Terrific Tuesday Men (Winter 2018)

Opening Night for the Fall Session is September 4th...Our 10th Season Anniversary!!



What a great season! See everyone back in the Fall for the 10th Season of the OBBHA!


April 10 Highlights...


(3rd Seed Match) Suh Dudes vs White Stars...the Stars were shining as they took the 3rd Seed 10-2.


(Final) Coors Lightning vs Godsons Part II...a worthy final! The Coors crew were up 1-0 and 4-3 at the period breaks. The goaltending was highlight reel stuff and the team kept their emotions save for one moment in the 3rd. So with the score 6-5 late in the game the Godsons looked for the miracle goal, but just ran out of time. Excellent match! Coors Lightning win 6-5.



Godsons Part II pay tribute to the Broncos! Kudos to the team captain Mark Hughes and family for this very nice gesture....the teams cheered in lieu of a moment of silence and it was deafening in the French Palace....a great way to kick off a fun Final:




Coors Lightning Tuesday Winter 2018 Champions:


April 3 Highlights of Game 3 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match:


Godsons Part II vs White Stars...in dramatic fashion the Godsons came from behind down 6-4 after two periods to score the only 3 goals of the 3rd period to win by a goal and punch their ticket to the Finals. The Stars will play in the 3rd seed game. Godsons win 7-6.


Coors Lightning vs Suh Dudes...the Coors boys just needed to make sure they lost by less than 5 goals to make the Finals. So they made sure to win by playing a conservative style for 3-1 and 5-2 period break leads and a smart 3rd. The Dudes will be playing in the 3rd Seed game next week. Coors Lightning win 8-2.


March 27 Highlights of Game 2 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match:


Suh Dudes vs White Stars...both teams needed a win or at least a tie to stay alive for a berth in the Finals. White Stars get a huge win to stay alive while the Dudes won't be repeating unless they get some help next week and win their game.. White Stars win 7-6.


Coors Lightning vs Godsons Part II...a win would put one of these teams in the drivers seat for the Finals with still one more round robin game to play. The miracle run for the Godsons continued as they shocked the French Palace crowd with a resounding win that gave Coors Lightning only their 2nd loss of the session, both vs the Godsons along with a tie...talk about having a teams number! The Godsons now hold their own fate in their own hands while the Coors crew are now in a must win situation. Godsons Part II win 9-4.  


March 20 Highlights of Game 1 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match:

Coors Lightning vs White Stars...it was 1-1 after the 1st period of a very well played period. Too bad the Stars had the 4pm flu bug hit as 4 players bailed too late for any call ups to help on time for the 6pm game.. So the Coors boys simply out benched them, but the Stars who were their worked their tails off. Coors Lighning get a very important play-off win. Coors Lightning win 10-3.

Godsons Part II vs Suh Dudes....a late goalie issue had the Dudes off their game and the Godsons took full advantage to seek out an upset win and turn the tables on any kind of thought the favourites will prevail this session. At 3-3 heading into the 2nd period the Godson became even more confident and took a 6-4 lead into the 3rd. The upset was completed in a rousing Godsons 3rd period performance. Godsons Part II win 12-6. 

Reminder no games Tuesday March 13..play resumes Tuesday, March 20

Enjoy March Break!

March 6 Highlights:
Suh Dudes vs Coors Lightning...a torrid pace from the opening whistle to the last. The Dudes were up 3-1 and 4-3 at the two breaks but the Coors crew never lets up and somehow fins ways to win. They had an excellent 3rd and were rewarded. Coors Lightning win 7-5.
White Stars vs Godsons Part II...the Godsons came out playing well and sustained it against the tough White Stars. The Godsons held a tight 1-0 lead after one period and in the 2nd took 4-1 advantage. The Godsons were on their game in the 3rd as the Stars faded. Godsons win 10-3.
February 27 Highlights:
Coors Lightning 8 vs White Stars 4
Godsons Part II 4 vs  Suh Dudes 4
February 20 Highlights:
Coors Lightning vs Godsons Part II...a case of not taking the opponent as seriously as you could have. Short bench but long on effort the Coors boys stayed in this one as long as they could until they ran out of gas. The Godsons used passing and ball control to wear them down and finally after a 5-3 lead after two periods run away with it in the 3rd. Godsons Part II win 9-4.
Suh Dudes vs White Stars...all the fun took place after the 2nd period with the Dudes up 9-3. In the 2nd half of the 3rd period and the count at 9-4 Dudes, the Stars came alive and closed to within 9-7. The Dudes scored their 10th and it seemed the air was out of the balloon, but the stars kept on coming and made it 10-9 with time to spare! But the Dudes hung on barely. Suh Dudes win 10-9.
February 13 Highlights:
Coors Lightning vs White Stars...Coors Lightning win 3-2.
Godsons Part II vs Suh Dudes...Godsons were looking for their first win of 2018 and they got it on a superlative effort. At 5-5 moving into the 3rd period the Godsons received some big saves from Terry the Wall in the net and passed the ball very well for some great goals and one the period outright for the victory. Godsons win 9-6.
February 6 Highlights:
Godsons Part II vs Coors Lightning...although the score was lopsided the Godsons played a strong team game for the most part and their goalie Terry Cleroux made several highlight reel saves in his very strong performance. Rumour has the Godsons have lost two players but have a potentially very strong draft pick coming aboard. Coors Lightning win 8-1.
White Stars vs Suh Dudes...the Stars were missing a player or two but played a very good game for two periods tied 1-1 and down 5-3 at the two breaks. The tired in the 3rd and the Dudes kept pace up to pull away. Suh Dudes win 9-4.
January 30 Highlights:
Godsons Part II vs White Stars...with the Godsons thoughts with their coach Peter Stromer recuperating back home from intricate and complicated knee surgery, the boys knew he would be watching to see if they would employ his defence first strategy he so pain-stakingly (no pun intended) has stressed to enjoy some success for the team. The White Stars would come at them with offence and ball control which was no secret to the Live Streaming viewers and sitting room only crowd at the French Palace. Everything was true to form in the end. The Godsons played well and followed the script laid out for them. And Stars used their talented offence to prevail. White Stars win 9-4.
Coors Lightning vs Suh Dudes...Coors scored the only goal of the first period in what was a rocket paced match. Then the short bench the Dudes had to work with was the difference as the Coors numbers simply continued the fast pace and ran away with it. Coors Lightning win 8-2.
January 23 Highlights:
Suh Dudes vs Godsons Part II...a great first period that was tied 1-1 until a late goal made it 2-1 Suh Dudes. The Godsons played a great 2nd too against a very talented line-up and were only down 5-4 late in the period until 3 very quick goals left it at 8-4 Dudes. The teams played an even 3rd period and Dudes scored the only 2 goals. Suh Dudes win 10-4. 
White Stars vs Coors Lightning...the Stars had some no-shows so a short bench. They played a great 1st tied at 1-1. Predictably the White Stars tired and the Coors larger bench struck twice quickly early in the 2nd for a 3-1 lead that seemed larger. Then it was allabout energy. Coors Lightning win 11-4.
January 16th Highlights:
Coors Lightning vs Godsons Part II...with the way Coors Lightning showcased their game on opening night, the Godsons were well coached with some strategic placement of players on the back end to combat the speed that was to come at them. This game that most pundits would be a blow-out turned into one of the most entertaining games of the year...just need to make sure everyone embraces the great competition the 4 teams will bring each game to make it the total package of fun it will be. 8-8 tie.
Suh Dudes vs White Stars...the great rivalry between these teams is legendary. Suh Dudes has had the advantage over the rivalry, but tonight the White Stars took a huge step in turning this the other way! They used ball control to their advantage and played a very smart game. White Stars win 7-5.
OPENING NIGHT / January 9th 
Another great season is underway, as mentioned by John, this season we have a couple of new initiatives to stimulate some positive vibes with the OBBHA.  
A. Stats  ....Make sure to lobby your team captain or perhaps take the initiative to help him out in this task.
B. OBBHA Weekly Hockey Pool
Hockey experts, we got something for you!
In an attempt to create a buzz and raise funds to enable underpriviliged kids to play ball hockey, we came up with the following idea.
Why not create a weekly hockey pool, using the same concept as Pro Picks (Proline) where you have a chance to win every week!!
Every week, you have the chance to win a 50$ giftcard from Canadian Tire

Week 1 / Saturday January 20th Selection Form - Deadline 12:55 EST 

C. Live Streams
 All your games are available on the following link. 
Bigger, Better and Stronger in 2018, thanks to you guys and your efforts!
January 9th Highlights:
Suh Dudes vs Coors Lightning...the defending champs Suh Dudes just got a wake-up call. Its the speed of the new kids on block! Speed in a bottle was the strategy the Coors boys showed and it dominated. Look for adapting by all the teams throughout the season as per usual, but this has made things interesting! Coors Lightning win 8-2.
White Stars vs Godsons Part II...the Godsons were in this for two periods only down 5-3 late in the 2nd. But defensive coverage and lost point coverage was their down-fall. The White Stars took full advantage of the open men for some fine play making that resulted in goals to pull away for the victory. White Stars win 9-3.