Monday/Polk Check Division (Winter 2018)

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If you have Struts take a photo of you and some or all of your team with one sample only for submission to Head and could win $300 for a team party at Ralph's!

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As Doug Gilmour said back in 1994 "you can't hide under the helmet all the time"


Play clean!

John and Jason at the OBBHA


November 12 Highlights: 


Mighty Ducks vs Polk's Heroes...the Ducks win! the Ducks win! They were head and shoulders above their best performance ever! The Heroes were game but the altitude was a little higher for the Ducks...not to split-ends here. The parting of the hairs came early early as the Ducks were up 4-1 after one and never looked back. Congrats boys! Mighty Ducks win 8-4.


Dekes of Hazzard vs Wild Dawgs...the Dekes were on for two games tonight. And they were simply on! They came out passing so well that they dominated this game and the next. Dekes of Hazzard win 10-2


Tsunamis vs Dekes of Hazzard...ditto for the Dekes in this one as they romped despite the opponent actually playing well. From the net out the Dekes were quite impressive. Dekes of Hazzard win 9-3.


November 5 Highlights: 

Tsunamis vs Polk's Heroes...a surprising score for the type of game it was. Travis Guay was a big difference maker in the Wave net. Tsunamis win 7-2.

Mighty Ducks vs Dekes of Hazzard...a great game. Very evenly played as well. The Ducks are improving with each game out. Al Jolivet in the Ducks net made 3 spectacular glove saves in this fun match. 6-6 tie.

Mighty Ducks vs Wild Dawgs...the Ducks in game two of there double header jumped out to a quick 3-0 first period lead. The Dawgs scored all 3 goals in the 2nd for a 3-3 tie. Could the Ducks keep up their impressive play? The did but tired and the Dawgs had just enough offence to pull off the complete comeback win. Wild Dawgs win 8-4.

October 29 Highlights: 

Dekes of Hazzard vs Polk's Heroes...a wild one. Dekes were up 3-2 after one butwere  tied 5-5 after 2 periods. In the 3rd with the Dekes up 8-7 the Heroes pulled their goalie and were all over the net trying to tie it up but somehow they could not get it across the line to tie. Dekes of Hazzard win 8-7.

Tsunamis v MIghty Ducks...first of two for the Wave. The Wave wore their ocean blue shirts....snazzy! Martin Weaver played his first OBBHA game in the Ducks net as a spare and he was awesome! 4-4 after two periods and then nothing until with 1:23 left the Wave went up 5-4 only to have the Ducks tie it all up with :50 second remaining. 5-5 tie.

Wild Dawgs vs Tsunamis...a classic battle as always when these original teams from 10 years ago meet up. These two have met more times than any other two teams in the history of the OBBHA. So another tight score and game was predicted. 2-2 after one period. A wave of goals in the 2nd and Tsunamis scored 7 of them for a 9-6 lead. But in the 3rd the tide went out and goals were sparse. The Dawgs closed to 9-7 and kept the pressure on the tiring Wave in their bottom half of their double header. Then 9-8 with under 5-minutes left to make this the 3rd compelling match of the night! The Dawgs then tied it up with 2:30 left and took the lead with 1:23 remaining....then an empty netter seemingly put it away, but the Wave scored with 4 seconds left to make it a one goal game. Wild Dawgs win 11-10.

Remember no games Oct 22...see you on Oct 29th!

October 15 Highlights: 

Polk's Heroes vs Tsunamis...Heroes unveiled their new goalie Markus Esnard who is replacing the ever popular Terry Cleroux who is recovering from knee surgery that went well. This turned into an excellent goalie battle as Trevor Guay in The Wave net and Markus went toe to toe for this one. 2-0 Heroes after one and 2-2 after two. Deep into the 3rd a mini tornado of chances finally resulted in Wave goal for the tight win. Tsunamis win 3-2.

Wild Dawgs vs Mighty Ducks...the Dawgs in their first of two needed to conserve energy yet still work hard for a potential win. The first and 3rd period were played virtually even, but the 2nd the Dawgs exploded for  huge 9-3 lead and that was the difference. Wild Dawgs win 10-4.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Wild Dawgs...the Dekes wanted to come out strong and wear down the Dawgs. The Dawgs were warm and ready to go so it would be interesting to see how all this would play out! It was very tight at 4-4 heading into the final period. It was well played and then wild late as the teams traded huge goals. The Dawgs tilted the floor in the final moments as they pressed for a tie and got it with 16 seconds left. 7-7 tie.

October 1 Highlights:

Tsunamis vs Wild Dawgs...nine was the number for the night. Cat of nine tails. Nine Waves came ashore for Tsunamis as they outlasted the Dawgs in every period. Tsunamis win 9-5.

Polk's Heroes vs Dekes of Hazzard...first of two for the Dekes and they repeated their feat in the second game as well. Nine was the magic number as they had the offence passing strategy down pat to keep the Heroes off their game. All Dekes in this one. Dekes of Hazzard win 9-3. 

Dekes of Hazzard vs Mighty Ducks...same final score for the Dekes in the bottom half of their double header but this one was much harder for them as the game was mighty close for two periods. The Ducks we up 3-2 after one and then a 3-0 2nd for the Dekes put them up 5-3. They continued to keep the door closed and added insurance goals to boot. Dekes of Hazzard win 9-3.

September 24 Highlights:

Tsunamis vs Dekes of Hazzard...tornado or Pokemon were the themes for the Wave. Some new faces whirled in for this one including goalie Shawn Pilon who was quite frankly the difference in this game. The Dekes played well and deserved a fate but simply put were unlucky at both ends of the nets. A close 1st at 3-2 Wave but it stayed out of reach for the Dekes despite their full effort. Tsunamis win 10-6.

Wild Dawgs vs Mighty interesting game as both teams traded great chances early and often. The Ducks had a little defensive coverage trouble that cost them key goals. The Dawgs were hot on the goals they needed as the Ducks had a great offensive game going and Marty Myre had to on his game in the Dawg cage. Wild Dawgs win 10-7.

Mighty Ducks vs Polk's Heroes...the Ducks in the back end of their double header held their first ever franchise lead and made it 2-0 before ending the 1st period with their first ever period lead 3-2. Then they held a 7-5 2nd break lead. Terry Cleroux playing in his last game before his knee surgery this Friday rallied the troops for a comeback tie. 8-8 tie.

September 17 Highlights:

Wild Dawgs vs Dekes of Hazzard...after a close first the Dawgs busted out in the 2nd for a big 8-3 lead. In the 3rd the Dekes closed to within a goal in the final minute but the Dawgs put it away. Wild Dawgs win 11-9.

Tsunamis vs Mighty Ducks...2-2 after the first period. The Wave score 3 unaswered in the 2nd and another 2 unanswered in the final period. Tsunamis win 7-2.

Polk's Heroes vs Tsunamis...the Wave in the 2nd half of their double-header were down 2-1 after one period. The Heroes had some jump and the Wave had to dig down deep as they tired. The 2nd was sprited and ended knotted up 4-4. The game was for the taking in the 3rd at 6-6 late, but the Heroes potted two for the hard earned win. Polk's Heroes win 8-6.

Opening Night Highlights for Fall Session September 10th...Our 10th Season Anniversary!!

Mighty Ducks vs Dekes of Hazzard...the Dekes were up 3-0 after the first period. The new team then found their range early in the 2nd to tie it up 3-3. However late in the 2nd the Dekes restored the 3 goal lead 6-3. The teams traded a pair of goals each in the final period as the Dekes were just a step ahead for most of the match based on their solid passing game. Dekes of Hazzard win 8-5. 

Wild Dawgs vs Tsunamis...Game one of the double header for for the Dawgs. The Wave were watching the weather network as hurricanes were the theme so they came out with gale force winds and leads of 3-1 and 5-3 at the breaks. The tide remained out as Wave rode the momentum despite the Dawgs strong strokes to mount the comeback. Tsunamis win 9-6.

Polk's Heroes vs Wild Dawgs...the 2nd half of the Dawgs double header. A tight first period as the team focussed on team defence as the goalies Marty and Terry were on their games. The first ended 1-0 Dawgs. Then a short benched Heroes could not keep up with the veteran Dawgs even as they themselves powered through their 2nd game. The Dawgs ran wild for the last two periods. The Heroes broke Marty Myre's shut-out bid with 2-minutes left in the game. Wild Dawgs win 10-1.


What a great season! See everyone back in the Fall for the 10th Season of the OBBHA!

April 30 Highlights: 

Finals: Wild Dawgs vs Polk's Heroes...The Dawgs were back in limelight after several years absence from a final after having been in so many before that in the Big Bad Blue Gym pun intended! They looked great up 2-1 after one period. But the distraction of knowing their number one goalie Marty was leaving early compounded by the captain going down with injury in the 2nd period...the Heroes slowly took advantage of tiring Dawgs crew with tongues hanging out. 6-4 heading into the 3rd and the Heroes closed the deal with a relentless effort. The Heroes full line-up gave it their all from start to finish and had the bench strength to use this to their full advantage. Congrats to Polks Heroes for the title win 8-5.

Polk's Heroes Champions! (and Trevor Polk congrats the new winners!)


3rd Seed Match: Tsunamis vs Dekes of Hazzard...the fun run of the night but with full intensity! The Wave were up 2-1 after one but were down 4-3 heading into the 3rd as the Dekes found their offence. It took a little while but the Dekes finally put the pesky Wave away with an empty netter. Dekes of Hazzard party like its 1999 winning 8-6.

April 23 Highlights: Game #3 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match:

Tsunamis vs Wild Dawgs....a semi-final for all intents and purposes! The Wave seemed to have everything in their own hands as they were up 3-1 and had Travis Guay making every stop look easy. Then a new deflections and some luck the Wild Dawgs had the game tied 4-4 after two periods with momentum. The Dawgs carried through and were up 6-4 before a late Wave goal made it 6-5. With the goalie pulled the Wave tried to tie it up but the Dawgs put in an empty netter for reach next weeks final. The Dekes will play for 3rd Seed. Wild Dawgs win 7-5.

Polk's Heroes vs Dekes of Hazzard...the other semi-final just to keep things spicy! The Heroes came out flying and never landed. 4-1 and 8-3 leads followed by a never let up 3rd gave the Heroes a shot at the title next week. The Dekes will vie for 3rd Seed. Polk's Heroes win 12-4.

April 16 Highlights: Game #2 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match:

Dekes of Hazzard vs Wild Dawgs...Dawgs needed the win to stay alive. The Dekes looked like they were going to run away with it up 5-1 after one. But the lead was too early as the lead was cut to 6-3 after two and then the Dawgs exploded for 7 straight in the 3rd to force a deciding game for themselves next week! The Dekes are now in the same position. Wild Dawgs win 10-6. 

Polk's Heroes vs Tsunamis...the Wave had to win also to stay alive. Heroes could afford the loss but would then be in a must win situation next week. The Wave built a small lead and were able to keep as their goalie "Travis Guay the Wall" used many glove saves along with others that left the Heroes shaking their heads and giving him shout-outs for his work! Tsunamis win 6-3. 

April 9 Highlights: Game #1 of the 3-game play-off round-robin to see who goes into the Finals and who plays in the 3rd seed Match:

Polk's Heroes vs Wild Dawgs...first of two very tightly played contests. It was 0-0 almost halfway through the game. The Heroes scored the first two of the game to be up 2-0, but the Dawgs tied up up 2-2. In the 3rd the Heroes went up another two but the Dawgs closed it to with in a goal. The Heroes hung on. Polk's Heroes win 4-3

Tsunamis vs Dekes of Hazzard...2-1 for the Wave after one and then 4-3 Dekes heading into the 3rd. In the Final period the Dekes made it 5-3 and then the Wave pulled the goalie and scored to make it a one goals and continued to press with the extra attacker but could not complete the comeback. Dekes of Hazzard win 5-4.

Polk Check Division March 26 Highlights:

Polk's Heroes vs Wild of the night!. 2-2, 4-4 and then a 4-4 3rd period. The last 2 minutes saw 4 goals and then with no time on the clock it was mano vs mano as a penalty shot was awarded to the Dawgs that Bill Carkner Jr. took vs his old friend Terry Cleroux who flashed the glove to preserve the tie! 8-8.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Tsunamis...another very close game but that the Wave seemed destined to win as they kept just a goal ahead as the Dekes hit some posts in their valiant efforts to keep pace. Tsunamis win 8-5.

Polk Check Division March 5 Highlights:

Wild Dawgs vs Tsunamis...the Dawgs were up 3-2 after one and by the mid-point of the 2nd it was 7-2, but the Wave would not give up and by the end of the period it was 9-6 Wild Dawgs. Both teams exploded for 5 goals each in the 3rd. Wild Dawgs win 14-11.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Polk's Heroes...Dan Bujolds had a season changing game in the nets last night in the Sunday league for the Dekes and carried his strong play into this one. With the Dekes up 4-3 in the 3rd and the game in doubt as the Heroes poured it on, he shut the door while the Dekes pulled away late with 3 goals. Dekes of Hazzard win 7-3.

Polk Check Division February 26 Highlights:

Wild Dawgs vs Dekes of Hazzard...8-8 tie

Tsunamis vs Polk's Heroes...5-2 Tsunamis

Polk Check Division February 12 Highlights:

Wild Dawgs vs Polk's Heroes....Dawgs goalie Marty Myre was under the weather but did not under perform! He backstopped the Dawgs to victory to be sure in this tight game. The Heroes scored the only goal of the opening period while the Dawgs scored the only goal in the middle period to head into the final period knotted up 1-1 in an interesting tussle. Finally the Dawgs broke free and the Heroes were befallen by a key injury to an offensive cog and fell short. Wild Dawgs win 6-3.

Tsunamis vs Dekes of Hazzard...Al Jolivet played the first game for the Heroes then came into this one simply robbed the Dekes of at least a point. One save was worth the price of admission for the French Palace crowd. Another game that featured two low scoring periods followed by an explosion of goals. 1-0 for the Dekes after one and then 2-1 for the Wave after two. At 5-4 for the Wave in the final minute the Wave scored an empty netter but the Dekes quickly closed to within one before coming agonizingly close in the closing seconds to tying it up. Unsure of the tech difficulties for not getting most of this game Live Streamed for review. Tsunamis win 6-5.

Polk Check Division February 5 Highlights:

Tsunamis vs Wild Dawgs...Marty Myre was back none worse for wear from a groin pull last week. He played well although his team played a picture perfect game in the 1st period for a 3-0 lead. In the 2nd while the Dawgs debated penalty shot prowess, the Wave snuck back into it by scoring the only two goals of the period. In the 3rd it went 4-2 and 4-3...the Wave had chances but could not close the gap. Wild Dawgs win 4-3.

Polk's Heroes vs Dekes of Hazzard...the Dekes were excited to play but Terry Cleroux was a true hero and was a difference maker. the Heroes had the offence clicking in the 3rd period to pull away after building 2-0 and 4-1 period break leads. Polk's Heroes win 8-4.

Polk Check Division January 29 Highlights:

Polk's Heroes vs Tsunamis...with rumours abound once more for a name change for our Heroes, the fan base was in an uproar as they showed their love for Polk's legacy. As well an OBBHA reporter under-covered some possible dissension on the team itself over the potential of a name change. The game itself took over from this chat in the sitting-room only crowd at the french Palace. A Goalie battle took over the buzz in the seats. Polk's Heroes took a 2-0 lead in the 1st. The Wave tied it up 2-2 in the 2nd. Save after save at both ends became the theme as Terry Cleroux and Dave Holt put on a show. Check out pic of the Waves Holt in the Tweet on the right side of this page/site. This stayed 2-2 until the last very wild 90 seconds. It featured a missed penalty by the Heroes, a lucky deflection Heroes goal for a 3-2 lead, a penalty shot goal for the Wave to make it 3-3 and finally a beautiful winner for the Wave! Whew!! Thanks for the entertainment boys!!! Tsunamis win 4-3.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Wild Dawgs...this was about goaltending too. In the first the teams ended up 2-2. in the 2nd the Wild Dawgs won the period 4-0 for a 6-2 lead, but Marty Myre in the Dawgs net stole the show and the game from the Dekes as they fired many shots of high quality that were repeatedly denied. A 1-1 3rd gave the Dawgs a solid team win. Wild Dawgs win 7-3.

Polk Check Division January 22 Highlights:

Dekes of Hazzard vs Tsunamis...the Dekes roared out to a 3-0 lead as the Wave came in a little late for the party. In the 2nd the Wave came back to close it to 4-2 and scored the only goal of the 3rd to close to within one goal. The Dekes had so many chances but Big Dave in the Wave net was a big factor keeping his team in it. Dekes of Hazzard win 4-3

Polk's Heroes vs Wild Dawgs...the Dawgs held 2-1 and 6-3 period break leads. The big story was how many blocked shots the Dawgs had! This kept the Heroes offence off kilter to be sure. Marty in the Dawgs net was very good on this freezing rain night as he froze out any comeback bid. Rumour has it the Polk's Heroes are fanning the flames for a name change for the French Palace faithful. Wild Dawgs win 7-3.

Polk Check Division January 15 Highlights:

Wild Dawgs vs evenly played as it gets. Goaltenders Travis and Marty were on their respective games. The video on the live streaming will tell the story and in the first period there was a great glove grab by Marty that had the fans roaring with approval. The Dawgs were up 1-0 at the first period break. In the 2nd the Wave broke through for 3 goals and played great D in front of a confident Travis Guay for a 3-1 lead heading into the 3rd period. in the final period the teams threw caution to the wind a plethora of goals occurred.The Wave won the 3rd 5-4 for the win. Tsunamis win 8-5.

Dekes of Hazzard vs Polk's looked like the Heroes were going to win this game in the early stages of the game as they came out flying and looking good. They held a 3-2 lead but could have been up more at the end of the 1st. in the 2nd the Dekes settled down for a 5-4 lead. Then the Dekes slowly took over in the 3rd for a slow death grip on the win. Dekes of Hazzard win 8-5.

Hello Monday Night Polk Checkers!

Another great season is underway, as mentioned by John, this season we have a couple of new initiatives to stimulate some positive vibes with the OBBHA.  
A. Stats  ....Make sure to lobby your team captain or perhaps take the initiative to help him out in this task.
B. OBBHA Weekly Hockey Pool
Hockey experts, we got something for you!
In an attempt to create a buzz and raise funds to enable underpriviliged kids to play ball hockey, we came up with the following idea.
Why not create a weekly hockey pool, using the same concept as Pro Picks (Proline) where you have a chance to win every week!!
Every week, you have the chance to win a 50$ giftcard from Canadian Tire

Week 1 / Saturday January 20th Selection Form - Deadline 12:55 EST 

C. Live Streams
 All your games are available on the following link. 
Bigger, Better and Stronger in 2018, thanks to you guys and your efforts!

For the first game of the Winter Session on Monday, January 8th, rumours were abound that two more teams were in the Wings trying to build and join the division! However the other teams started the first games in earnest!!

Tsunamis vs Polk's Heroes...the Heroes revamped line-up took only a few shifts to show some impressive chemistry! 2-2 after one period and then the Heroes won the 2nd period 2-0 as well as the 3rd for a big first win! Polk's Heroes win 6-2.

Wild Dawgs vs Dekes of Hazzard... this was probably the best game the Dekes have played on any given Monday nighter. after a scoreless first period where the goalies mad it clear that this would be their night, the Dekes won the 2nd period 3-2. The well played game continued to be a tight affair, but the Dekes were able to play great ball control to protect their lead for the win. Dekes of Hazzared win 5-3.