Sunday Co-Ed Stars

January 20 Highlights:


Ligers vs Kings and Queens...the Ligres fresh off a big win over the defending champs last week were up against the new team who won their first game last week in fine fashion.


Blackbirds vs Stars...the defending Champs were looking to get back into the win column as were the new look Stars who had a couple of new additions trying it out today.


Welcome Back for the co-ed 2019 Winter Session with 4 teams now! Thank-you for growing the co-ed game with us!


January 13 Opening Day Highlights!


Blackbirds vs Ligers....What a great way to get stared with the rematch after last sessions final. The Ligres moved the ball as well as we have ever seen a co-ed team do it. At times it was sheer poetry. The Blackbirds have this in their arsenal, but it was not there today in full as flashes of it were shown. Ligers win 7-4.


Kings and Queens vs Stars....the new team against a group of Stars still in the works of re-making itself. The Kings and Queens have some speed and a goaltender who was on fire today! The Stars had chances but were thwarted by Martin Caya who was the difference in net helping the K&Q's get their first franchise win. Kings and Queens win 6-2.



Great first ever co-ed season! See everyone for the Winter Session start on Sunday, January 13th!


December 2 Highlights: The Final!


Ligres vs Blackbirds...a lively game played at a quick pace as would be expected for a Final. Fun time with lots of great passing and play-making. A couple dazzling individual efforts as well entertained the French Palace crowd that grew as the game wore on. The Ligres held period break leads of 3-1 and 4-3. In the 3rd the Ligres scored early to be up 5-3. Then the championship comeback took place as the Blackbirds scored 4 straight for the big win at the right time. Great game from both sides and Congrats to the first ever co-ed champs the Blackbirds! Blackbirds win 8-5.


Congrats to our first ever Co-ed Champions the Blackbirds!




November 25 Highlights: The semi-final!


Stars vs Ligres...two periods were saw-offs! The opening period ended 1-1 and the 3rd period had no goals as the teams were 0-0 despite great scoring chances. It was the 2nd period that was the difference as the Ligres scored a ton late in the period to put this one away and punch their ticket into the Finals. Thanks to the Stars for their fun atmosphere all season and see you next January 13 for the opening of the Winter Session....and some of those Stars will be on the 4th team that the OBBHA is building to grow the division. Ligres win 7-1.


December 2 is the final with Black Birds awaiting their opponent for a 4pm game and that is now known to be the Ligres!


November 18 Highlights:


Stars vs Black Birds...Black Birds win 5-0


Stars vs Ligres...Ligres win 5-0.


Everyone received a sample of Head & Shoulders Old Spice Pure Sport anti-dandruff shampoo which helps get rid of dandruff and does so with a manly Old Spice scent.

If you have Struts take a photo of you and some or all of your team with one sample only for submission to Head and could win $300 for a team party at Ralph's!

(staged or funny will give you a better chance of winning we are for example one player (or all) with shampoo in his hair might do the trick!)


As Doug Gilmour said back in 1994 "you can't hide under the helmet all the time"


Play clean!

John and Jason at the OBBHA

November 11 Highlights: Remembrance Service OBBHA Style took place prior to each match today...


Black Birds vs Ligres....a vacation/party gift from the Birds. Ligres win 5-0.


Stars vs Ligers...the game of the day! The Ligres were up 2-1 and 4-3 in this very closely played run. Both teams moved the ball around well. In the 3rd the Stars put a push on to tie but the Ligres were able to a few key goals to maintain the lead and an insurance marker. Ligres win 7-5.

November 4 Highlights:

Ligres vs Black Birds...The Ligres were up 4-0 and 5-2 while looking good doing it. Good ball movement. In the 3rd the Black Birds staged the comeback and closed it to 5-4....then the crazy finish with a tying goal with a minute left and the winner with just 4-seconds remaining. Black Birds win 6-5.

Stars vs Black Birds...Black Birds had a quick start and were up 3-0 after the opening period of action. The Birds were on their game as their double header made them stronger as time wore on. The Stars gave it the big try but lacked scoring touch on this day. Black Birds win 8-2.

October 28 Highlights:

Star vs Black Birds....the Stars were up for two for the second straight weekend as the tornado make up game came into play. Stars were 2-1 and tied 6-6 at the two breaks. In the 3rd the Birds scored the only 2 goals of the 3rd for the win for their goalie Trevor Polk! Black Birds win 8-6.

Stars vs Ligres...Ligres were up 3-2 after the first when the Stars were still energized. They tired in the final two periods. Ligres win 9-3.

October 21 Highlights:

Black Birds vs Stars...3-0 Birds after one and then the teams tied the middle period 3-3 to leave it at 6-3 moving into the 3rd. Some great plays and saves and goals in the final period but the Birds were able keep ahead. Black Birds win 8-6.

Ligres vs Stars...the Stars were given a game by the Birds as the Ligres stayed in their den and missed the hunt with notice. Stars win 5-0.

October 14 Highlights:

Stars vs Ligres...Stars had trouble with the military clock. Ligres win 5-0.

Blackbirds vs Ligres....after two periods the Dark Birds were up 6-4. But in the final period the Ligres won it 4-0 as "Nat G" stymied Trevor Polk and company. Ligres win 8-6.

September 30 Highlights:

Ligres vs Black Birds...The Ligres were just a step ahead all game and this resulted in 3-0 and 6-2 leads at the breaks. The 3rd was evenly played. Ligres win 7-3.

Stars vs Black Birds...Eric made his OBBHA debut in the Stars net and he was a monster. Up 6-2 in the 3rd Trevor Polk of the Black Birds shook off the Panda flu and scored 4 to tie this one up. 6-6 tie.

September 16 Highlights:

Ligres vs Stars...the first game of the double header for the Ligres. Ligres win 6-3.

Ligres vs Black Birds...bottom half of the double header for a lion-tired Ligres team against a very fresh group of Birds. Blackbirds win 6-3.

Opening Night Highlights the Fall Session September 9th...Our 10th Season Anniversary!!

Black Birds vs Ligres...Black Birds win 9-7

Black Birds vs Stars...Black Birds win 7-4