 3rd the Trops exploded on offence and dominated sections of the final period. Jr. Trops win 11-7.

Vanier Voodoo vs Godsons...a very good game that was all knotted up 4-4 heading into the final period. Natasha Plourde in the Voodoo net was the difference in the end as she was outstanding as the Godsons came on strong in the final period, but Voodoo scored 3 timely goals for the win. Vanier Voodoo win 7-6.

Spring Session Highlights for Sunday/Wednesday League May 17:


Wounded Ducks vs Orleans 93' looked like a Ducks win as after a 3-3 first and a 7-5 lead for the feathered guys after two. And in the 3rd the Ducks were up 9-6 fairly late in the game. But the 93's shocked their feathered friends with 4 straight goals including the winner with 47-seconds remaining. Orleans 93's win 10-9.

Solar Bears vs Suh Dudes...another great game from the Bears as they give it their all for a full game which is hard to do in the longest running game of ball hockey in terms of time of play in the city. The Bears had their first period lead ever up 3-2 after one period. The Dudes rebounded in the 2nd for a 6-4 lead and then won the 3rd 3-2. But the Bears played well enough to create doubt for most of the match. Suh Dudes win 9-6.


Godsons vs Iceland...huge benches for both teams for the early game of the night. So a great game ensued! Defence first with solid goaltending as the chances were numerous despite the great defensive system employed by both teams. 1-0 and 3-2 creaky leads for the Godsons at the period breaks. But in the 3rd the Godsons potted two key goals for a very impressive win. Godsons win 5-2.

Jr. Trops vs NoRaGretzky's...the Trops slowly pulled away in this one, but the 99's played one of their better overall games. Jr. Tops used a big 2nd period after a tight first period. Jr. Trops win 9-4.

Falcons vs Vanier Voodoo...Falcons in a gimme 5-0.

Spring Session Highlights for Sunday/Wednesday League May 14:


Suh Dudes vs Orleans 93's...a very even game. Both teams created offence from well structured defensive play. A very interesting game to watch. The 93's had some nice sniper/talented goals for 2-0 and 4-2 period break leads. They then shut the door down on the Dudes while adding one more in the 3rd. Orleans 93's win 5-2.

Solar Bears vs Wounded Ducks....the Bears are getting better but seem to have one period a game they get lost in the wilderness of the OBBHA game. This time it was the middle period as they were down 2-1 after one period but down 5-1 after two. In the 3rd the Bears closed the gap to 5-4 before surrendering a penalty shot goal that made the deficit 6-4. A goal with 7-seconds remaining made it a one goal game. Wounded Ducks eke out a 6-5 win. 


NoRaGretzky's vs Vanier Voodoo....a game where the 99's could not score on Women's Team Canada ball hockey starting goalie Nathalie Girouard and the Voodoo created scoring chances from their solid defensive effort. Vanier Voodoo win 7-1.

Iceland vs Jr. Trops...the Trops were in control for most of the game with 4-2 and 6-2 intermission leads. However at 7-2 some how Iceland found their game and zoomed within striking distance by scoring 4 quick late goals to make it 7-6 with just under 3-minutes left. This is how it ended, but it was a nail biter the Trops eked out. Jr. Trops win 7-6 in an eker.

Godsons vs Falcons...two 3-0 teams. The goalie battle royale with Cleroux vs Jolivet. Its just that the Godsons had no chemistry and their defensive coverage let them down as much as the game never materialized into a back and forth game. This was all Falcons as their speedy forwards were no match for the stronger, heavier and slower defence corps the Godsons countered with. Falcons remain undefeated with 10-3 win.

Spring Session Highlights for Sunday/Wednesday League May 10:


Orleans 93's vs Solar Bears...If not for the first period this game would have been a much closer match. The 93's were of fire on offence in the first period for a 5-1 lead. They made some very nice plays with some even nicer finish. From there the game was a saw off as both teams traded scoring chances and ran well. The Solars Bears seemed to get more comfortable with their ball control as the game wore on. Orleans 93's win 8-3.

Suh Dudes vs Wounded Ducks...Game of the night! The Ducks were up 1-0 after one but relinquished that lead in the 2nd as the Dudes scored the only two goals for a 2-1 lead. By the mid-way point of the 3rd the Dudes were up 4-2. Then the Ducks felt the wind beneath their wings and tied it up 4-4 with 4-minutes remaining. The winner was a quick pass play with 40-seconds left on the clock for the Dudes. Well played over all! Suh Dudes win 5-4.


Godsons vs Jr. Trops...the Trops could not get the offence untracked vs a well structured Godsons core. The Godsons are playing a team game that will be tough to break into unless teams start moving the ball more vs them. The Trops had flashes but they were not enough. Godsons win 7-4. 

Falcons vs NoRaGretzky's...the Falcons are another team that are playing a very strong team game in all areas of the game. The 99's played well but met up with a team that is playing some of their best ball hockey in 6 years. Falcons win 7-1.

Iceland vs Vanier Voodoo...a very defensive game that had its share of scoring chances. This was a goalie battle pure and simple. Iceland had Dave Labelle and Voodoo had Andrew Gowing. Both were worked hard and were on their game. Iceland held 2-1 and 3-1 period break leads and then played an even 3rd to eke out the win. Iceland wins 4-2.

Spring Session Highlights for Sunday/Wednesday League May 7:


Orleans 93's vs Wounded Ducks...the first two periods were classic tight defensive ball hockey. 2-1 Ducks after one and 3-2 93's after two periods. The Ducks tied it up early in the 3rd 3-3, but then the 93's reamed off 6 straight goals in a shock ending. Orleans 93's win 9-3.

Suh Dudes vs Solar Bears...quite an entertaining game. Both teams played with energy and skill. A pleasure to be a part of in anyway....player, Game Manager or fan. 4-2 and 6-3 period break leads for the Dudes. The Bears had many good chances to close the gap but could not. Suh Dudes win 8-4.


Iceland vs Falcons...lot's of offence from the Falcons for the 2nd straight game!. Iceland scored too but not quite enough to keep up. Falcons win 11-8.

Jr. Trops vs Vanier Voodoo...the closest game of the night. Voodoo was up 2-0 after one period but were knotted up 3-3 after two. The Trops were up 6-5 and survived a late push by Voodoo with the goalie pulled for the extra attackers and score an empty netter. Jr. Trops win 7-5.

Godsons vs NoRaGretzky's...1-0 and 3-0 leads at the breaks for the Godsons. The 3rd was fire wagon hockey and the Godsons outscored the 99's 4-3 in that final period. Godsons win 7-3.

Opening Night for Spring Session for Sunday/Wednesday League May 3:


Wounded Ducks vs Solar Bears....the Bears are a brand new franchise so some excitement was felt in the French Palace. The Ducks with their new jerseys added to their undefeated streak with them by staying with their team structured game and this made it difficult for the rookie Solar Bears to penetrate for any sustained offence. 3-0 and 4-1 period breaks carried on into the 3rd for the Ducks victory. Wounded Ducks win 7-2.

Orleans 93's vs Suh Dudes...for the first time the Dudes were experiencing an A-Div game after considerable success in the B-Divisions over the last year or so. This time they ran into the well oiled machine in the 93's who were simply on their game for this one. Orleans 93's win 10-2


Iceland vs NoRaGretzky's...Iceland on a Sunday night for the first time after many years in the Saturday divisions and then this year in the Wednesday Div. The 99's first crack on a Sunday as well after a session in the Wednesday Winter Session. A close first left Iceland up 3-2. But then Iceland's ball control took over in the 2nd for a 6-3 lead. The 99's tired noticeably in the final period. Iceland wins 10-4.

Falcons vs Jr.Trops...a renewed fun as ever rivalry. The Falcons were on fire in the first period for a 5-1 lead. The Trops took over in the 2nd to close to 7-5. Late in the 3rd and trailing 9-8 the Trops pulled the goalie but gave up 2 empty netters. Falcons win 11-8.

Godsons vs Vanier Voodoo...are reunion of sorts from the Tuesday Fall and Winter Sessions. Voodoo were up 1-0 after one. In the 2nd the Godsons roared out to a 6-3 lead. Voodoo scored two in the 3rd and fell one goal short of the comeback. Godsons win 6-5.